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Natural Instinct Moisture Surge Shampoo

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With conditioning honeyquat for an immediate hydration boost, Natural Instinct’s Moisture Surge Shampoo smoothes and restores distressed hair to improve manageability. The formula also contains coconut oil to add volume and shine as well as cedarwood atlas oil to reduce dry scalp and increase circulation. Suitable for dry, damaged hair.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Moisture Surge Shampoo


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This is a wonderful and gentle hydrating shampoo for my dry ends. They have been super thirsty since I balyaged my hair last year. I have oily roots as well, so it's hard trying to find the right balance. This shampoo by Natural Instinct was the perfect balance for my oily roots and dry ends. The shampoo lathered wonderfully and didn't leave my hair feeling parched or tangly. Followed by the marching conditioner, my hair felt healthy, easily manageable and much softer through the ends.
my hair sometimes gets dry from salt water and sunshine so I always turn to the natural instinct moisture surge shampoo. At under $10.00 this is great value for money as it intensely hydrates damaged hair. This is all natural, free from chemicals and super gentle so its great for those with sensitive scalps. I recommend using it with the moisture surge conditioner for best results. This shampoo has a thick, rich, luxurious creamy consistency, it lathers up well and rinses clear, so super easy to use. I love the addition of coconut oil and cedar atlas wood oil for intense hydration and shine. This leaves my hair really manageable and easy to style, no frizz. The handy tube makes the packaging user friendly, no mess or waste and I find I dont need to use a lot. This shampoo gives a really healthy scalp and makes my hair look amazing, loving that its all Australian too, a great product I would recommend.
Fantastic for those with sensitive scalps. I have a family member who really struggles with top to toe psoriasis, so we have to be very particular about all of his hair, skin and body products. One wrong ingredient can cause intense flare-ups. He is currently using this shampoo, with the matching conditioner, and has had no flare-ups on his scalp or torso due to irritating ingredients.  The matching duo are working exceptionally well for him.  His hair is thick, curly & can be on the dry side, but I've noticed how much healthier his scalp and hair are both looking since switching to this range.  The all natural ingredients are soothing to his dry, hyper-sensitive scalp, while also cleaning thoroughly and gently. His hair is looking very healthy and happy, as his his delicate, irritable scalp. I am very glad we've switched to this natural, affordable Australian brand, it's really working wonders for his skin condition, scalp, and hair health. I strongly suggest also using the matching conditioner too.  Very highly recommended.
I am loving this shampoo because my hair can get so dry in the warmer seasons and I get a dry scalp from so many shampoos.  I also can't use sulphates as otherwise I get bad ear infections.  I can't tell you how many shampoos I have tried in the past.  I also have to be careful that no certain herbs are in them too.  A big dilemma for me but I saw Natural Instinct in a magazine and seeing the words Sulphate Free I needed to know more.  The packaging  is a tube and on the front it gives 100% free of toxic sulphates, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Silicones and over 400 potentially harmful chemicals.  I like how when you open it, you do need to take the silver foil over the opening before you can squeeze the liquid out.  After making sure my hair was completely wet, I just squeeze an amount of a 50c size onto my hand and apply to the hair.  You are not going to notice a sudsy lather feel but with just adding a bit more water, it is possible to know that you are shampooing your hair with less foam.   It's a clear liquid with a very soft scent. considering it has coconut oil and cedarwood oil and honey.  Easily rinsed off and ready for the conditioner. After finishing with drying and styling my hair feels so much softer and totally hydrated.  My hair feels clean and refreshed and no dry scalp either.  I am really loving this shampoo and hope it stays on the shelves for a long time.  It is also affordable so a definite win for me.