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Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint is a DIY peel-off brow tint that leaves brows tinted and filled in for up to three days. Enriched with collagen and royal jelly, the gel conditions the brows, leaving them soft and looking full. The tint can be left on for anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the desired depth of colour.

Available in four shades.


Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint


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I have rather sparse brows and what there is of them is very light coloured hair with a touch of grey.  In fact, if I don’t fill them in each day, my brows aren’t visible at all.  So, naturally, I had to try the Maybelline NY Tattoo Brow Gel to see if it would define my brows and also save me any time each day.  I chose the shade Grey Brown which is perfect for me.    When I first applied the gel I was quite surprised at how thick, sticky and dark the product was so I only applied it lightly and didn’t leave it on for the required time because I didn’t want to look like a clown.  I needn’t have worried because when I peeled off the gel a natural looking brow was revealed.  I was a lot more confident when I did the next application three days later.    I now outline my brows to get the right shape before I apply the gel because my brows are so different to each other, so this method ensures I end up with two even looking brows.    I always apply the gel at night after I have cleansed my face because the more you wash your face the more the colour fades.  However, I cleanse my face in the shower each morning and do a double cleanse at night and the colour still lasts for the three days although with less intensity by the third day.    The Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow Gel Tint is easy to use, peels off easily once it has dried, leaves a natural looking stain, and cleans up easily if there are any mishaps.  A great product which I recommend.    
My brows are super sparse to the point where if I don't fill them in on a daily basis I get asked if I'm feeling well or not, so brows really do lift and frame the face. I was a bit skeptical about this product at first but figured I had nothing to lose, so when it was 1/2 price at My Chemist, I grabbed the dark brown for under $13. It can be a bit confronting at first when you initially apply, it's dark, thick and sticky but this is something that you definitely don't want to go lightly on (also, not too thick otherwise it won't dry). They recommend 20 minutes, but I left mine on longer just because I forgot, peel away and bam! new brows. The finished look is closest to a powder finish in my opinion, it fills in all the gaps and has good staying power. Although it does eventually fade by day 3, I'm not too concerned. There's enough of the tint to act as a guide so I can draw on my brows quickly where it has faded. Also, it's also the simple fact that I can do this the night before, have amazing brows and not spend 10-15 minutes the next morning drawing on brows while trying to get ready for work. Tips: You can draw in the shape of your brow first before applying to act as a guide. Wipe away any mistakes with a cotton bud. Be patient. Don't cleanse brow area on first night to prolong colour.
I’m in love with this product. My eyebrows are blonde and unless I  draw them on you can’t really see them & I don’t have time to apply product everyday. I wasn’t sure if this was a gimmick but decided to try it anyway. My first time using it I was nervous. It was really dark and I wasn’t sure I was applying it properly. I let it dry and gently peeled it off , it didn’t rip my eyebrow hair out either.  The colour was nice and it last between 2 and 3 days. The more I use it the better I get and I absolutely LOVE this product. I love that I can apply it and I don’t need to worry about applying eyebrow product every day. I highly recommend this ( especially if you have hard to see eyebrows like me )
My first thoughts about the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint; I was sceptical as i like my eye brows to be filled in and looking amazing but at the same time not too dark. I watched review after review on youtube hoping that by trying this product i wouldn't end up with big thick dark eye brows. I painted the product on my eye brows and smoothed it out with a spooly to make sure it was even. I was shocked at first as to how dark the product was on first application and was so worried i would peel it off to find a massive mistake. which i was wrong about. This product saves time and money and does not end up looking as dark as the first application.   Pro's - Saves money , Time and effort when getting ready in the morning, lasts long enough to be able to wear it for a full week with a little bit of eye brow pencil to fill in Con's - Packaging could have come with a smaller / easier to use brush / Spooly for more even and accurate application. Would purchase again 9/10 !
I can take or leave filling my eyebrows but with so much hype about Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 3-Day Gel-Tint I had to try it. The packaging provided me with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. The tint tube looks like a mascara or a lip-gloss tube with a screw top lid with a paintbrush end. I have dark eyebrows so I colour matched and went dark brown so the colour blended in. I had no problems with application; it was really easy to get an even coat on.  I painted it on pretty thick to give it a good try and I would have to say I looked a little scary when I had finished applying!   The formula is obviously gel so it is thick making it easy to use with no dribbles. It feels cold for a few seconds until it dries and then I waited 20 minutes before pulling it off. I have to admit that I felt a little nervous pulling it off. I felt like my brows were going to pull out but thankfully they didn’t! It has a slight paint odour when first applied but it isn’t offensive and disappears fast.   I was really pleased with the natural looking finished result and the ease of a foolproof application. This product saves me time; money and my eyebrows look terrific. I am over the moon with my new eyebrows and I would recommend Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 3-Day Gel-Tint.   Pros:   You can wipe off your mistakes before it dries   Use at home whenever you feel like it   Natural end result   My eyebrows look fuller   Cons:   It only lasts a few days but to me that’s not a problem. 
I have used this product a few times now. It is quite easy to apply. I feel like you need to make it quite thick when applying otherwise it doesnt work as well. It says you can leave it for 20 minutes to 2 hours. I tend to leave it on for about 1 hour and then peel off. It peels off quite easy and the brows look great.   My only issue with this product is, it doesnt stay on for 3 days like it claims, if you wash your face. If you dont wash your face then maybe it might stay on for three days.
I bought grey brown as I have black hair- and the other browns I found ran really warm- with almost a red undertone.  I leave it on for a few hours at night- it’s subtle but for a recent hospital stay it filled then enough so I didn’t feel Makeup naked whilst in the hospital.  I still fill my brows during the day but it definitely makes it quicker. Don’t wash your face near the brow for 24hours it will fade them much quicker. 
Good looking eyebrows are very important to me and I'm always up for trying new products that will make my life easier.  I was really intrigued by the Maybelline tattoo brow gel tint because I wanted something that would make my eyebrows look darker and full so I wouldn't have to spend my mornings filling them in.  My eyebrows are already dark but they're not as full as I would like them to be so tinting them would be a way for them to look full and precise.  The gel tint was actually very easy to use and didn't take much time!  The product itself is somewhat goopy and thick and you apply it with the brush over your brows or any of the desired areas if you don't want to do your whole brow.  I used it all over my brows and especially on the ends where I don't have as much hair.  It does look weird when you put it on but it's not the final look so there's no need to freak out! I left it on for around 30 minutes but the longer you leave it on the better and the longer the tint will last.  Once the 30 minutes were up the tint itself dried up and then you peel it off from your eyebrows.  I pulled it off gently and was surprised by how easy it came off and it didn't take any of my eyebrow hairs with it either.  Once I peeled it off I realised that my eyebrows were really dark! Much dark than what I had anticipated so I decided to wash my face and my eyebrows to lessen the pigmentation.  Washing my face helped a bit and even though my eyebrows were dark it wasn't as dark as before.  The next morning my eyebrows looked much better and they looked perfect.  Any of the sparse areas on the tail of my eyebrows and in the front were filled because of the tint and I didn't even have to use my eyebrow powder.  The tint lasted for over a week and I was really pleased with the results.  I don't use it all the time but I'll use it before special occasions.  I would highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who want to make their eyebrows darker and more symmetrical.
I love this product. It's so good for weekdays, me and the girls at work do our brows every Thursday night for "Fresh Brow Fridays". I train in the mornings and I love that I can have brows whilst looking my worst. I use the colour grey brown, as that undertone is the best for me. Dark brown has a red undertone and when it fades it does look a little weird. But it's so cheap, and if you mess up it only lasts a few days. I use my own angle brush to get the perfect shape, but love this product. And it's really satisfying peeling off the brow - lol, it's my favourite part.
I had never used a tattoo gel before and this one was recommended to me and as it wasn't permanent I thought I had nothing to use. My brows were a bit sparse from overplucking and brow bars can get expensive. I used dark brown and I was intimidated at first but it was actually really easy. The gel comes in a tube similar to mascara and the flat brush is easy to use, just brush gel on and leave on, I left mine for 30 minutes then simply peel off. I must admit I had a little trouble getting every little bit off but when removed my brows looked fuller, darker and were no longer sparse. My brows actually framed my face and looked as though they had been professionally done. The results lasted about five days and I was really pleased. I was quite happy with how my brows looked, I might save this for special occasions, I would recommend this product. Pros Easy to use Cost effective Gives lusher fuller brows Natural colour Cons The gel is a little hard to totally remove
The best thing since feather eyebrow tattoos! I've had my eyebrows previously feather tattooed but after they fully healed, they were patchy, and the shape and size was uneven across both eyebrows. Since then, I've been looking for that one solution that will allow me to avoid drawing my eyebrows on everyday, which can add time to my already lengthy morning routine before work. I didn't want to get my eyebrows tattooed again, and in-salon eyebrow tinting is expensive and doesn't last as long as I'd like to for the price. So when Maybelline released these temporary brow tints I ran, not walked to the store to try them out. Luckily, stores have regular sales on Maybelline so you can easily pick it up cheaper than regular RRP. I tried two tints: Dark Brown and Grey Brown. I generally go for dark brown in eyebrow products but can find some of them to run quite warm on my skin, so picking up Grey Brown as a cool toned option was something I wanted to explore. To be honest, both colours worked equally well for me and both suited my hair colour quite nicely - the difference to me between the two was subtle. Applying this product can be a little tricky. The consistency is quite thick - a more viscous 'gel', as the name suggests. This, coupled with the brush applicator can make application a little tedious, but I've found a way to get around this. I apply the product to my brows and try not to get too caught up in achieving clean lines straight away. I then use a Q-tip dipped in some water or makeup remover to go over the shape of the brow gel and clean up the lines as desired to get that sharp, groomed look. I find this to be the quickest, and most effective way to reshape the brows properly and precisely. The instructions suggest leaving the product on for at least 20 minutes, but I find I can go about double that without looking like I have sharpie eyebrows. It still achieves a quite natural look if you leave it longer. I find the best way to remove the gel completely off the brows without rubbing off the tint or losing hairs is to use a spoolie brush to comb through the brow hairs as the bristles pick up every little last bit of gel from the hairs. What I'm left with is a really natural, beautiful tint for my brows that makes my brows look fuller and healthier, all the while giving them that shape I've always wanted. The best thing about it is not having to re-do my eyebrows every morning, as a simple comb through with a brow-scultping gel leaves me with beautiful and even brows. The only thing I wish was improved was a longer lasting tint, but I don't mind too much reapplying every 3 or 4 days. The best way to pro-long the tint is not to cleanse too much around your eyebrow area as this can remove the tint quickly. Overall, I'm super happy with this product and will definitely keep on repurchasing, hopefully until they make one that lasts a little longer!
I am not a brow person at all. Until recently I didn't even use any brow products, how awkward! But my wisdom returned and for a while I have been experimenting with different brow products. When I saw Maybelline Tattoo Brow gel tint I didn't think twice. I chose Medium Brown which probably was not the best choice for me, but nevertheless, I do use the product. I belive Tattoo Brow is that kind of product that will be appreciated by those who like more natural look. It is great for those who like their BB Creams and a bit of mascara and blush make up. The tube the product is presented in looks like a deluxe sample of a mascara. I like the matte black tube. I must say that some of new Maybelline releases look quite fancy and not so drugstore anymore. The consistency of the product is a thick gel ( in my case medium brown but looks pretty dark). I must say I am surprised by an applicator that looks more like a nail polish brush than any other brow product applicator I have seen. While the applicator is easy to use and does a decent job distributing the gel, I think a spoolie would be a better choice. It does take a while for the gel to dry but it makes it a perfect product to incorporate to our mask nights. :) Nothing better than having your face and brows done while sitting on your sofa, sipping the beverage you prefer and watching/ reading whatever you love. I do find it quite tricky to peel the gel off my brows but it still comes off easily if you use a wet cotton pad. The result: very natural and subtle. We get fuller brows ( but no drawn/painted Instagram brows). As I mentioned before I opted for Medium Brown and unfortunately it is a bit warm toned hence red hue of the brows. I will buy some grey toned shade next time. If we do not cleanse the brow area too harshly over the course of three/ four days, the tint will remain. What I like about it, when it fades away, it does it evenly. All in all, a very interesting product that saves time, is extremely easy to use , is less risky than "henna" brows, gives a pretty natural effect but at the same time it does accentuate the brows. I can't ask for more, just need to change the shade.
Even though I have brown hair, my eyebrows are actually much lighter due to the fact that I don't have as many eyebrow hairs as I used to (thanks to getting older and years and years of plucking).  My eyebrows aren't as noticeable as they once were and I always hated it.  I don't mind filling in my eyebrows with powders and pencils but it would be nice to be able to just leave the house without having to constantly put makeup on.  I had been wanting to tint my eyebrows for awhile now but honestly I didn't know what to look for.  I wasn't sure what type of product would work best for my eyebrows, whether it was safe or not, how long would it last and whether the colour would even match. I then came across an ad about the new Maybelline brow gel tint and the eyebrow gods had been listening to my prayers.  Seeing as the product was advertised as being a '3 day gel tint' I furred that even if it didn't turn out how I wanted it wouldn't be permanent so I didn't really have anything to lose.  I wasn't sure what shade to choose but because my eyebrows are lighter in colour I decided to go with the grey brown because I didn't want it to look as though I had two giant caterpillars on my face.  I wanted something a bit more natural so I went with the grey brown and I was really happy that I did.  I must admit I was really intimidated when I first started using it.  Not by the packaging but just because I wasn't sure how it was going to work.  The whole concept was very easy.  It was a flat brush that was inside the brown liquid which essentially you would paint onto your eyebrows, coating it with the liquid and then letting it dry for around 30 minutes.  When I first put it on my eyebrows, the colour looked really dark and my eyebrows had that blocked shape look.  Ignoring how hideous I looked, I left it on for 30 minutes and then proceeded to peel it off. The liquid had completely dried and I made sure to peel the tint off very carefully.  The last thing I wanted to do was remove any eyebrow hairs, which to me are like gold because growing them out ain't easy at my age so every hair matters! Peeling it off was a bit tricky and difficult.  It didn't come off all in one go but with a bit of patience it did eventually come off.  The colour looked a bit dark but it wasn't too dark that it looked unnatural.  By the second and third day it looked much better as the colour had faded a bit.  I found that the colour did fill in the gaps a bit where my hair was sparse making it look fuller.  My eyebrows definitely stood out more and I didn't have to fill in my brows for several days.  Even though it said 'three days' for me it lasted about 5-6 days and I thought the results were great.  I don't use it all the time but when I have a special occasion coming up or just want to keep my eyebrows looking great I use the gel tint and it couldn't be easier.  It's not a huge commitment and your eyebrows will look great for about a week so even if you're unsure, go for it! It gives your eyebrows depth and fullness and even helps fill in the gaps of sparse areas making it look even and uniform.
I have been particular with my brows for many years but it can be an expensive feat to achieve fuller, fluffy brows. Until now. When I discovered Maybelline Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel I could not wait to get started! Available in three shades, this lasting gel comes in a tube similar to a mascara but features a small brush applicator within for precise application. The gel is dark in colour (and scary for first-timers) but the finish is SO natural that you need not be scared. As I have blonde hair and light brown brows, I tried Tattoo Brow in light brown, brushing it over my brow hairs and across the sparse areas to ensure good coverage and then I left it on for 20 minutes while it dries and sets (even completely forgetting about it for a moment there). While the instructions suggest applying a thick layer and then peeling it off in one foul swoop, I seemed to have a little trouble removing the dried product and so I removed it using a dampened face washer with warm water and gently moved it in the direction of brow hair growth, and then back again the opposite way. The result: the most natural and beautiful brow colour which simply offers a super natural and low maintenance approach to tidy and fuller brows. Now I can slick brows with gel and head out the door with confidence whereas before using Tattoo Brow I would spend a lot longer trying to groom and tidy my brows in shape to cover the untouched areas. Once applied and its excess removed, the remaining product will last on skin for 2-4 days, naturally and ever so subtly wear away. Sometimes I will go over areas for a little more coverage but all in all for $25, Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel is going to save women spending hundreds on brow grooming and tattoo appointments guaranteed!
I bought this as soon as I saw the demo by Sammy Robinson on the Maybelline AU YouTube Channel. The colour I bought is Grey Brown which, from my research, is the coolest option and I can confirm that it runs perfectly cool without going overly ashy. It;'s a very simple product and for the size of it I highly recommend waiting for the 50% off sale that Chemist Warehouse has every couple of months to stock up as I believe full price is not worth the amount you get. On initial use of the product, it has a brush applicator which I thought was not the most functional but I was quickly proved wrong. It dispenses the product evenly and actually can be quite precise when I do the tail of my brows. The instructions are to apply and leave for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes. Depending on the time I have I will sometimes leave it on for up to 40.  The first time I used it was very easy, apply and left on for 20 minutes. When I was taking it off, I remember some reviewers saying they lost some eyebrow hairs in the process. I didn't lose any and I suspect that these 'eyebrow hairs' was actually the product as some of it comes off in the perfect shape of one of the hairs it was applied to. It peels off very easily but you do need to run through with a clean spoolie to get all the remnants out. I was very shocked to see how dark my brows were as I wasn't used to it. It was a very nice colour for my dark brown hair but too strong for what I was used to.  I immediately went and washed my face vigorously and the brows faded about... a shade and a half? which I was much more comfortable with. (Please note, that it does say not to wash for at least 24 hours) Even with this vigorous washing these brows actually lasted almost 6 days on me with some fading happening on the 6th! They faded evenly, not patchy at all.  The past few times I have used this I have not washed off immediately after and occasionally get up to 7 days wear depending on my skin routine that week. I highly, highly suggest this for anyone interested in at home brow tinting! 
I think this product is definitely suited more for a very strong, bold, dark brow look. Even the lighter shades were too dark for me (dark blonde / light brown eyebrows).  You have to be confident applying it - don't go too slow or question yourself! It'll look better with a thick bold swipe. It takes time to practice the swipe, and also takes time for the colour to build. Lasts about 4 days for me with a gradual decline.
The 3 day brown gel is a must have for me! I have such tiny, thin eyebrows and this gives me the extra thickness I need. It's really to use - literally just apply it like a lipstick, but obviously on your eyebrows. You could also use an eyebrow stencil if you want to change up your shape or make sure they are identical.  The first time I was a bit scared to leave it on for longer than 10 minutes, so it only really lasted well for a day. Now I put it on for as long as I can (sometimes 2 hours) and the results are great!  Highly recommend for anyone with thin or light blonde eyebrows wanting to get some added fullness! 
I won four of these brow gels in the recent Beauty Crew competitions.  Two I  gave away to friends/family because I  thought they would be too dark for me.  Two I kept - the Light Brown and Grey Brown shades. I first used the lightest shade- the Light Brown.   It comes in a cylindrical tube a bit like a mascara.  You simply twist the lid and attatched to it is a wand with a small brush on the end.  You brush this over your eye brows, wait about 20 minutes and then peel off and voila - fuller, darker brows.  Only it didn't quite work that way for me.  I did follow directions but when it came to peeling it off it didn't come off in one seemless piece but in clumps along with some eyebrow hairs.  The colour wasn't all that impressive.  I used this shade because I'm very fair with pale eyebrows and I  thought anything darker would look frightening.  But I could hardly see any colour change at all.   So I googled.  I read some reviews and they said use at least three coats and leave for half an hour.  So on a different day I did just this.  The result?   Much the same as before sadly. So I figured that maybe the light brown really was too light even for me.  I moved on to the Grey Brown.   Brushing this one on made me nervous.  It looked so dark and my brows so formidable that I wondered what horror might await me when I peeled it off.  But I  needn't have worried.   Finally some colour!  My brows definately looked darker without looking scary.  Yay!  This was the result I was after.  Nice looking brows with definition and fullness. I would say to anyone wanting to try this out - don't be afraid that the colour will be too dark -it won't. You may need to experiment a bit as to which shade is right for you.   I would say though that Light Brown is probably most suitable for blondes with fair brows.  The colour does last about 3 days as it states but now I've mastered it -it's not hard and my brows are in good shape.