Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich Shampoo

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Formulated with glycerin and apricot oil, Matrix’s Total Results Moisture Me Rich Shampoo helps retain moisture and nourish dry hair, leaving it soft, replenished and radiant. Suitable for normal to dry hair.


Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich Shampoo


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Absolutley love this shampoo! I've been using it for a few months now and my hair is 10 times more healthy and a lot less frail and dry. It was recomended by a hairdresser and I'm so happy I gave it a go!  I usually wash with shampoo twice and condition once every 4 days, on a few occasions I have used only shampoo and a leave in treatment and still had really nice feeling hair! I'ts not a heavy product so I'm able to go longer between washes!  
Purchased this in a twin pack on sale at Hairhouse warehouse. For reference I have thin hair, but lots of it. After years of DIY-Box-Dye my hair is a kaliedescope of colours and is rather dry.  In all honesty I made this purchase because the twin pack was on sale for $20 and I thought, why not? As this isn't a sulfate and paraben free formula the shampoo is quite foamy - I know it's bad etc etc but I actually quite enjoy a shampoo that actually foams - It feels like my hair has been cleaned better. Weird, I know. It's hard to describe the scent - it wasn't flowery etc was more nice-chemical-smell. I shampoo twice (on advice from the hairdresser) and I can feel this cleans my hair so well it is quite literally squeeky clean - when I rise my hair it actually squeeks! I did use the "moisture me rich" conditioner after - the conditioner has a very gluggy consitency and smells a bit like glue too. It does the job. Although this shampoo and conditioner comboo cleaned well it was not suited to my hair type. It put way to much weight onto my hair and left it flat and dull. Pros:  You get a nice lather Nice smell - if you are into less of a flowery, nature type scent Hair feels very clean Cons: Not for thin hair type (even if dry) If you use the conditioner too doesn't leave a great smell 
Absolutely love this shampoo. My hair is normally very dry and after a week of using this my hair is feeling much healthier!