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L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Make-up is a liquid foundation that adjusts to skin tone for well-matched coverage. The formula features a Super-Blendable Opti-BlendTM Complex with micro-fine pigments that hold up to sweat and sebum and micro-optical pearls that help blur imperfections. Vitamins B and E and glycerin help nourish skin. 

Available in 11 shades.


L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Make-up


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Good colour adaption but light coverage

I don’t use foundation often so when I do I want something that look natural and adapts to your skin tone without that “cakey” look. I wasn't sure which colour to get at first but in the end got the vanilla rose as my skin tone is more on the cool side. I did think it looked quite pink in the bottle so was a bit worried at first but it blended quite well and adapted to my skin tone. I don't think this is a medium coverage personally I would steer more towards it being light coverage than medium. To get more of a medium coverage you do need to apply a fair bit and reapply. Initially I applied this with a foundation brush and it was a bit hard to blend- made my skin look a lot “whiter” initially but after a few minutes it adapted to my skin tone and didn’t look as pale. Overall its coverage is ok and it does last quite a while but I think it should be specified “light” coverage not medium as I did not find it covered much but only evened out my skin more than covering up anything.
First and foremost, let’s commend L’Oréal in being a front runner when it comes to shade inclusivity. I’ve been on the search for a foundation that matches my skin tone and needs but didn’t have that caked mask that most produce.  Not that that is a bad thing, it just wasn’t what I was wanting.  I first discovered the true match range with the concealer in shade 6D/W golden honey and was immediately hooked on the color match as well as the blend-ability and natural finish.  So much so that I kept removing it and reapplying to see if it was just my imagination.   I then progressed to the foundation in shade 230 natural buff.  It has just the right amount of medium coverage while still maintaining a skin like finish.  Now, I have facial hair and didn’t want that make up made up look or for it to settle ontop or between the hairs. This suited my needs perfectly.  It blended like a dream. Didn’t settle into any lines or creases, evened my skin tone(I have hyperpigmentation) and hif any imperfection subtly but significantly.  I am yet to have anyone ask me if I’m wearing foundation because the match is that good.  The glass bottle is sanitary and the pump dispenses the correct amount of product for a foundation novice like myself.  I have oily skin but have always liked a dewy fresh look to my skin and this does everything and then some. The added benefit of an spf is appreciated.  Pros: the shade range.         :if you’re looking for a medium           coverage foundation to even out           skin tone then this is it.           : to my ‘male’ novices who want           that even skin look but don’t know          which brand or foundation           type to choose, look no           further.            : I could list an insane amount           more but just go and get yourself           a bottle already!  Cons: the time it’s taken for me to             discover this gem!! 
You can always count on L'oreal to have an amazing shade range to suit pretty much all skin shades. I've always got a couple of bottles of True Match in my makeup bag. I swing between 3-4 shades and from neutral to warm from winter through to summer and buy both my lightest shade and darkest shade and mix the two when in between seasons (usually use 3W and 6.5W). I love their golden/warm shades that match my skin perfectly in summer when I start to get tanned. Love the rich, creamy formula. It is easy to apply (I use my fingers), blends really well and is very lightweight on the skin. I also love mixing it into my daily moisturiser for DIY BB cream when I don't need much coverage, or layer it for evening. It leaves a natural, dewy finish so matte girls look elsewhere! It's got very very subtle shimmery particles in it which I personally love, and it photographs really well, giving a glow without any disco ball effect. I get a lot of compliments on my skin when I wear this, as it gives me that perfect skin look without looking as though I have makeup on. The price is fantastic for the quality. The only thing is the packaging isn't the best - I find that the lid comes off easily and can (and does) leak in the bag. Also in summer, I have to use this with either a setting spray or a light brush of powder to keep it looking fresher for longer. Without these, it tends to look a bit oily on my T-zone by the end of the day. Highly recommended.
I am so glad I followed everyone's advice and picked this foundation up. For years I've heard every woman and their dog rave about this foundation but only just picked it up recently. After the first use I definitely felt the need to give myself a head-slap for waiting so long to try it. The first thing I noticed about this foundation was how many shades there were to choose from! I love that L'Oreal is becoming a brand that recognises the diversity in the human population, not just in skin colours, but undertones as well where the foundations ranged from cool, neutral and warm tones. It made me want to buy this foundation even more. The shade range made it really easy to pick a foundation that suited well for my skin. During Winter I am N2 Vanilla, but in Summer when I get more colour to my skin, I go into the warm shades with W3 Golden Beige. Don't let it's high coverage deter you if you are worried about it being heavy on the skin, because this is one of the lightest foundations in my collection with one of the most desirable consistencies and finishes. The texture and consistency is heaven. It literally feels like you are wiping butter on your face - it melts into the skin so easily and doesn't 'sit' on top of the skin like many other high coverage foundations can. This foundation has a formula that is also easily buildable if you want extra defence against your skin's imperfections, it can be built from a medium coverage to a full on high coverage finish. I think this would also make great stage makeup! If you want a lighter coverage, applying a small amount with a damp sponge is a great way to sheer it out for a more natural 'skin' look. This way, this foundation is easily customisable for every occasion from grocery shopping, up to formal events. The finish is more on the 'glowy' side, but I wouldn't call it dewy. As someone with oily skin, I didn't find this to break up on my skin in my T Zone, nor did it make my skin look more shinier than usual. The finish is natural and glowy, neither matte nor dewy. Some have called it a matte finish but I think with this foundation it depends on your original skin type.  For me, with oily skin, I get about 6-8 hours of wear before it starts looking really oily from my own natural sebum production, and it's at this point where I feel like I need to defend my skin further with the use of another dose of setting powder. I generally don't like wearing foundations for too long on my skin, so foundations which claim 12+ hours wear time it's not really necessary. This foundation sits on my skin really well for the time I need it to. I haven't really extended the wear time past the 9 or 10 hour mark I don't think so I can't comment on that. Overall, this is one of the affordable foundations I always think of when someone asks me for a 'pharmacy' priced foundation that rivals high end foundations. As a foundation connoisseur, I have every confidence when I recommend this particular foundation because I really do think it is comparable to a lot of high end foundations but with a smaller financial burden.  
I find this foundation to be lightweight and easy to blend.  I love that it has a pump bottle and it disperses just the right amount.  I have dry skin and find that this doesn't make my skin feel cakey or patchy at all.  It's long lasting.  I feel like I could've gone a shade darker, however it blends so well that it does look like a good match anyway.
I was quite disappointed with this product. I definitely found that I was able to find a good match with my skin, which is the foremost claim of the product. However, beyond that there is not much else that I liked about it. I found that it very visibly stuck to the dry patches on my skin, and that it did not last very well throughout the day.
Great coverage, love the texture.  It is easy to work with and blend. The only downside is that I get a lot of shine, I have combination skin, and my oily t-zone is shiny by mid morning,  I have to blot several times a day.  Probably better for normal - dry complexion.
I have very pale skin so I have a lot of trouble finding a foundation that is light enough for my skin tone, after spending hundreds of dollars and ending up with heaps of foundation bottles that are still 3/4 full, I finally decided to try this foundation, and I love it! It's blends into the skin really nicely, doesn't clog pores, lasts for hours and is so lightweight that you forget your wearing foundation. If you use your fingers to blend it then it's light cover, if you use a beauty blender then its medium coverage. A great thing about it is that you can build your coverage without it looking cakey. Pros: Great coverage  Not cakey Lightweight Doesn't clog pores Lasts for hours Great range of colours  Very smooth texture  Doesn't need primer underneath  Doesn't need powder on top (if you want a more matte look then use powder on top) I would definitely recommend this foundation!
I've read good reviews about L'Oreal Paris True Match foundation so thought I would try it. This is a liquid foundation that comes in 15 different various warm, neutral and cool shades to suit all types of skin tone so finding a shade to suit my skin was easy. It comes in a 30ml pump bottle that is easy to dispense and makes it hygienic. Before applying the foundation, I cleanse my face and make sure it's clean, use some moisturiser and then a primer to help keep it looking fresh all day and make it last longer. The foundation is easy to apply with my fingers but I prefer to use a foundation brush or a damp beauty blender to give a professional result and make sure it looks smooth and even on my face. The foundation is lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all, it actually feel like I'm not wearing any foundation. It glides onto my skin silky smooth, is really easy to blend and looks very natural with a dewy finish. It doesn't look or feel cakey on my skin and best of all doesn't clog my pores and it lets my skin breathe. I found the coverage to be light to medium but the foundation is also very buildable so is great for days that I might need just a little more cover. I found it covered all my imperfections - redness, uneven skin tone etc well and gave me a flawless look. The foundation has a subtle shimmering glow to it so if you don't like that effect then this might not the right foundation for you. The foundation has great staying power and lasted all day for me and at the end of the day,  it still looked great, even in hot weather where other foundations would have melted off. My tip is to use a damp beauty sponge instead of a dry one to apply this liquid foundation as it will blend more easily and the make up wouldn't absorb into your sponge. Also if you tend to tan more easily in Summer and be darker then choose a different shade for Summer and Winter to match your skin tone. Your skin also tend to be more dry in Winter and sweatier in Summer so choose a foundation to match these needs. Another great tip is to remember to bring the foundation down and blend it into your neck as well because you want that beautiful seamless look from face to neck instead of two different colour. Choosing the right foundation for my skin is important because it forms the base for my make-up and can make my skin look really great or if I choose the wrong one, will look awful and cakey and really obvious. I really liked this foundation and found it met all my requirements and the colour matching to my skin tone was good and pretty accurate. I would recommend this foundation to anyone who wants a nice natural look at a good price. PROS: feels lightweight on your skin and doesn't clog pores buildable coveage great shade choices to suit all skin tone good quality foundation at a good price suitable for everyone
Having an unusually weird skin colour I have very often found it hard to find a good matching shade of foundation that looks natural and just right for me.  My skin is easily tanned and I go much darker in summer too so having two different colours of liquid foundation - one for summer and one for winter - is valuable for my make-up kit and I need them to be affordable.  This True Match Foundation is in a price range that I can afford to have two different shades and it offers me the exact colours I need - right now being in summer I am an N6 and it is the perfect shade for me.  (I have strong medium skin colour with yellow undertones.) This formula feels smooth on my skin.  It goes on silkily, glides onto my skin and it spreads easily.  I find it so easy to blend and it gives me a very natural finish with a nearly-medium coverage.  If I apply it twice it gives me even more coverage but still appears fresh and doesn't look overdone at all.  Thus it's coverage is versatile and I can then wear this to more formal events if I want - I can achieve a medium to high coverage by applying it twice.  It is a buildable foundation.  For everyday wear it is beautiful just to wear it applied once.   It has no scent and lasts all day.  I don't find I need to wear a primer underneath this on most days but if I'm wearing it out at night or somewhere special I will put a primer underneath.  After application it doesn't take long for it to 'set' and this lasts me all day.  I like to add a little blush, bronzer and sometimes illuminator over the top and anything that I do add over the top sits beautifully stable because this foundation literally provides a perfect 'foundation' for other products to build upon. My initial thoughts after using this product was how easy it was to apply - no rubbing or buffing is needed.  I can even just use my fingertips to dot it around my face before blending it evenly all over.  After looking at my face in the mirror, my initial thought was how amazingly well-matched it was to my skin colour, how natural yet uniform my skin appeared.  My thoughts at the end of the day was how well it lasted and how the colour stayed 'true'.  Yes, this really was my 'True Match' Foundation! I love that it has SPF17 in it - that's another 'pro' in my view.   The glass bottle is hygienic as it seals in the product with a silver pump top.  The packaging feels classy and is excellent quality - the pump top works smoothly for each pump that is dispensed.  There is a good-quality clear cap that fits over the top of the pump as well.   I would recommend this foundation especially to those who have trouble finding an excellent colour match for their skin colour (at an affordable price!).  It is a foundation that would be a great choice for those who want to look natural and well-groomed and those who want to look like they have a beautiful, even skin tone.  It would be great for those who want a foundation that's very easy to blend - both those who are starting out with make-up as well as those who are experienced at it too.   It's available pretty much everywhere that make-up is sold so once you know your colour (or colours in you want a different shade for winter) you can easily re-purchase another one.
If you're looking for a high-end foundation at chemist prices, this would be the one to pick up. Long raved about online, I was wary when I did finally pick it up in my shade - and I was not disappointed (it's recently been repackaged and new shades have been added to the line - the picture on this listing is out of date) The product is light-weight and build-able, has no obvious scent, and is super easy to apply and build to get the desired coverage. It's definitely a medium to full coverage, this is not for light, natural looks. It evens out my skin tone, is super-long wearing, and is matte without looking flat. It's very similar to the MAC Studio fix, in both look and application. I always go back to this one for evening, full coverage looks, it's a great addition to my kit. I'd recommend this to everyone who can find their colour match in the line - it's a great foundation for under $30, and a bargain if you pick it up on sale for under $20.
This foundation has many things working for it - first off, shade wise, I'm a W3 and it's a perfect match for my light medium complexion. It matches it beautifully, and looks very natural as a result.  Texture wise, it's exactly how I like my foundations to feel on my skin. It gives medium to full coverage & works beautifully covering my redness & anything else I need to cover. I usually use a primer underneath, but can skip it with this foundation and still love the results. It feels really nice to apply, blends beautifully & then as a bonus lasts really well.  It honestly looks as good at dinner time as it did at breakfast.  No caking, bunching up, or flaky patches whatsoever. I've paid twice as much before for foundations I'm 1/2 as happy with - this is a true 5 star gem, highly recommended
No matter how many times I try a new foundation, whether that be drugstore, high end, or even intensely recommended, I always, always come back to this one. My skin is not flawless to say the least, in fact there are many ongoing issues between my skin and I. I have acne scarring on my cheeks, complexion reminiscent of an A4 sheet of copy paper, and an extremely oily nose. I have the L'Oreal True Match foundation in the shade Golden Ivory. There are quite a few shades to choose from and with both pink and yellow undertones. I use the foundation both day and night after using concealer to cover my scars, not that this foundation doesn't cover them well, but I just like a smoother base. I haven't noticed the foundation oxidizing on my skin or that dreaded white 'flashback' in photos, I am so happy to announce that this foundation did cause me to break out, which believe me, is a rarity. I apply the foundation with a damp sponge and dab it all over, then set with any powder. It doesn't settle into my scars or fade over the course of the day or night. I have been using this foundation forever, and while the packaging and formula have recently changed I am still so happy to call this my go to foundation and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
This is one of my favourite foundations of ALL TIME! It is super bendable, goes easy on the skin and has medium coverage. When it is applied it gives you a natural flawless finish and is not too cakey. It can easily be built up and last all day which can be hard to find. It also leaves your skin looking like skin plus its very affordable. L'Oréal True match foundation is my go to foundation. The only problem with this foundation is it clings to dry skin and patches so I would recommend to use a moisturiser or a primer before use, other than that I think this foundation is great. It has a range of different colours and suits all skin tones. I would definitely recommended this to everyone.
I always end up going back to this foundation. The colour choices are great and it's not too expensive as a drugstore product for what I think is really good quality. Its super easy to apply and blend and is very buildable. I find it applies best with fingers or a damp beauty blender.  It's very light weight on the skin and looks really natural. I would say it's light to medium coverage. It lasts a long time and holds blush, bronzer and highlight really well. I would definitely recommend this foundation, however I do find that it clings to dry skin so it's important to apply a moisturiser or primer if your skin tends to be more dry. 
I have bought so much of the foundation. Its super buildable and natural looking. I can wear it on its own with mascara or do a full makeup look and build it up for a fuller coverage. I am currently using a buffing brush to apply but it also works well with my beauty blender. I have combination skin and I don't think that it makes me look particularly oily or dry and really has a flawless finish. My holy grail foundation!
The best way to describe this foundation is very blendable and very wearable. It is medium in consistency and to the touch, but can be built up for more coverage. I like to use my fingers for smooth and precise application and then blend in upwards and outwards strokes to help hide any blemishes and dark areas on my face. This foundation doesn't look cakey or shiny on my skin, even after a long day at work. It is great for using when I want a smooth and flawless finish to my make up, so it's especially great for going out and special occasions. I recommend this affordable foundation for anyone who wants a clean and matte medium coverage foundation.
A true gem, this foundation has become one of the most used in my makeup kit and I have repurchased many times. The shade range and the undertones are excellent and make it easy for everyone to find their “true match”. The formula wears wonderfully throughout the day, it is light, blends beautifully and looks like natural even toned skin without ever creasing or caking.  A true match made in heaven,  that I would recommend to anyone and everyone!!
My favourite drugstore foundation and one of my all time favourite foundations in general! Provides medium to full coverage. Dewy to satin finish. Works well on my oily combo skin and would be suitable for all skin types. The colour selection is limited in Australia but the range is about to expand. This is also a dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and photographs beautifully!
As an owner of a foundation wardrobe with approximately 20 foundations in it, it takes something special for me to choose a foundation above and beyond my other options. I have many high end foundations that don't get a look in when I have the L'Oreal True Match in my collection as it is one of the best for coverage, buildability, longevity, colour match and value for money. As an older woman I prefer my foundations to have a dewy medium finish and for them to even out my skintone and hide my pigmentation without looking like a mask and this fits the bill perfectly. I have a huge collection of brushes however I find the best method of application is with my fingers.  The L'Oreal True Match foundation applies better when warmed up from the heat of my fingers and a quick buff from my foundation buffing brush and I am assured of a perfect finish every time. As a woman with a neutral skintone it can be difficult for me to find a perfect colour match however the True Match foundation in N2 Vanilla has become a firm favourite and I am currently onto my forth bottle.  When faced with the decision which foundations to take on a recent European trip I chose to decanter a fortnight's worth of the True Match into a container for the days where I wanted a more full coverage and to use the Bourjois Healthy Mix on the days where I wanted a little less coverage.  This was the perfect travel solution and one which I will be repeating on our upcoming holiday. I have almost finished my current bottle but as there is another waiting in my cupboard I can rest assured that my skin will look flawless for months to come.