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Elastic fibres represent less than 5% of the fibres of the skin, yet they are essential to its elasticity: they are the springs of the skin. From age 30, elastic fibres start to diminish and skin becomes less firm and wrinkles form. Discover the Revitalift serum formula, ultra-concentrated with anti-ageing actives for an immediate and intense action. Use before moisturiser for more toned, firmer looking skin. The formula is enriched with:

- Adenosine: A powerful anti-wrinkle active to combat the signs of ageing.

- Fibrelastyl: A firming complex that helps to reinforce for extra-firm skin.

Size: 30mL


LOreal Revitalift Concentrated Serum


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I apply this at night and it absorbs quite quickly my skin feels tighter and there doesn't seem to be any redness. My skin doesn't feel super soft but it's probably not supposed to. It's easy to apply and you don't need to use a lot so the bottle would last a while which is good for the budget. It's a nice product to use before bed and well worth a try.
This is my "new" go to night cream(serum). I don't use a moistureriser after it as it is very rich and makes my skin feel saturated and soft. In the morning I can still feel the effects, I then use a day cream. I do not re-apply the serum in the daytime. Goes on really easily and a little goes a long way. It is not one of those pumps that just gives you a set amount as in other L'Oreal products. I do feel my skin looks smoother
Talk about a triple punch! This Loreal Revitalift Concentrated Serum Treatment is amazing. I could notice the improvements in my skin tone almost immediately. It's gentle and doesn't irritate my skin what so ever. it's wonderful for dry skin due to how gentle it is. The Serum absorbs immediately, leaving my skin glowing, smooth and healthy looking. Whatever is in there (and it has some great ingredients) works! My skin has never looked better. I smooth the Serum over my whole entire face and neck, eyelids and under eyes and I've never had a problem with irritation. I use it before my loreal collagen filler moisturizer and revitalift eye cream... and my skin looks fantastic. Very happy with this product!!! I recommend it because it does exactly what it claims to. Love it! I have repurchased this product several times and have never looked back!
By the end of my first bottle of this I was literally tapping it against the bathroom counter to make sure it was all out. I loved it.... Like every change in product to your skincare routine you have to give it some time for you to truly see results. Then it’s nothing but love and. I looking back. My skin felt smoother more hydrated and glowing. The texture is lightweight so it’s easily absorbed and smells like a serum you’re happy to have on your skin. A welcome addition and no hesitation on a repurchase.
This is a milky coloured serum which I don't need a lot of to spread right around my entire face.  Just a small drop does the job and it spreads smoothly, easily and quickly without dragging the skin at all.  After a few moments it settles right into the skin and I can then spritz my hydrating toner over the top.  I love that it's absolutely not greasy - it can be worn both for day and night as a serum and doesn't make my normally oil-prone skin any more oily than it already is.   It has a noticeable feminine scent to it which may be too much for those who are sensitive to scented products but for me it's okay and after the product settles into the skin the scent fades but doesn't go away altogether.  It gives the skin an instant hydration boost and keeps the skin more hydrated all day/all night too.  I like how simple and easy it is to use.  The twist off lid comes with an easy-squeeze dropper so it's also easy to administer just the right amount for each individual's needs.  The bottle itself is made of glass.   I like to use this right down my neck as well as all over my face.  Over time, this serum helps to keep hydration levels up to keep my skin looking plump and full of healthiness without oil.  I can recommend this to almost all skin types except those sensitive to scented products.  
Great serum for a "drug store" product. Firstly, I swear this bottle lasted for ages, so additional bang for your buck there. Such a little went a long way!  I felt the serum gave me a good boost of hydration to my skin, without making my skin feeling overly tacky, oily, or greasy. It also left my skin feeling nice and smooth - perfect for the next step when moving into moisturiser and foundation/BB creams.  I'm not sure how much I can comment about how well it works on wrinkles/pigments, so jury is out on those. I expect that is a longer term use benefit. 
I adore L'Oréal products, always great quality at a great price as is this serum. I love a nice serum and this one glides over skin with ease and sinks in beautifully. I find I don't have to use a lot, a little goes a long way in order to avoid a sticky film, so my tip is not to put it on too thick. This leaves no greasy residue, a bonus and leaves my skin feeling firmer,tighter and looking fresher and more radiant. It smoothed skin beautifully and makes a nice base for moisturiser to sink into and for foundation. The addition of fibrelastyle gives an elasticity to skin that leaves it super toned and firm and the  adenosine with its anti aging properties erases fine lines for a more youthful look which is awesome for me. The price point is great, it smells beautiful and I love the classy silver and red packaging. Another L'Oréal winner I would recommend to anyone who loves a great serum, another great product from the revitalift range
L'oreal Revilalift serum might not be the ground braking skincare we are dreaming of but is a nice product and if incorporated into the skincare regimen in the right way might surprise us with the results. I received mine in one of Marie Claire Parcels. The serum comes in a lovely metallic red glass ( half transparent) bottle with a dropper. I must say the design is very simple yet it looks pretty. The formula is a gel like water, rather on the runny side, almost clear. It does have a strong scent ( but very pleasant, I love perfumed skincare) so it might be a problem for those with extra sensitive skin or those who prefer unscented formulas. The serum glides on the skin easily, it takes a while before it is completely absorbed though. If we use a bit too much of it it might leave a sticky film, so less is more in that case. I must say I have been using it mainly on my neck and chest area and I like the way this product makes my skin feel hydrated and nourished. I do see a change in my skin's elasticity. It is firmer too. We often forget about the neck, and since it is a face and neck serum I thought it would be perfect for my often neglected neck. The serum definitely helps to moisturise the skin, makes it smoother and firmer. It is a pretty decent product, very pleasant to use too.
Worth a try but be prepared to keep using. I love the way it works and feels on the skin
I received this in The Parcel (Ageing) and it is a lovely product. The smell is lovely and it glides on to the skin and is easily absorbed. There is no oily residue. I have found some serums in the past have left my skin red and peeling - this is definitely one of the good ones!
I am really impressed with this serum. I've tried many over the past year (some good, some not-so-good) but this one is currently my new favourite! My skin feels amazing and while I haven't been using it long, the initial results I have seen (skin feels firmer and smoother) have me feeling pretty good about what the long term results of using this may be. It's super hydrating and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or greasy.
Instantly hydrating, leaving my skin smooth and prepped ready for moisturiser.