Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® 100% Hydrogel Mask

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Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® 100% Hydrogel Mask is an anti-ageing sheet mask designed to contour the face and seal in the formula. It is made from 100 per cent hydrogel material to hold up to 50 per cent more essence than a paper sheet mask. The mask contains two types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and improve elasticity while adenosine assists in reducing visible of ageing. Non-comedogenic.


Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® 100% Hydrogel Mask


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This is a great budget friendly mask that delivers great results. Some masks can be very expensive and I found this great value for money as it honestly delivers the same results as a lot of the more expensive brands iv tried. Yes it is a little messy, there is quite a lot of gel, I use the excess on my hands. The mask is in two parts and is quite easy to apply, you just need to work out which way to apply it. The product is generous, has a pleasant scent and sinks immediately into skin. I relaxed for half an hour while I let it work it’s magic. It rinses off easily and afterwards my skin felt soft, looked plumped, fine lines were diminished and my skin looked more youthful and glowed. I loved this product and would recommend it.
This slippery little devil, for all the silliness of catching hold of it to apply, is really gorgeous for my skin! Perfect price point and simple easy to recognise package are great. I recommended it to my dry skinned daughter straight away and she loved it too! I would definately buy it again especially in the winter with my skin dehydrated with the heating up high ok it might be all the red wine but whatever this mask is fab!
I found the mask very awkward to get out of the packet, it was messy and slipped into sink.  It was hard to put on and as I was moving while it was on, it kept slipping.  I need a mask that can work while I'm still doing things, I don't have time to lie down to keep mask in place. I left it for 30mins and my skin did feel soft after.  I applied the serum that was left over and it was lovely, I found it better than the mask.
I found the mask very difficult to apply - I applied it as directed and did apply the extra serum as well - my skin is really dry so it really suited it -  it definitely made my skin feel very smooth and hydrated especially the next day when it still felt moisturised - I would definitely be willing to use it again !
I was pretty excited to try this mask but found there was a lot of serum on this mask and the two pieces were hard to put in place and slippery.  It did stay on but not where it should sit and really didn't wrap onto my face properly. Sadly it felt really nice on but was too heavy and slippery to stay on successfully. I was actually surprised when I took it out of the packet, it was very wet and stuck together onto itself and I had trouble trying to put it on.  I tried to keep it on as long as I could, but was not comfortable, once I removed it and rubbed in serum it did feel nice.  I think they missed the mark with this one as busy people will find it cumbersome.
Thanks BC for the opportunity to trial this face mask. I have tried, and loved using, the HydroGel face mask from Neutrogena (the blue one).  So I was keen to see the difference in the two products. After trialing this, I will be definitely buying more, it has worked brilliantly on my skin. I am in my mid 50's, and find this mask really delivers what it promises. I trialed my mask last night. This mask comes in a sealed foil packet and weighs 30gms. That's a decent weight that packs in a lot of serum.   Unlike other sheet masks I've tried, this one comes in 2 pieces. Both are soaked in serum, with attached backing sheets. The mask is an unusual gel texture, similar to single use eye masks.  The mask claims to adhere & contour properly to the face, and with a bit of effort applying properly, I found it really adhered well.   Initially it feels cool & quite wet, drying over a 30 minute period. It did not irritate my skin in any way. It feels really relaxing and very comfortable to use.  I also had some serum left over in the packet, so applied that to my neck area. I could tell when it was time to remove it, as the mask had dried completely.  It was firmly attached to my facial contours, but removed swiftly & easily. I then patted the remaining serum into my skin & applied my moisturiser. My skin this morning looks and feels in fantastic condition. Healthy, glowing, well-hydrated & more youthful.  For $6, this mask is gold. Absolute bargain of the year!   When this hits the stores I'll be quickly buying a box and giving my skin a weekly treat.  I can't wait to see how brilliant my complexion will be after a few weeks use. Very highly recommended.
I love a good sheet mask so was happy to give this product a go. As with most sheet masks, it was a bit slippery to deal with and I knew from prior experience to let it drip a bit before applying it to stop it being too messy. I also had to fold back some of the edges for a good fit but again, this is normal for sheet masks because we don't all have the same shaped face! I'm used to cloth sheet masks and much preferred the hydrogel formal of this mask - it stayed put on my face and felt lovely and cool. I left it on for 25 minutes and massaged the excess into my face. I also used the extra serum in the packet on my neck and shoulders. The next day my skin felt lovely and moist, and I even looked well rested which is a miracle given I have three children under five. I really enjoyed this mask and would definitely use it again!
I like using masks for an extra burst of moisture for my skin. I found the two piece mask difficult to apply. I would get the top piece in place, which was difficult enough as it is slippery, then it would slip while I tried to get the other piece in place. It did feel nice on my skin and left my skin feeling refreshed but I wouldn't use it again as I get the same benefits from a serum.
It was very exciting to trial this mask, as I am a fan of hydrating masks. I usually find sheet masks cumbersome, but the enforced lying down and relaxing is good for me. I tried this product on before applying makeup. The fresh cool feeling was very welcome before the start of a busy day, and the light fragrance very pleasing. I applied a serum underneath, and then the mask. There was plenty of liquid in the bottom of the packet, so that went on my arms. Always a bonus. My face was  definitely hydrated and felt very soft all day. I found that I had to spray on extra makeup setting spray afterwards to prevent a shiny nose. This is a good sign as I usually have dry skin, and makeup can flake. I can recommend to people with dry skin, and those who like a lie down when they have their mask on. With sheet masks, it is difficult to multi task as it keeps dripping everywhere. The results, however, were very pleasing.
I was very excited to try this since I have super dry and ageing skin. I found it tricky to open and apply withiut making a mess. Somehow managed to get it on and it instantly felt soothing and calmed my skin. After removing it I felt refreshed and hydrated and not patched feeling at all. I would probably not buy it too often to use in a hurry. Overall the results were as promised and I love all Neutrogena products.
Trying this mask was difficult, as its very slippery. I put the top half on first and then has issues seeing to put the bottom half on. Left it on for 30 mins and then rubbed the remaining serum into my skin. Didn't notice a big difference the next day.
Very pleased to be reviewing the Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® 100% Hydrogel Sheet Mask. Bit tricky to get the packet open n the mask is initially very slippery. One you get it on and chill and relax for at least 25-30 mins, skin felt rejuvenated. My skin felt well hydrated, plump and had a soft feel afterwards. I had also massaged the left over serum from the packet onto my neck as well. I would recommend it as a quick hydration boost for the skin, especially for dry skin.
I found this mask a lot easier to apply than many others, the gel texture really sticks to your skin & being in two parts gives a really comfortable fit. Instantly my skin felt cool & soothed with a lovely scent. The excess serum in the pack didn’t go to waste as I used on my chest as a treatment whilst I relaxed for 30 mins. My skin felt amazing, so smooth, soft and extremely hydrated. Will definitely be purchasing this mask, looking forward to seeing how it improves my skin when used regularly.
I liked this idea, however the first problem I had was the edges/folds of the mask segments not reaching into especially dry areas, eg sides of noise and at edges of mouth. Also having not used one before the instructions weren't overly clear - it said after taking it off to massage the rest of the product in - silly me I thought it meant the liquid left in the bag (just water I think) but I guess it meant what was left on your skin after pulling it off... Despite my skin not needing moisturiser after, my face felt a bit heavy or filmy, a weird feeling.  And I have to say I don't think it tightened up any areas or reduced dryness, which was a shame AI had higher hopes for this.
I was very pleased to be asked to review the Neutrogena Youthful Boost 100% Hydrogel Mask.   I have very dry skin and am starting to get a few wrinkles so any help in this area I am grateful for.    The mask was very messy to get out of the packet as there is quite a lot of liquid so I recommend to do over the bathroom sink.   It was also a bit tricky applying the mask correctly to the face as it comes in two parts.    Once applied the liquid gel did feel lovely and soothing on my face as I left it and relaxed for 30 minutes.    Afterwards my face did feel very smooth, silky and soft and looked more hydrated.    This was a lovely treat for my face and would recommend doing it maybe once or twice a month to give dry skin a well deserve boost.
I found the Neutrgena Hydrogel Sheet Mask very cooling and soothing. I had a surprise when I opened the sachet and the mask slipped out and the gel leaked all over my hands. I wasn’t expecting the mask to come out so easily, thankfully I opened it over the basin.  It was easy to apply, and stayed on fairly well, only slipping a little but is easily adjusted. I left the mask on for 30 minutes, peeled it off and massaged any gel residue into my skin. My skin feels refreshed and smooth. I have dry skin so I wouldn’t say it was overly moisturising for my skin but I think it would be nice to use after a day out at the beach as the cooling and soothing feel that the mask leaves on the skin would be wonderful at the end of the day! 
I was very excited to try this mask as I do have dry skin. I cleansed my face and was all organised to relax for at least 20 minutes. On opening the packet it was a bit messy, I rubbed the excess onto my neck and decolletage. The 2 piece mask was a bit slimy and awkward to workout. I was in the bathroom at the sink, because it was dripping and then proceeded to navigate the 2 piece mask on my face standing up, then go and lay down and let the mask work. It felt really nice and refreshing on my face, there was no stinging or tingling and there was no strong fragrance. I removed the mask after 30 minutes and rubbed the left over residue into my skin. About an hour later, my skin felt a bit taut. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt soft and looked nice. I did like it however, I think a 1 piece mask would be easier and perhaps the serum to be a bit thicker so it doesn't run off.
I found this mask had alot of liquid in the pack and the mask was a bit hard to remove from the backing, other than that I found the mask was great. With Winter beginning, my skin was dry and dehydrated and after using this mask for 30 minutes my face felt and looked hydrated and this lasted for several days. I would be happy to use this mask weekly and reap the benefits.
The mask was a little tricky to work out at first - its quite slippery but followed the directions and worked it out fairly quickly - next time around it will be a breeze to use.  The gel mask is in 2 pieces which I really liked - easy to apply.   Suprisingly it stayed in place really well.  As soon as you apply the mask it refreshes your skin - it reminded me of mint - I left it on for 30 minutes and all the product seemed to be absorbed by my skin.  There are also little bits that you can put over your eyes and lips if you wanted to.  After removing the mask and letting my face dry my skin felt much softer and moisturised, and the improvement was noticeable for the next couple days.  I would 100% use this product again.
I loved this mask, it left my face feeling lovely and smooth, slightly plump and well moisturised. Bit messy to get out of the package and put the pieces in place, but worth it. I will definitely be using this Neutrogena Youthful Boost Hydragel Mask again, and have already recommended it!!