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Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation is a liquid foundation with SPF 18. The translucent base and lightweight pigments allow the skin’s natural texture to show through and the hydra smooth concentrate hydrates rough and dry patches. Providing a natural coverage, the formula blends seamlessly for a dewy finish. 

Available in nine shades.


Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation


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Dewy finish

I love Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation because I love a dewy finish and this Foundation has that. It's full coverage which is what I look for when choosing a foundation. It also has SPF in it which is always an added bonus for me. Any dry areas on my skin get hydrated by this foundation and it doesn't look dry or cakey. I also never get any breakout from using this Foundation. This foundation is also very affordable and on sale quite often too. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone. It's so silky and perfect.

Dewy + Smooth = Great

I really like the dewy + smooth formula, it is one of my favourites, although the shade range is a bit weird and the lights in the store did not help the situation so the shade I got was a little off, but I made it work and considering so, it looked beautiful. It has a gorgeous dewy finish, it doesn't slide around everywhere and wears really well throughout the day on my dry skin. I actually wore this for a special event and my skin looked so glowy and healthy in photos, I was very surprised. It is a thin formula, which I prefer because I find it blends in easier and when you have a young child, time is always sparse. I'm unsure if people with oily skin will like this because it does feel very moisturising and might feel a bit too oily, but there is always the matte version, which I have also tried and loved before switching to more dewy and luminous foundations in general.
This product is not the best when you have oily skin and few pimples. But it loos awesome when your skin is perfect. It made my skin look a bit too oily, but I guess that is the glowing part of the product and since I have few pimples and pores that I wanted to hide, then that product didn't give my face coverage that it needed. I wouldn't use it on a date night, but its perfect if you go to work and don't need picture perfect skin.
This is a great everyday foundation. Highly recommended for those on the hunt for a light to light-medium coverage foundation that is easy to apply and will last a working day. My sister actually bought this online but it arrived in the wrong colour (which luckily for me it was my colour!), so she gave it to me to use. It reminds me of NARS Sheer GLow but at a fraction of the price and a touch heavier. This is great for normal, generally even skin. I apply it with my fingers for a lighter look, with a beauty blender for better coverage. I find one layer is great with the beauty blender, two layers will give good coverage. Will cover redness and any slight uneveness in skin tone well. I have combination skin and could not wear this in winter a it clung to dry patches and could not wear this in summer as it slid off oily patches. But it is perfect for when my skin in normal. Tips: Apply with a beauty blender rather than fingers. Good For: Normal skin with few imperfections as it looks better with light application as opposed to heavy application where it can tend to cake.
I used Fit me dewy 210 as my skin is yellow undertone. Even when I wear it the whole day, it doesn't become oily and it stays in face beautifully throughout the day. It really fits me. It is also easy to blend. The best dewy foundation at all time. I have many foundation makeup from different brands. This Maybelline dewy is perfect for Spring. It is also good for normal to dry skin. It has SPF 18 so it is also good to wear in day time.
I was a fan of this as my go to chemist bought foundation but i find that it doesn't suit me in winter as the formula oxidised on me so i guess this is best for me during the summertime. The price is great though and i love a matte finish.
Love this foundation, it has such a nice finish. I wouldn't call it dewy more like a natural finish with an inner radiance if that makes sense :) Still radiant when set with powder and doesn't grab on any dry patches. My bronzer, blush and highlighter all blended perfect. Has become my go to drugstore foundation.
Huge fan of this foundation. Smooth and blends well, with good coverage.
Absolutely love this foundation- it's my fave! I use this when I'm after a medium to full coverage look. It goes on so well and smoothes my skin out beautifully, evening my skin tone and covering almost all my blemishes. I love it because it feels so lightweight and natural. What's not to love, really? I find that this is usually on sale, which is amazing when you're on a budget, like me! You can often find it for $10 or less at supermarkets. Pop the Fit Me powder on top across your T-zone and you have yourself a really professional looking make-up job. My only gripe has been that the foundation seems to need a bit of touching up throughout the day, particularly around the nose where it comes off quite easily. I don't use any finishing sprays or anything though, so it might be because of that. This hasn't caused too much concern for me though, because it gives me pretty flawless coverage for most of the day. Purchase a bottle for the colder months and another for the warmer months, as you'd be surprised how much your skin can vary between seasons. It doesn't go orange and it has proven to me it can endure even the hottest of days. I highly recommend this :)
This foundation feels really nice on my skin and doesn't make my face all dry due to the nice dewy texture. It is really soft and lightweight and at the same time has great coverage and when applied looks so natural and effortless. I definitely will use this again as it matches really well and i recommend people with dry skin should use it!! 
Really great foundation and gives a beautiful finish. The shade range isn't amazing and I found that I couldn't find an exact match with my skin tone and after a while it does start to break up around my nose and between my eyebrows where the skin is really dry. Overall it's a good product but not my all time favourite
I bought this foundation after watching reviews on you tube about it. I didn't expect great things of it as I used to be a bit snobby when it came to foundation, I thought the higher end were better. I was surprised at the coverage of this foundation, it's easily build able to give full coverage, and does exactly as it says, by giving you a dewy glow without it looking oily. I found it looked great all day, held up like my high end foundations, and didn't seperate around my nose as some tend to do.  I now tend to reach for this regularly and also bought the matte version off it  I can now admit I'm no longer a high end only lover, and this is a great alternative, and a must in anyone's collection
After using expensive foundations, I've never been more pleased with this one. I've loved using the FITME range. It has such a nice coverage, clean finish. I've never been a fan of dewy but this one has had me avoid matte. So good.
My favourite drugstore foundation!  It is a very thick liquid and provides medium-full coverage (although you can sheer it out with a damp beauty blender). I love it because I am pale and hardly any shades match my skin like this one does (I have #120).  It applies beautifully with any method, fingers, beauty blender or foundation brush and blends easily and seamlessly, no streaks, cake-ing or oxidization - colour stays true all day.  Team it up with the matching powder in your trouble zones (for me chin and nose) to get a flawless finish that still looks natural and feels light and comfortable on your skin.  Only criticisms is the glass bottle, it's heavy and it lacks a pump so you have to tip it out and when you get near the end of the bottle it's really difficult to remove.
This foundation is the go to for anyone who doesn’t want to spend 1 million bucks on foundation and has dry skin.  For the affordable price, this foundation blends well into the skin and keeps the skin looking healthy without oxidizing on the skin. I use 120 classic ivory, it's seamless and has no SPF at all which is good for flash photography. The only downside to this foundation is that it doesn’t have a pump. I probably wouldn’t recommend to anyone that wanted full coverage, as it doesn’t build up well, however it is perfect for daily use. 
I have been using this products for a few months now and would definitely recommend it! The pros of this product are that this foundation has a really nice coverage and isn't super cakey on the face. After using it, your skin has a really nice smooth texture. I like to use this product on my face when I'm going out and want to have full coverage. I use this product in the 'Dewy and Smooth' range and I'd say the only con is that your face can come appear oily until you've used a loose powder over the top, but I suppose that's the 'dewy' look.
My first 'dewy' foundation and I'm impressed! Firstly, I have oily/combination skin so I am always cautious and hesitant when it comes to buying dewy foundations as I feel it would only accentuate my oiliness. However, I felt I was obliged to purchase it since hearing so many awesome reviews about it, from woman of all ages, skin types and skin tones. So I thought I may as well take the plunge - and for the price I really wasn't risking too much anyway. So, I purchased the dewy and smooth FITme foundation in shade 220 Natural Beige. Packaging: The characteristic packaging is familiar and nice to hold. Doesn't look 'expensive' as such, but doesn't look or feel cheap either. However, I think that the type of bottle (screw cap) can be messy, and wasteful as more product tends to spill out. I would prefer a pump or plastic squeeze tube. Colour selection: I'm a massive fan of the FITme system, mostly due to the fact that it has many tones that suit all shades. Its quite easy to understand if you need to purchase a light, medium, or deep foundation and the numbering system is great for picking out the pink toned foundations from the yellow toned. This is really helpful as some foundations can look misleading in the packaging and you can end up picking the wrong undertone. Even though Maybelline specifies pink or yellow toned foundations, I find them to also be incredibly neutral. The pink or yellow tones aren't too overpowering and it's really easy to get a good foundation match. They carry this skin tone theme throughout all their FITme products so it's a dream to match your foundation to a concealer, bronzer or powder. Formula: As a foundation containing SPF (great in my opinion- we could all use some extra sun protection), the smell of SPF isn't too noticeable. I can smell it and pick it out, but it doesn't hit you in the face like some others with SPF. The formula is more on the thicker side but it's incredibly easy to blend out and applies beautifully over primer. It's not a cakey formula either and doesn't sink in to your pores or accentuate any texture. It feels lightweight, yet hydrating and nourishing. Application: The foundation applies very evenly and glides on, I use the Real Techniques expert face brush or the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge and achieve great, even coverage. I would say its a medium coverage which is what I prefer, but it's easily buildable if you're after a more higher coverage foundation. Wear/longevity: As a person whose skin lends more towards the oily side, I have never used a dewy foundation because of fear. This is the first one I have bought and I'm pleasantly surprised. For me, it looked beautifully dewy without making me look oily. Staying power was adequate, gave me about 5-6 hours without the need to retouch my makeup. Also, I'm someone who really struggles with foundation because they tend to oxidise on my skin, however this one stayed true to it's shade. I'm quite happy I went out on a limb and tried the dewy and smooth foundation. I am pleased with its performance :)
A great value and great quality drugstore product which is on par with some of the more expensive brands. Perfect for dry skin especially if you have issues with pores or texture (i.e dry patches) it applies smoothly and provides a beautiful natural looking finish. The formula is hydrating on the skin and blends well, even with fingers. The result is natural luminous skin and as a bonus it also contains an spf factor. It would be great if the bottle came with a pump, although for the price I can’t complain!
Although this foundation is not dedicated to my skin type, I got it because of so many positive reviews. Wanted to check it out and since I am officially a foundation freak I feel excused. First of all I am not a fan of the packaging, as there is no pump or any other applicator. The foundation has got a thick liquid, rather creamy formula, that goes on easily, it leaves a lovely radiant satin finish and is not sticky to the touch ( as I find it with other foundations for dry skin). It definitely smooths the skin texture out, doesn’t make dry patches visible or pores look large. It gives us a very comfortable and hydrating feeling. It feels lightweight too. I have got it in 120 classic ivory- this time is is a nice beige colour ( God, I wish Maybelline unified their shades, and for example classic ivory would look the same in each and every foundation, but right now once it’s pink, once it’s orange, some other time it is light, then dark…) I believe this foundation would be best for dry and normal skins, combination might need powder in summer, in winter I think they can do without it.
The Maybelline New York Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation is an affordable and great value foundation. The foundation is light to medium coverage and has a a very natural, slightly dewy finish. I have normal sometimes dry skin and one of the great things about this foundation is that it feels so soft and light on the skin, almost like I am not wearing any foundation. There is no flakiness, and it doesn't dry out my skin or look patchy at all. I find this foundation perfect for everyday wear, it covers most blemishes without being heavy on my skin. Its a foundation that I will continue to repurchase.