L'Oréal Professionnel

L’Oréal Professionnel Shine Blonde Shampoo

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Neutralise brassy tones with the L’Oréal Professionnel Shine Blonde Shampoo, which brightens hair using violet micro-pigments, while ceramides add shine and leave hair soft and silky. 

Suitable for colour-treated and blonde hair.


L’Oréal Professionnel Shine Blonde Shampoo


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The hair Gods are pretty stingy when it comes to handing out blond hair....they do it rarely,and when they do,you are either given it for a short time (childhood) OR you spend your entire life trying to get that perfect mix of natural / cutting edge gold (whilst being careful to not mix up your metals...gold,NOT brass). This is where LÓreal's Professional Shine Blonde Shampoo comes in.My hairdresser introduced me to this shampoo,after a recent $180 visit (to add colour to the "Ash Blonde Highlights" i get for free now,rather than once only ever having to pay for.IE:the greys i have had bestowed upon me,rather than the "darker blonde" i used to have 15 years ago.Nature can be a cruel mistress like that) This colour correcting shampoo imparts a beautiful,brass neutralising shade of violet (common in products for blondes) to the hair with a lush foaming,deep (but gentle) cleansing action,and deposits a fresh,"just been in the salon" glow that truly restores your colour (both natural and,ummm,not so much).If you are a newbie to this type of product,you may find it's a bit alarming in colour- bright purple- (don't sweat about this though.... you never have to worry about it dying your hair purple as it isn't a dye,just a gentle,no build up issues tone enhancer...but it genuinely gives all highlighted / natural blonde hair a lift and a sun kissed iciness that i love (plus a subtle,clean / fresh scent that lingers to add a nice little sensory experience).I especially use it when my roots need a minor touching up,or i feel i need a quick "brighten up" to my colour in between salon visits (which,lets face it...are costly and hard to fit in),plus leaves my hair looking super healthy. It doesn't weight hair down and really makes it manageable. Couldn't live without this now.At a reasonable (250ml) size,if you are the only person using this,the cost is very economical....especially when you find that those 6 weekly salon visits can now be stretched,like mine,to every 10-12 weeks instead (with this and blonde respecting care).I will indeed recommend this, and be a fan of it myself for the foreseeable future. TIP:If you are someone who prefers to "go grey with dignity", and not colour your hair,this product (and it's matching conditioner) will help remove that "dirty yellow" hue that some shades of grey tend to go.It whitens hair beautifully AND as mentioned before,WILL NOT cause a buildup of violet to occur (causing you to pray that no one thinks you are having a "midlife crisis early"and getting all trendy hued with your locks).TRUST ME,i HAVE done this and it aint pretty.
Every blonde knows that to keep their colour looking clean and natural, a toning shampoo is a must. LÓreal's Professional Shine Blonde Shampoo is a great investment in keeping your hair looking true to it's colour. It's not the cheapest shampoo, but it doesn't need to be used every shampoo; I usually alternate mine between a regular shampoo and this one. A little goes a long way too, and it lathers nicely. I don't find it too chemical or toxic-smelling. The purple may stain some surfaces, though, if left to dry out so watch for spills and just be sure to rinse thoroughly.  It can be a little drying, so pairing it with the conditioner is perfect.