Neutrogena® Purifying Boost® 100% Hydrogel Mask

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Neutrogena® Purifying Boost® 100% Hydrogel Mask is a purifying sheet mask designed to perfectly contour the face and seal in the formula. Formulated for blemish-prone skin, it contains seaweed extract to purify the skin, leaving the complexion looking refreshed and refined.


Neutrogena® Purifying Boost® 100% Hydrogel Mask


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This mask comes in two pieces, either sheet masks fit your face properly, or they don't! The two piece does make it easier to get it to sit on your face without air bubbles! I had to trim the nose flaps off a bit as they suffocated me every time I breathed, but I like bigger masks as opposed to smaller ones that don't cover everything! This mask left my skin feeling softer and definitely more hydrated, even the next day.. I used the leftover fluid in the pack to rub into my skin the next morning too! My skin felt more supple and refined, that nice hydrated bouncing back kind of texture you want to touch all day! I don't think it did much for my blemishes, but I wouldn't expect it too, I'm just glad it didn't contribute!  I would repurchase and even try some of their other masks in the range!
I used one of these masks recently right before I did my makeup for a party. I love that these masks are two pieces as I find that it helps to get the mask to fit the contours of your face better. The gel masks also stay super hydrated and don’t start to dry out the same way and speed as normal sheet masks do. My skin was so bouncy and fresh when I removed the mask and it really helped my make up to stay put all night and it gave me a from within glow. The fact that these are so cheap is also such a bonus and means you can introduce them to your regular routine! Buy buy buy
I received this mask to trial and have mixed feelings about it. I love a good sheet mask and this one is just okay. The two piece approach makes it easier to apply, but this is necessary as the gel material is slippery and tricky to handle, and doesn't conform to facial contours as well as some of the paper/cloth style masks. The liquid was very unevenly distributed through the mask despite a good shake and squish of the sachet before opening. The mask is quite fragranced, very floral, and I didn't feel it was super hydrating. Any hydration feeling vanished after about 10 minutes after using the mask. I have combination skin (oily, dehydrated) and have always found that Neutrogena products marketed for this skin type lean very much towards the oil control side over providing hydration (their product ranges are very clearly delineated) so generally steer clear, and this mask was no exception - I put off trying it for a week as my skin was a bit fragile after being sick with a cold and given the ingredient list I'm so glad I waited. I'd be intrigued to try the straight up hydrating masks though, I generally find the hydration ranges from Neutrogena gentler and better for dehydrated oily skin. This might be a good entry level mask for oily-skinned users who aren't used to sheet masks, but if you are someone who likes sheet masks and uses them regularly, this is nothing outstanding.
Overall, this mask is good. Perfect as an affordable, quick at home treatment to rehydrate your skin. The mask is generously soaked in serum and transfers ok to the skin. My dry/normal skin was left feeling supple. As for the purifying aspect - I didn't notice much on this end to my skin. If you are looking to rehydrate you skin - would recommend this mask.
As someone with extremely dry skin, face masks have become a part of my regular skincare routine. I use one 2-3 times per week, after cleansing and exfoliating at night time. I used this particular face mask for about 30 minutes, and my face felt hydrated immediately. However, the feeling didn't last, as I felt the need to moisturise my face the next morning when I woke up. I also didn't care for the 2-part sheets. I felt that it made it difficult to apply, and ended up making the 30-minute experience a little awkward.  I'm guessing the reason for the separate top and bottom part is to make it easier to apply around the nostrils and breathe. For this reason, I think this would be a great option for people who have difficulties with single sheet face masks that have a designated hole for the nostrils. For myself, however, I have never had that issue and I have tried numerous brands. I probably wouldn't repurchase this face mask in the future, because I prefer the convenience of single sheet face masks, especially those that leave my face feeling hydrated for much longer.
This is actually the first sheet mask I've ever tried, it went on super easy although I do think the shape of the nose area of the mask and the size overall could use a little more work. My skin has been really dry lately with the changing of the seasons and being on roaccutane, but this product really helped my skin to feel very hydrated and moisturized. I would love to use this once a week as it worked great to moisture back into my skin. It left my skin feeling hydrated but not sticky or oily, and worked well for use before putting on makeup.  Overall I really loved the product.
I loved this mask! Was so easy to apply and loved the extra cover for my eyes. No dripping and the formula felt light and smelt nice. Will be buying again during winter as it made my dry skin look hydrated and plump. Decent price and a trusted brand. 4 Stars
As a face mask aficionado I was very eager to try this! Loved the two parts for easy application and felt it was effective at not slipping and sliding off. This left my skin very hydrated and smooth but didn't really do much in terms of the "purifying" aspect (maybe I was secretly hoping it would miraculously clear my adult acne haha). Bonus was that it didn't irritate my face either so would recommend/be happy to buy one again!
The Neutrogena purifying boost mask was a good size (comes in two pieces) and would fit anyone’s face. The gel on the mask was very cooling especially because I am inside most of the time with the heater on as the days are getting cooler. Very relaxing and a nice way to finish the day. My skin is usually quite dry and dehydrated from the aircon/heating and the hydrogel mask made it feel smooth! Would recommend for a nice way to relax at the end of the day or after a long week! As you have to sit or lay down for it to stay on, you could do some meditation with it on to get more benefits from the relaxation.
The mask was quite complicated to put on, as there were two plastic sheets either side of the sheet mask and the packaging only mentioned one. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the way it left my skin feeling after I took it off (very hydrating) i found the fragrance was a bit too much.
This mask was like having a mini spa escape at the end of my day! I have dry, sensitive skin and this felt very cool and calming on my skin. It definitely hydrated my face and the moisturisation lasted all day, although for my dry skin I feel like I would need to use this mask daily to keep up the results. I didn't feel like I had to clean my face straight afterwards, most of the residue had sunk easily into my skin and I could then quickly apply makeup or sunscreen and go on with my day.. I didn't like the scent, it felt a bit much for me and the fragrance stayed with me for a few hours. 
When using the Neutrogena mask, I first noticed the hydration it provided. The mask felt hydrating and cooling when wearing it. Although the hydration provided was not long lasting. Even thought the mask only provides short term hydration to the skin, I still enjoyed the experience of using this product.
I like the texture of the mask because the paper masks make my skin itchy. The mask was easy to apply and it did not slide off my face thanks to it being cut in half. I left it on my face for 30 mins and afterward the serum absorbed into my skin. There was no dripping of the mask serum down my face. my skin feels plump and a bit tightened. It is somewhat hydrated but not the oily kind.
I really enjoyed the unique, refreshing hydrogel texture of this mask and found it easy to apply and keep on the face since it came in 2 parts. I left it on for 25 minutes and afterwards my skin was quite refreshed and hydrated. I would say it's suitable for those with only slightly dry skin as in terms of long lasting hydration, I don't think it could quench the skin for more than a day (given the chilly Sydney climate, brrr)
As an avid face mask user, I was a big fan of this! especially liked how it comes in two sheet pieces to ensure it fits to your face, and it was easy to apply. The smell was very refreshing and not over bearing, which a lot of face masks can be. It felt fresh and refreshing whilst on the skin. After 20 minutes and upon removing, my skin felt revitalised and refreshed, I suffer from dull skin, so this was great for me! I will definitely be repurchasing
I really enjoyed the results from this mask, but ultimately the experience of using it deters me from wanting to use it again.  The mask had a lovely clean scent that wasn’t over powering. Unlike other sheet masks I’ve used before, this was a gel mask which was thicker and i didn’t have any issues with it staying on my face properly. But because of the thickness and the cut of the mask, it was too long along the nose and covered part of my nostril making it annoying to breathe. I couldn’t simply fold it over because of the texture as it would unfold back so I just had to deal with that. It comes in 2 pieces which I liked and came with two plastic covers on both side. I found the instructions confusing as to whether a particular side needed to go on the face first (as one was clear and the other plastic sheet was white).  Once on the face it felt cool and relaxing. After about 15 mins the sheet felt pretty dry and there was no enough serum to spread along the neck or décolletage. This was disappointing as many other masks I’ve tried before have never had this issue. I left it on after another 5 mins, so 20 mins all up instead of the recommended 30 as it felt so dry already.  The results: whilst I didn’t enjoy the experience, the results were surprisingly impressive. My skin felt and looked great! My partner even commented on how even my skin tone was the next morning!  I think with a few improvements, this would be a great mask! But until that happens I don’t think I would bother using it again. 
If you love sheet masks, think Sephora. But you don’t want to make your purse cry. This mask is for you. It’s extremely hydrating. Tip use the textured side on your face not the smooth. It has a light scent but not overpowering and it doesn’t cause acne. Love it try it!
I loved this hydrating mask! It was so easy to apply and it really does hydrate just from one use! It also didn’t leave my skin feeling oily which I find most hydrating masks do. I would definitely recommend this to friends  and try more masks from this brand.
I really enjoyed using this mask. It comes in two parts so contours to you’re face nicely. It is a gel texture so when you put it on it’s nice and cooling and has a nice scent. The gel soaks into your skin over the half hour and is left nice and smooth and hydrated. I would recommend for those with dehydrated skin in need of a little pick me up.
I really enjoyed this product. The texture of the sheet mask sheet itself felt incredibly luxe - some sheet mask feel papers and cheap, this one felt more like a gel. It also had a good amount of folds and cuts so that it fit my face well while using. The serum itself felt fresh and moisturising, but i also really liked the purifying kick. I have dry/acne-prone skin, so this was perfect for me. I used this mask to pamper myself one sunday night and the following morning my skin was plumper and clearer.  This is a great product for the price. I'll definitely be keep an eye out to see if Neutrogena release any multi-packs so I can keep them on hand for whenever my skin needs a pick-me-up.