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L’Oréal Paris Smooth Sugars Anti-Fatigue Scrub

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L’Oréal Paris Smooth Sugars Anti-Fatigue Scrub is a face scrub that contains three different types of fine sugars to help exfoliate and tone tired skin. The scrub contains brown sugar, which is rich in minerals that work to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier; blonde sugar, which is a natural moisturiser; and white sugar, which melts on the skin while gently exfoliating. Coffee grains in the exfoliating scrub help to re-energise and increase skin circulation while also de-puffing tired skin. 

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L’Oréal Paris Smooth Sugars Anti-Fatigue Scrub


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A hydrating exfolioator

L’Oréal Paris Smooth Sugars Anti-Fatigue Scrub is a hydrating scrub that is very gentle. It's a brownish lookish sugar scrub, in a pot, so you scoop out a little and massage it over damp skin. Nice to do in the shower so you can rinse it away easily. I found it left a little oily feel to my skin, like it has nutritious exfoliating butters in it, so better for night use when my skin can handle a little extra nutrition. Skin does feel a little softer and smoother, i think this exfoliator would be better for dry skin types
Can not get enough or stress the amazement of this scrub enough! Without a doubt Absolutely love this in every way, shape and form.  I use it shower and sometimes all over specially when removing old stubborn fake tan. It leaves my skins not only feeling amazing, but also smelling  amazing!
This scrub is amazing and smells divine! It was lovely and gently on my sensitive skin and worked wonders for my dry areas. It has a lovely soft exfoliation but leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. It also has a warming effect as you massage it into your skin. Great product 10/10 would use again!
I enjoyed this product. I feel like my undereyes did look brighter after use. It does leave a slick oil film afterwards, however I enjoy this as I have dry skin. My only concern is the chunkiness of the exoliators, just a little worried it might cause more harm than good.
Loved this scrub! It melts onto your skin and leaves a warm, tingling sensation. The coffee smell is particularly refreshing. It really cleansed my skin and made it look x5 brighter in one go. It’s wuite sticky, which is my only complaint, but washes off in the shower. Overall, will definitely use it again!
I really liked this scrub, its quite gently which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. The sugar scrub itself is quite fine and its easy to use, just lather with water and rub all over face and rinse clean. It has quite a warm feel when rubbing in and afterwards my skin feels so fresh and clean and looks clear and quite youthful. I adore the scent, like sugared coffee, so yummy, its packaged quite luxe and at under $20.00 its quite a bargain. This scrub is awesome for exfoliation, it removes excess oil and grime and dead skin cells for renewal so its great for anti ageing. I adore  Loreal products and this one is a real winner for me, my skin always looks brighter when I use this. I would purchase it again and highly recommend it.
LOVE this scrub! Skin feels absolutely amazing after using! Plus it is gentle enough that it does not dry or irritate skin at all. Smooths skin out incredibly, brightens and hydrates, does not leave that tight feeling, your face feels smooth and fresh. The smell is also amazing. I have repurchased numerous times and would recommend to anyone!
This product smelt beautiful and felt great on my skin! I wish the warming lasted longer though. I also found the packaging quite difficult to use in the shower. Perhaps a squeezy type bottle would work better. Pretty good price point too. I woild recommend this product and will likely buy again.
I was really quite excited to try out this new product - I am a big fan of coffee scrubs!  The jar it comes in is really well presented, and I found the product was all the way to the top, which shows great value for money.  Upon opening, I found the smell to be extremely overpowering- almost to much! The consistency was quite different, being quite syrupy in texture but once applied to skin, you could easily feel the exfoliation.  I also really enjoyed the warming sensation to my skin as I applied, I felt like the product was working nice and deep in my skin.  Upon rinsing, my skin felt smoother, brighter and generally smoother in complexion.  Using it twice a week, I noticed my skin seemed clearer and brighter, also any makeup seemed to glide on easier and have longer staying power.  I would repurchase, but perhaps a different scented one due to the coffee being overpowering. 
I really wanted to love this product but felt like it didn't really give me a noticeable difference. With it being in a pot does make the application quite messy. The consistency was nice and it did feel nice on my skin and the smell was incredible. I also did not think it could give a deep enough exfoliation of what I'm use to as the sugar is very fine.
I really enjoyed this scrub. When applying it gives your a warming sensation that is really pleasant. The formula is also gentle enough for my sensitive skin to use a couple of times a week with no issues. The packaging is annoying to use in the shower, as if you're not careful the tub can fill with water
I loved using the L’Oréal Anti-Fatigue scrub my skin felt so baby soft I used it with my little face scrubber it gave my skin a really good scrub and exfoliation. It helped with overall skin texture, my skin felt smoother and bright. The smell is also yummy
I have tried almost all the variations of the L’Oreal sugar scrubs in the past so I already had a good idea of what I was getting. To be honest, I wasn’t too blown away by this one. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee I did find the scent to be a bit overwhelming, coffee lovers may feel the opposite. The consistency was also a bit runnier than I was expecting as well. As an exfoliant it’s not too rough and gets the job done leaving skin smooth and glowing. Overall it’s an adequate product, but I personally prefer L’Oreal’s kiwi sugar scrub.
I adore this as a lip scrub, my lips feel gorgeous and silky smooth after using this! As a facial scrub it is also great - beautiful scent and fine grained so it's still gentle yet gives a powerful clean and exfoliation. I do find it slightly oily, so great for my dry areas however my oily T-zone was left a bit congested!
to be honest, this scrub isn't my favourite. I'm not a fan of the smell, I like coffee but this smells super sweet and almost artificial (which is not something you want tout on your face). My skin is naturally quite oily and acne prone and its hard for me to find products that my skin agrees with. the first few times using this product my skin broke output it did subside after a few uses. straight after using the scrub my face felt smooth and looked shiny but but also felt dry and clean however the affects went away pretty quickly and my face was oily again. when using as a lip scrub I think it was great! my lips were smooth and my lipstick application looked so good. overall I think its great for a temporary fix and perfect for lips but I won't be in a hurry to get it again.
I thought this product was good overall, but not particularly special to warrant me having to repurchase. The scrubbing particles were well-sized and didn't leave my face feeling raw despite having eczema-prone skin. I thought the scent was also really nice, the coffee smell would really wake you up in the mornings. However, I did think it was very slippery and I tended to make a mess of the bathroom when using this.
I love the result after using this mask! However I don't really  like the heat when you rub this mask on your  face.  Smells good and relaxing! My skin feels more tight and smooth. Love using this scrub at night before I go to bed, I wake up the next day with super fresh face!
I've been using this product twice a week for the past few weeks and am loving it! It surprisingly has a warming effect when applied to the skin. It leaves my face feeling really hydrated and smooth. It exfoliates but also leaves my skin feeling moisturised at the same time. I have struggled with scrubs like this in the past that have felt quite harsh on my skin, where this one doesn't.  This has been a welcomed addition to my skincare routine.
I really loved this gentle exfoliating coffee scrub!  The scent is amazing as I just love chocolate and coffee and this has a beautiful mix of both.  I saw a big improvement in my skin overall and saw a major improvement in my under eye skin tone and radiance.  I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a wake up call for their skin.
I used this scrub 2-3 times a week, and each time it left my skin feeling smooth and glowing!  I think this product is great, especially for the price point. The coffee smell was invigorating and once on my skin, it gave a warming sensation which wasn't too overwhelming. I loved using this in the morning to make up my face and at the end of the long day to feel more refreshed.  I was worried that the coffee and sugar would feel too harsh as a scrub, but i didn't find that to be the case.  Highly recommend this scrub!