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Maybelline New York Superstay Multi-Use Foundation Stick

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Maybelline New York Superstay Multi-Use Foundation Stick is a multipurpose foundation stick that can be used as a full-coverage foundation, concealer or contouring product. It has a cream-to-matte formula that dries down to a powder-matte finish. The stick comes with a precision angled sponge applicator on the opposite end to help with blending, buffing and on-the-go touch-ups. 

Available in eight shades.


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Maybelline New York Superstay Multi-Use Foundation Stick


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For oily and dehydrated skin (not as rare a combination as you might think!) this stick is not a game changer, but it's certainly a quick and easy way to even out tone and reduce redness.  I found the sponge to be useless, though, and after a few hours the foundation was sliding around all over the place.  As someone who wears glasses, I could basically forget about having anything on my nose within 3-4hrs! Blends well, travels well and has minimal fragrance, but I'm divided as to whether this one will be on the re-purchase list.
Best stick foundation I’ve used. I have combo oily textured skin which is acne prone. I prefer a full coverage look. This blended out beautifully on my skin and stayed all day. Worked with all different types of primers. It was a nice matte finish. I didn’t use the sponge on the opposite side for blending my foundation. I found a sponge worked best. The only thing that let me down was how little their was. I used it for a month straight it and it’s empty already! I would purchase at half price but not at full.
The Maybelline New York Superstay Multi-Use Foundation Stick is very handy for travel and for re-apply throughout the day as the stick comes with a sponge. The foundation is smooth and easy to apply and doesn't feel a tacky or sticky on skin. The foundation gives me a low to medium coverage which I like as I prefer natural look. However it is a bit dry for my skin type, I can see fine lines and a bit flakey after few hours.
I really loved the maybelline superstay foundation stick, its so easy to find a perfect skin match and its really high quality. Its really easy to apply, love the handy applicator on the end, an ingenius idea for blending. The foundation stick itself is a super creamy consistency and it didnt leave my face looking and feeling oily in the middle of the day, a great bonus as I tend to have an oily tzone. The stick glides over skin nicely with a medium coverage, it doesnt feel heavy or sticky to wear and yet covers imperfections perfectly. I recommend using a great primer underneath for an even better result. The cream to powder formula is one of my favourites and the pigmentation is this stick is great. I really loved this product and only detracted one star as I feel the colour range could be better, some of the more expensive brands have a ton of colour choices, but overall a great product I would buy again.
I was really eager when I got my hands on Maybelline Superstay Foundation Stick, but I was left wanting. I love the Maybelline cushion compact so I’ll be going back to that. I tried a few ways to use the Foundation Stick but none worked for me.  The first day I used the attached blender (damp). The foundation spread easily and settles nicely on my skin. A full coverage was provided as advertised. After a few hours my skin was still looking even and well covered but the foundation was sticking to art skin around my nose and on my cheeks. A few hours later it was even more flaky.  The second day I tried a different primer and used my fingers to apply. Again it applied easily and had great coverage. Again after a few hours I looked dry and flaky.  Third day rolls around and I use my own damp beauty blender to apply, same results as the previous two days.  I think if you have an oily complexion this would be a great foundation for you, but for people with combination or dry it just won’t work.
I am usually friends with Maybelline foundations and often praise them for being a great value for money but this time we did not become friends. I was sent three shades of this stick foundation to test, and I remember I used to like stick foundations when I was younger as they were easy and fast to use and gave beautifull satin finish. Unfortunately this time it didn't work for me. First of all, I was surprised when I was the packaging of the product. It looked tiny and offered only one third of the regular foundation volume. A bit disappointing. It looked more like a concealer than a foundation. Then the shades that were closest to my skin tone did not really match. They were either to pink or too orange. With that said, I must say the Muliti-use Foundation stick applies quite well, is easy to blend into the skin and provides us with a medium coverage. It looks pretty natural on the skin and gives a natural, satin like finish with a bit of a glow. It doesn't feel heavy on the face and it lets the skin breathe. It did start to shine after a couple of hours and I didn't like that. In my opinion the best use out of this product is when we use it as a concealer or for touch ups on the go. Since the packaging is small and travel friendly, it can be easily put into a handbag. If the shade was perfect, I would consider purchasing the product, but unfortunately I can't find my match. And the very small quantity of the product makes me question the value for money.
I really wanted to like this product. It comes in a convenient twist-up tube with a sponge-like applicator that did a decent job of blending the product in. I tried applying the product to my skin in many different ways: over primer, after moisturising, over sunscreen and mixed together with a liquid foundation. I also tried blending it with the provided sponge, a foundation brush and a beauty blender.  Unfortunately, this product is not suited to my oily/combination skin. The product settled right into dry patches, amplified any flakes and lines and didn't look too crash hot throughout the day. It did provide a decent amount of coverage but was just not my preferred texture, being a little too powdery for me.  I gave the product two stars as it performed reasonably well as a spot concealer over my regular liquid foundation. I will continue to use it for that reason, however precision application is a tittle difficult as the product is akin to a chubby stick. A precise application concealer brush does work wel. 
I usually use a liquid foundation so was looking forward to trying something new. The foundation was quite easy to apply & the product did not feel heavy at all. It provided a medium coverage with a matte finish. I would recommend this more for a concealer than a foundation but is great for travelling & when you need to apply on the go!
I was super excited to try this foundation but less so after I received the product. At first glance, the foundation looked like it was going to be cakey and oily, but luckily, this was not the case! I received 3 colours to try, one for foundation, and one each for contour and highlight/concealer. The foundation shade was pretty close but the other 2 were not enough of a different shade to be noticeable. The foundation was easy to apply, not huge coverage but still pretty. It dries to a lovely soft matte finish which felt great on my skin. The sponge applicator is handy, small but gets the job done.  The only problem I noticed with the design of this product was that if you have more than one of these and you remove the lids, you aren't going to know which shade is what as the only label is on the lid. Great for your purse and traveling, I wasn't too happy with the amount of actual product in the tube but overall a pretty decent stick foundation.
I was pleasantly surprised a about the excellent pigmentation of this product. The colour did not oxidise through out the day nor did it fade. The size made it an easy handbag accessory and the built in sponge was super convenient. Regarding the sponge I found the shape made it quite easy to blend around the eyebrows and did a good job. The foundation itself was surprisingly lightweight but gave me quite full coverage. During a typical 8 hour day I noticed a lot of cracking, the foundation also seemed to settle in my pores a lot. It felt quite smooth upon application but was difficult to buff. I’d highly recommend as a handbag touch up.
This was nice and light weight for a stick foundation and left a natural finish once blended. I tried the sponge, beauty blender, brush and hands. The supplied sponge was ok at blending around the hair line but anywhere else just rubbed the product off. The best application was putting it on the back of my hand to warm up then apply in sections. It did sit in my pores and also highlighted dry patches. I can’t say this was very long wearing and for people with oily skin this would not remain matte for very long. I think this is more effort than it’s worth and there are a lot better options in the maybelline range
I found this foundation stick to be really smooth and creamy, velvety on the skin. I mostly used it as a concealer and for touch ups as it was a bit too thick and heavy to use as a full face foundation. The sponge was a useful idea but I found it didn’t blend very well. You also don’t get a lot of the product in the stick. I would recommend it as a touch up stick to keep in you bag or for travelling.
The positives first, it goes on smooth and could easily be built up, the formulation did last on my combination skin really well, the addition of the applicator sponge on the base is great and the addition of instructions under the label was great for first timers. The negatives I get where they were going with using three different shades for contours and concealing but it only makes it quite thick and already on a full coverage foundation it’s not a nice feeling, also for the price point of $24.95 each stick it’s quite small and you would run out of the base shade well before you run out of contour or concealer.  Overall just as a stand alone base foundation I would use it again
I received this product to test. I was really wanting to like it but it didn’t really work on my skin. I’d call it a light to medium coverage but I guess that could become full coverage if you applied more layers. Shade was ok, the lightest shade 110 was far to light but the next shade 112 wasn’t great either. The sponge applicator was ok for smaller areas like the eyes.  I can see the convenience of this foundation it just wasn’t for me.
I liked the product. Only provided light coverage but that’s all I like anyway. Great to put in your handbag on the go. I found that I needed to blend a couple colours to get the right shade for my skin. All in all I’d recommend this product
I didn't love this product. The foundation and concealer was very lightweight and didn't cover up adequately. Also, the darker contour colour looked orange/red on my skin. The buffing applicator at the other end whilst a great idea is too small. If it was slightly bigger it would have been more useful.
The foundation was quite easy to apply, however I didn’t like the applicator sponge so I used my usual foundation brush - which was still great! The coverage was medium, and I liked that it wasn’t a full matte finish, so it didn’t look dry or powdery, but still natural. I liked how easy to travel and apply the foundation stick was, however I didn’t think it lasted the full day. I do recommend it for general every day, but i need something a little more long lasting for work.
I tried this foundation however would only recommend it to be used as a concealer for on the go touchups. As a foundation it would smudge off and was not very long lasting in the heat.  The applicator is a great hygienic option if u dont want to use your hands to blend it in. 
This is so handy!!! I tried the the lightest colour and the 3rd shade  for contouring and it was really good, just wished I could have got one in very dark shade for the contouring as the one I have has some orange undertone. I found this to be super creamy and smudge easily if not set with a setting powder and then it would be perfect! It covers problems areas (acne, scars, pores) perfectly. The sponge is very handy to have to use for touch ups during the day, but do not recommend to use all over the face, as it sucks the product and a bit tough. I do recommend this multi-use Foundation Stick to all even sensitive skin as it did not breakup my skin. Will be buying the darker shade for sure!
I love the idea of this product and couldn't wait to try it.  The packaging is super cute and having a blending sponge on the product makes it easy to use.  I ordered my natural shade and received this shade, one darker for contouring and one lighter for highlighting.  I found the product to be good for overall coverage. I have a couple of age spots that I have been having lasered and the product concealed them reasonably well. I have dry skin and was close to needing a micro, so the product did sink into dry patches of skin when I first used it, however I found that once I had a micro, the product went on smoothly and gave an even matte coverage.