Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Scrub

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Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Scrub is a face scrub that works to clear spots and prevent future breakouts. It contains salicylic acid to enhance the skin’s natural renewal process. Formulated with Neutrogena®’s ClearDefend technology™, the high-strength formula fights breakouts deep down into the pores and works to leave the skin’s essential nutrients intact while building up its natural shield to resist new breakouts. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Scrub


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I don’t normally purchase exfoliating scrubs because I find them too harsh on my skin however I needed something to clear my pores and decided to give this Neutrogena scrub ago.   The scrub itself is lightly scented and I apply it to my face, neck, décolletage and the backs of my hands.  I am really impressed by the results leaving my skin squeaky clean and this product isn’t harsh on my skin.  I have tried it on clean, makeup free skin as well as at the end of the day after wearing makeup and had the same positive outcome.   I would recommend this product to just about anyone because I can’t seen any downside.    
This is a great scrub for those with sensitive skin like me. The scrub is super gently and never irritates my skin, it deep cleans pores, removes dirt and grime and dead skin cells to leave my skin super smooth, clear and glowing without drying or irritatating my sensitive skin. The packaging is nice and the scent is a really clean pleasant citrusy smell and it’s great value for money, a little goes a long way. The product is easy to use, foams and rinses well and the scrub is fine and feels quite nice. I love Neutrogena products and this scrub is a winner, I highly recommend it.
I don't know how I feel about this scrub... I think I'm moving towards a regime of chemical exfoliation as opposed to physical. However, in terms of how facial scrubs go it does the job. It's not too harsh but my skin tends to be on the drier side so I may not use every day. Works well in the whole set.
One of my go to scrubs ! This scrub actually deep cleanses my face without irritating it. I didn't get any redness after using this product to exfoliate my skin. So therefore it is a gentle exfoliating product suitable for normal skin, oily skin and combination skin. I wouldn't recommend this for sensitive skin or dry skin in case it reacts to this product but by all people with those skin types can try using it but just do a patch test first.  It has more of a citrus smell to it, so it does relax the mind, body and spirit while I am using it to pamper myself. It does what it claims, to remove all bacteria, dirt, oil and dead skin cells. It helps to improve skin texture and helps to regenerate the skin.  My skin felt so soft after using this product & I was impressed with the results, after first 3 days of use I noticed my skin being brighter & pimples cleared up. This product is to be used 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt & oil. It is not suitable for everyday use as it will be too harsh on the skin. 
This scrub is pretty good for sensitive skin as it is not too harsh. However if you want a deep cleaning scrub then i probabaly wouldn't recomment this. You could probabaly use this every day and it wouldn't irritate your skin and it is also not too drying.
This product from the Neutrogena range also seemed to dry out my skin! As I do have more senstitive skin although it is considered combination, the beads and exfoliant in the wash seemed to be a little harsh leaving my face quite bare and in need of a heavier moisturiser than that in the range.
I received the Neutrogena Visibly Clear range to review as part of the BeautyCrew ReviewCrew program. I used these products together for one month. I have combination/oily skin that is acne prone, and tend to get spots closer to my period.  Like the other products in the range, this scrub has a fresh citrus scent that is not overbearing. It is a gel based scrub with a fair amount of grit, but doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. I used it 1-2 times a week in place of the Visibly Clear Cleanser and they feel very similar except this has the scrubbing particles.  Overall, I think this product is a decent physical exfoliant, but I don’t prefer it over my usual products (I love the Lush Smuggler’s Soul scrub, which has a finer grit to it, or the Origins Never a Dull Moment scrub, which feels gentler and has a nicer scent and texture).
As much as I wanted to like this product, this was my least favourite product in the Visibly Clear range. I initially didn't love the smell (it was quite strong) and found it to be super abrasive. On the plus side, the product lathered well. I would not purchase this product.
This scrub was okay - it did not break me out, but it also did not get rid of all of my break outs. I also found it to be a bit drying and abrasive, although I do have sensitive skin. I would recommend using it only once or twice a week.
This scrub makes my skin feel so soft and removes any dry skin on my face! It is a perfect scrub for daily use without being too harsh on the skin and smells really nice too. I would recommend moisturising afterwards as it removes all the oil off my skin!
I do love this scrub, it helped give me an even skin tone, and i felt my skin become smoother and smoother over use. My only qualm with the product is that it was a little too soapy and facewash-like, however having it contain salicylic acid was definitely an added bonus for my skin.
Good scrub that hydrated my skin (when used to it's accompanying products) that wasn't too harsh and did exactly what I expected it to do. When used with the other products like the moisturiser it was simply amazing and would recommend to anyone looking for a new face routine
I received this product as part of the review crew; as much as I wanted to love this scrub, it just didn't work for me. It was very very abrasive, and as such my face could only tolerate it once a week. The smell was very strong but the formula was nice. I did notice an improvement in my skin's redness over my use, however. While I did enjoy using this product, I probably wouldn't purchase it again
This is a great smelling, highly effective scrub that is regrettably just too harsh for daily use. While it gives a great scrub and a deep, refreshing skin, I found it scratched my skin visibly. I reduced use to once weekly though and it was much better. It also worked to scrub off some eczema flakiness without irritating my skin further. This scrub is also a great body scrub! Use this on cellulite, stretch marks and ingrown skin and enjoy the tingling, cooling sensation and how smooth your skin will be afterwards
A lot of scrubs leave my skin red and feeling sore, however, this one was nice and calm and just left my skin feeling fresh. I loved using it in conjunction with the daily face wash to make sure I cleaned all the scrub off and to be left with the cleanest face possible. Really good value for money!
Gentle scrub, that left my skin feeling cleansed and smooth without over drying it. Fit fits in well with the rest of the range and allows for great skin when using it well. When used alone, I found that it did work ok, but wouldn’t go it if my way to buy it.
I used this around thrice a week and on my skin it was wayy too harsh and dried out my skin. Its a good product I would say for more oily skin. Using this in conjuction with all the other spot proffing range products just sucked all the moiture out of my skin so i preffered to use it around 2-3 times a week instead of daily.
This scrub was great for my skin. I felt that wasn’t too harsh yet truely helped remove dirt and oil which was causing breakouts. I have very dry and sensitive skin and would use this scrub twice to three times weekly. I found that it worked best before going to bed and applying a good moisturiser.
This scrub was quite soothing and gentle on the skin. The beads provided a light exfoliation which was great for every day use. As someone who likes a deeper and more invigorating scrub I had to use other scrubs 2-3 times a week. In saying that this new scrub was nice, worked well with other products in the range, felt nice and smelt great. I'd recommend this product to those who like daily scrubs and those with acne.
I really loved this product! The scrub got off all excess dirt and oil I had on my skin. It has a really lovely smell and felt great on my skin. I use this product frequently and I have seen a massive difference. This product is great for people of all skin types and I would definitely recommend this product!