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Maybelline New York Brow Precise® Fibre

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Maybelline New York Brow Precise® Fibre is a volumising eyebrow gel with a fibre-infused gel formula that works to add volume and colour for a natural-looking brow.


Maybelline New York Brow Precise® Fibre


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This is a really great product idea and is super helpful for those who have thick yet sparse brow hairs.  It does give the opportunity to "paint in" hairs to create a fuller brow look and contains a super-hold gel that sets your brows really well all day.  I unfortunately need to use this with other products though as I can't find a shade that is quite right for me.  If it came in a mid brown/grey shade I'd be in heaven!  Also despite googling and youtubing and lots of attempts I just can't master the use of the unique wand applicator and find myself using a small angled brow brush to apply the product specifically where I need it to be.  WINS: - Great formula and natural looking fibres - Super hold gel/glue holds brows in place all day - Effective at filling in sparse brows FAILS: - The applicator wand is super tricky - The colour selection isn't great Overall this would be an awesome product for my brows if the colour was right!
Maybelline were having a “think outside of the box” meeting when they came up with the idea for this Brow Precise Fiber Filler Eyebrow Gel. It looks like your average mascara tube, so I’ll be triple checking all of my purchases in future, because this is truely a mascara for your eyebrows only. This plastic brush has little rigid bristles. It looks more like your paddle hair brush than the rolled or comb design we are custom to. To tell you the truth it put me off a tad, and there was no instruction manual so off to google I went...  I received this Brow Mascara in Soft Brown, which was a light toffee colour. It matched well with my light brown/dark blonde hair. The product minimises the appearance of eyebrow gaps and makes them look fuller and more complete.  The steps I followed were: Step 1. Wipe excess formula off the tip of the brush, check! Step 2. Starting at the inner brow and ending at the brow tail, apply mascara in short, upward strokes. Seems easy enough completing it with my writing hand, though changing sides was a little challenging whilst working out what I was doing. Step 3. Repeat until desired brow look is achieved. Eventually I reached an even set of brows.  Recommended life span is 6 months after opening.
This is my favourite brow filler. I’m hooked on this and I will be continuing to buy this. This gives me the most natural finish ever. I keep getting compliments about how great my brows look ever since I started using this. It fills in my brows with a natural finish and stays on the whole day. Winner!
this is a great brow product, really high quality and works really well. The lovely tinted gel has just the right amount of pigment and the wand is a flat tipped shape that is so easy to use. The gel lasted all day and holds really well and I found the product filled my brows really well for a fuller more defined look that was still natural and pretty. this product feels really light to wear, its not crunchy or sticky at all. The brown shade I used was lovely and it made my brows frame my face perfectly. I love maybelline eye products and this one is a winner I would highly recommend it
I love using brow fiver every enhancers and tints just for that quick fill in for the day. This definitely lives up to expectations . The colour was good it did really fill in the brows and thicken them up. It won’t replace my current fav but it wasn’t an awful product and one I may reach to in the future. The only complaint I would have is this the applicator it was abit hard to not get the product in excess places while applying. All in all an okay product worth the price point that it has.
I recieved this product in medium brown as part of a trial. I love the way it makes my brow looks. It really adds a nice definition and fills them out nicely. I’ve already blessed with quite full brows so it really works for me but being a fibre based product I’d say it wouldn’t be suitable for everyone. The only downside I found was by the end of the day it started to develop a more gluggy look but overall I loved it and will keep using it.
This product is great...if you already have good brows. It adds colour, definition and thickness, but being a fiber-based product, requires hair to cling to. It is really good for a super-quick glam-up of your brows if you have good brows, or great to finish off a brow routine if you have sparse hair like I do. The applicator of this product also takes some getting used to, so I suggest you practice a few times otherwise you will end up with brown all over your face. Sadly, the colour range is VERY limited - this would be a winning product if it catered to more shade ranges. Overall, it is quick and easy to apply once you get used to it, does a good job for thick brows or to finish off a brow routine, and the big size means it lasts a while.
I wasn't a fan of this product.  I used the Browprecise Fiber filler in soft brown.  My first issue was the shimmer in the product. I have no idea why you would want shimmering brows? Although it's a 'fiber' I still felt like it went on more like a paint. If you had full brows that just need a little bit definition this would probably do the trick, but it grabbed to the skin and looked patchy on me. The brush is a clever idea with the tiny bristles creating hair like stokes, but I struggled getting a natural look due to  a combination of the brush being too thick & long and then with the shimmery paint like product.
The applicator wasn't what I expected and it applied a bit cluggy but overall I liked the way this made I eyebrows look and I will continue to use it. After I used the product I ran over my brows with a spoolie brush to neaten them up and put them in shape. It held the shape of my brow well and added to the natural look that I like.
The applicator can be clumpy, perhaps it would improve after wiping off from the top of the tube. It looks funny on my eyebrown initially after application but once it’s dry the look improves. It doesn’t replace the normal eye brown pencil I found but it does a good job filling the shape. And once it’s dry it blends well with my eye brown so it looks just like real.
I have to hide this from my daughter but she keeps on finding it haha! I'm not a fan of how it feels on application and while it's drying but I really like how my brows look and the control the user has over what kind of look they want to achieve. Admittedly I haven't used many brow products before (I see a beautician) I don't use it daily but definitely for special events. Will be buying one for my daughter :)
This brow product was pretty average in my books. I find that sometimes the tip of the brush can come off clumpy so I do prefer a fluffy brush head. In saying that, this product performs well in keeping my brows in place and making my brows look more full.  Overall, an ok product and would be good if you're looking for something affordable.
I am always very skeptical when trying new products especially for the eyebrows so I was pleasantly surprised when I used for the first time the Maybelline New York Brow Precise® Fibre.The colour was Medium Brown and matched perfectly to my natural hair fibres. It was quick and easy to use and lasted all day. Overall I really liked this product and would consider purchasing this in the future.
I was really excited to use this when I received it. The product by itself in terms of wand shape and length and pigmentation is good. The brown shade which I tried on doesn't suit my eyebrow. But I could see the difference when applied, to increase the eyebrow volume, just reapply the product as desired. This product stayed all day long and perfect for everyday wear. overall, I would recommend this product if you have very thin eyebrows and if you looking for a dramatic look.
I loved this product and use it daily to shape my brows and fill it in. Ilook the applicator brush it comes with which allows you to comb and fill in your brows all at once. You do need to be careful when applying the product with the brush as the shape of the brush makes a bit harder to apply the product without making a mess. I love the colour and texture it gave my brows. The product stays all day long and does not smudge. But be careful of applying too much product otherwise your brows will look chalky.
Unfortunately this was a complete flop for me! The applicatior picks up too much product when pulled out and it just clumped up and made a mess!  It also wasnt the right colour for my brows at all as i have black brows and the it was a medium brown but abit too light! 
I really didn't like this product. I hated the application, found it clumped up on my brows and just did not look flattering. The idea of brushing this through brows and having magical shaped and thick brows is wonderful, but it still needs a lot of work before this magical effect can be achieved. I Guess if you're just looking for a cheap brow fibre product this might be OK but something like Colourpop's brow gel would possibly work better and be more precise and has more colour options.
I'm a bit on the fence with this product. It was the perfect colour for my eyebrows and lasted all day. It wasn't very sculpting or defining which is was I love about doing my brows. I found that it was almost just like a regular transparent brow glue, it didn't actually add any texture or colour to my brows it almost just moved them into place. It felt almost hair-sprayed once it had been applied and dried as well, almost sticky which I didn't love. I would purchase this product again but I wouldn't be my go to.
The applicator brush was too big and awkward to use which then resulted in my brows being oddly shaped. I do suggest using other products with this to get the best out of it. The formula was a little thick but overall the colour was a great match and gave a very natural tint.
I didn’t really enjoy this using this product and don’t think I’ll ever buy it again. I was excited for this as I thought it would make doing my brows much quicker and easier, I was wrong. Although it filled in my brows the application was uneven and the brush got product everywhere around my brows. I did not like the shiny finish of it as it made my brows looks plastic and unnatural and oddly heavy. I don’t think I would really recommend this product.