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Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Made For All Lipstick

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Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Made For All Lipstick is a creamy lipstick that comes in satin and matte finishes. The lipstick contains specially selected pigments that were tested on 50 diverse skin tones to ensure each lipstick shade is universally flattering. The lipstick is available in a range of neutrals, reds, pinks and purples. 

Available in six shades.

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Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Made For All Lipstick


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These lipsticks are great: creamy, hydrating and pigmented so you can look great for any occasion. The colours are very bold and makes it great to wear for special occasions when you want a colour that will really pop.  It kept my lips hydrated and I found that it didn't feel heavy either.  The longevity of the lipstick wasn't the best as it did fade and I would have to reapply it.  It also transfers easily as well which is another reason why I had to keep reapplying it.
I love lipsticks and seem to collect them so I was eager to try the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Made for All Lipsticks because I already use a number of lipsticks in the Color Sensational range.      The lipstick is packaged in a silver tube with an outer rectangular cover which is the exact colour of the lipstick inside.  The simple but effective packaging certainly makes it easy to identify each lipstick shade. The lipsticks come in either satin or matte finishes.    This review is in regards to the Pink for Me(376) shade in the satin formula which applies as a deep dusty rose shade on me and is absolutely gorgeous.  I apply this lipstick in its full intensity over my lip moisturiser and lip liner.  The formula is so creamy and hydrating and leaves my lips feeling soft and supple. I own over 40 lipsticks and the Pink for Me has been added to my list of favourites.  The lipstick lasts well enough until I eat so I have to reapply, but I’m used to that happening.  Top marks to Maybelline for their Sensational Made for All Lipsticks.   
This range of lipsticks are super creamy and feel great on my lips. The colours don't bleed and stay put for a few hours. I did need to reapply after drinks and food, which is what usually happens with other lipsticks.  The lipsticks feel creamy and smooth on my lips. They didn't peel or flakey and they didn't make my lips dry. Overall, I enjoy using these lipsticks and like the colours for daily use and special occasions too.
These lipsticks have a beautiful pigment and last really well. The red for me is a gorgoeus shade of red that is really flattering with a subtle shimmer. The mattes in this range are not at all drying which is great as so many matte lipsticks dry out my lips. I found these shades really flattering and moisturising, the consistency is creamy and stayed put even after a coffee. They come at a great price so I can afford to buy a couple at a time. They are packaged nicely but not fancy and tend to last a while which is a good bonus. Easy to use, they glide on really well with just one coat so they are quick and easy to use, I would recommend a good lip pencil for a truly professional result. Overall a gorgeous lipstick that I would buy again and recommend.
Totally obsessed with this lipstick collection because it is perfect for my dry lips. The lipstick has a creamy texture which means it super easy to apply and the colour is well pigmented so I only need to apply one layer. Because of its creamy texture, it keeps my lips hydrated and looking pumped. However, this lipstick does transfer so I do need to re-apply throughout the day after meals.
These are a staple item in my beauty collection. The colours are rich in pigment and stay on the lips. You do need to add a lip liner, especially with the darker colours as they can run a little. I did find I had minor colour stains to my lips after I had taken the red off but it was more of a cute tint.
I received #382 Red for Me and #388 Plum for Me. The lipsticks are a matte formula, and is fairly long lasting. However, I did notice that both colours started to feather fairly soon after applying, so a good lip liner is a must!  I've got pale skin and dark hair, and I found that neither of these colours was quite right for me. However, the formula isn't super drying, so I'd definitely try this lipstick in another colour (with proper lip liner of course!)
The two lipsticks I received were so beautiful. Since wearing them, I've received countless compliments. The red colour is my fav  and seems to last through kisses, food, and drinks. The matte finish is a huge perk as it has a lovely creamy texture without making yours lips feel dry and flaky. Would buy again.
I was lucky to be selected to trial Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Made For All Lipstick in Ruby for Me and Plum for Me. The texture for both lipsticks were smooth and creamy and felt extremely hydrating on my lips. I had no feathering form the lipsticks, but there was slight staining on my lips afterwards but i would expect that form strongly pigmented colours. Ruby for Me was the stronger more opaque colour and applied in the intensity I expected from the solid stick colour. Plum for Me applied slightly more transparent and wasn't as strong as I expected when I applied it, which I quite liked, you would need a couple of applications to get a strong coverage. I don't normally wear a bold or red lipstick but as these reds are both blue based reds I felt they were easier to wear as they complimented my skin tone.
Fuchsia for me is definitely for me!!!  What an amazing colour! Not only does the colour pop but it glides on like a dream. I found it to be a long lasting, smooth and moisturising lipstick that attracted so many positive comments! I would highly recommend this product to all.
I got #382 Red for Me and #388 Plum for Me. The matte formula for the Red for Me I preferred to have a bit more moisture and bleeded a bit but the colour is quite pleasant to wear. The Plum for Me is my favourite it has a nice finish and the colour is lovely for me to wear from day to night! 
I used Maybelline New York Lipstick Colour Sensational Made for All Lipstick in “Mauve for Me” and “Fuchsia for Me”. Both shades are perfect for my pale complexion and blonde hair. The formula of the lipsticks is very creamy and nourishing. I would typically have dried lips if a lipstick isn’t creamy and nourishing enough and these are perfect in that way. The colours are bold and last quite well. I did re-apply a few times throughout the day. I did find a bit of colour transfer to coffee cups and straws etc but just re-applied afterwards. I would buy more colours in this range as it’s such a user-friendly price for brilliant colours.   
I found these two lipsticks really nice! The satin one was really nice and creamy and the perfect satin finish. The pigment  is good and a really nice colour for all skin tones. The matte finish has a really creamy texture without making yours lips feel dry and is a flattering colour
I just tried these lipsticks and i love them. it is so nice to find a true red aswell! great staying power and bold, bright pigment. The packaging was gorgeous for a drugstore product. Pleasant fragrance and you get a good amount of product to use. The lipsticks didnt dry out my lips or bleed, i didnt need to use a lip liner. They also swatch beautifully.
These shades are all so beautiful and so pigmented! They are quite a stiff formula (not soft) which is good for bold colours as I find when they're too soft they tend to bleed a bit. Really pigmented and buildable, they do not budge at all! Perfect for a night out, great colours for winter too.
I tried this lipstick in both #388 'Plum for me' and #385 'Ruby for Me' and was pretty happy with both. The colour of the case is an excellent representation of how the colour looks on, however I must admit that the case itself is fairly standard and would be easily looked over in a display. I really like that this lipstick feels more like a lip conditioner when on rather than the usual too sticky or too dry types. I could wear it for a long time without reaching for a lip gloss to re-hydrate. It does tend to come off on to food, cups and anything else you may be kissing, however the colour did seem to hold well regardless. I used it without a lip liner which was a bit of a brave move with such a bold colour but everything went well and there was no real bleeding which was a massive plus. This is an easy to wear lipstick that is perfect for all day use.
I tried two shades (385: Ruby For Me; 382: Red For Me). I have dark hair and olive skin. They were both true reds for me and were quite similar, although 382 was *slightly* on the more orange side. They are easy to apply, and were not too slippery (so they won't end up all over your face when you eat or drink!). They were definitely not transfer proof, I would describe the finish as demi-matte. They last for maybe 3-4 hours, and leave a slight stain afterwards. Definitely a great red lip if you're on a budget!
I received ruby for me and pink for me. I really liked the texture, as advertised it is super creamy. My lips are usually very dry however it glided on nicely. I really liked the ruby for me more than the pink for me as I don’t usually wear pinks. Pink for me didn’t complement my pale skin tone as much as the ruby for me lipstick. The lipsticks aren’t very long lasting however, the colours faded away nicely throughout the day and looked like a lip stain. Overall, I like the packaging and texture but I would not purchase it as I didn’t find any wow factor about it.
This lipstick is so creamy. I loved how smoothly it glides on and the consistency feels moisturising rather than cakey or drying. It doesn’t bleed which is great, especially for such bright shades. I find it important that lipsticks add moisture, especially in winter.  However - this transfers everywhere!!!! I’m not usually one for bright shades, but when I do opt for the big pop of colour I want it to be long lasting and not smudge. I felt self-conscious seeing all the colour transfer onto anything I touched. It is better than others I have tried, but still pretty messy. At least when it all comes off on everything, it leaves a gorgeous colour stained on my lips! Maybe this is better as a lip stain than a lip stick! 
I got to trial 'Red for Me' and 'Plum for Me'. Usually I am a pink girl but I definately fell in love with the Plum for Me colour as it is such a cute winter shade. The only issue with dark colours is they make people with thin lips look even thinner. I did however like the glide-ability and texture of these products and found both to be long wearing. I get dry lips easily and still found this product to be nourishing and did not dry them out. I think for the price these lippies are definately worth a try. Would be keen to try a few more colours.