Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® Sleeping Mask

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Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® Sleeping Mask is a face mask that helps repair the signs of ageing while you sleep. The mask contains shea butter and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin while adenosine works to reduce signs of ageing. The mask is non- comedogenic.


Neutrogena® Youthful Boost® Sleeping Mask


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hydrating sleeping mask

I have been using Neutrogena Youthful boost mask for a while now and I am happy with the results. I use it once a fortnight for my combination skin in dry weather and it has worked very well for me. I apply the mask on my face and neck after cleansing in the evening and leave the mask on overnight. There were visible results after the first application and it has given me consistent results. My skin feels soft and looks very hydrated and radiant for a few days after applying the mask.
I found the texture of this product great, it absorbed really nicely, but found there was much too much product in the pod to use in one application. The next morning my skin felt beautiful and look moisturised, even incredibly refreshed. I felt it help rejuvenate my skin however if my skin was drier than normal, which it can be, I felt it would not have the same effect. I think the Neutrogena Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask Pod is a great product, especially for skin that is in-between  dry and oily.  
Lovely rich cream with a fresh scent in a convenient pod. Pod contains enough for two to three  applications to face and neck. I applieid as directed after cleansing at night, and found my skin was moisturised with results the same as my usual moisturiser. Convenient to buy with a good price and easy to use packaging
Improved the look of my dry flaky skin in the morning.  Would recommend this to anyone battling dry skin but with little time for complicated routines or visits to the beautician.  I’ve had trouble with dry skin for some time now so it’s been great to find such a quick fix, simple product.
This sleeping mask is amazing. I’ve struggled with dry facial skin as long as I can remember and the entire HydroBoost line has been a lifesaver. I tried this mask for the first time a few days ago- I could not believe how much of the product was still on my face when I washed up in the morning. My skin was so soft and deeply moisturized. The capsule will also definitely get you a few uses as well. Highly recommend!!!
Extremely gentle product that is easily absorbed.  I wouldn't really describe this as a mask, more of a night cream.  I'm not a great fan of shea butter as it can cause skin congestion, especially in those with hormonal skin.  I didn't find my face or décolletage feeling greatly different in the morning either, both before and after cleansing.  The price point is good if you are on a budget and you want something that feels nice.
Lovely product and I really like the pod packaging which makes it easy to pack if you wanted to take these travelling.  The texture is lovely with a pleasant smell - I applied it twice in an evening and there is plenty to spare to do neck and chest.  Although I didn't notice a huge difference in the morning, its a lovely moisturiser - especially nice on my hands!
This is an excellent moisturiser. I have very dry skin at the moment and this product does an excellent job of moisturising however it isn’t any more beneficial than other night creams I’ve used. It is a big pot for only one use and there is no way I would apply the entire pot in one application. Once you open the lid you have to use it all which is a bit of a waste of the leftover product.  I’d buy this product but would take this away when travelling, its a convenient size to pack a few rather than take a jar of cream.
Fantastic product, easy to apply and absorbed quickly.   smelt lovely, and left my skin feeling hydrated and beautiful. Being a nurse, I'm exposed to air conditioning, which has a sting effect on my already dry skin.  This product made my skin beautifully moisturised and soft.   Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.  I look forward to purchasing this product in the future.
This was a nice product which felt nice on my skin and didn’t was a heavy fragrance. There was too much in the container for one application. But it wasn’t as rich as I had hoped. It would be a good mask for summer but in winter my skin definitely needs something with a bit moore’oomph’.
I loved this product. I used it with serum for extra moisturise. It was quite thick so was very easy to apply. The only downside was it went into my eyes even though I avoided the eye area you need to be careful of that. I applied a lot of the mask I didn’t scrimp of the product I made sure my face was fully covered including my neck. In the morning all of the mask had absorbed there was so greasiness or a taccy feeling, my skin felt amazing ! Very soft and my skin was glowing   There was enough for two applications so this makes for excellent value for money. Use with serum for an extra boost 
Wonderful product. Not greasy and my skin feels great next morning. I have very dry skin, and working in air conditioning and heating makes it worse. This product was great, very subtle scent.  Very reasonable price and would buy I would not hesitate to recommend it and I will definitely buy  this product again.
Ther's too much of this for a single application.Despite already heaping heaps on each use,i could easily use it 4-5times including coverage on neck. Sadly I do not find this product useful other than it being moisturising.Nothing drastic happened after application or seen on morning after.
I liked this product.  Arrived in time for a cool change that had my skin feeling drier than usual.  I thought it might have been a bit greasy due to the thick consistency but was pleasantly surprised at the feel after application.  It went on smoothly and was absorbed easily leaving an almost dry powdery texture to my skin.  Felt like it was moisturizing deep down as skin was soft and plump in the morning.  Said to rinse off but I used a tonner, applied my daily oil and was ready to go.  Would recommend if you are suffering dryness, feels lovely and light with a very pleasant smell.  Good night cream.
After 3 weeks of cold and flu medication my skin just loved this little miracle in a pot! It was cooling and hydrating to apply and the smell was not too strong.My skin still felt hydrated a few days later and I had no stinging or irritation at any stage. i would definitely use this product again and would recommend it to use when you feel you need a bit of a boost
This product was pleasant to use, felt nurturing and had a mild fresh scent. I did not notice much of a difference when I woke up the next morning. My skin felt no different from my usual night time routine. The mask comes in a one application pod and I was amazed at how much there was, certainly enough for your face, neck and beyond.
I am reviewing Neutrogena Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask.  On the pod it states Single Use Mask.  On opening there is so much that it can be used over 3 nights. easy to apply with a slight fragrance.   I was a bit apprehensive about sleeping with the mask on and the mess it would make.  It was ok for me because I cannot sleep any other way but on my back, so others get ready for a messy pillow slip.  It does eventually dry.  I woke in the middle of the night to a tight feeling on my face.  Thinking my face was swollen, I went to the mirror to find that my face had taken on a very dry look, so I washed it off straight away.  My skin was not dewy soft it was dry.  It took me a whole day to get my skin back to looking moisturised with my own routine.  I am 64 and certainly don't want my skin to look any drier than it is.  The mask had extracted any moisture that my facial skin had.  I won't be purchasing this product.
There was a lot of product in the small tub and I found it difficult to use it all in one go- I felt I couldn't possible put any more cream on so this lasted me for two nights. It felt very nice on my skin and not too heavy.  In the morning I found my skin to be plumper, softer and really hydrated. This will be especially nice to use in winter when my skin needs that little bit extra hydration. I would be happy to use this product again but would definitely get two or three uses out of the tub.
Pleasantly surprised by this product.  I recently drove to Adelaide from Melbourne and I knew my skin would be tired and dehydrated so I took the mask with me.  LOVE the fact that the product comes in a pod so it’s easy to pack when travelling. The product is light weight and mildly scented.  After cleansing and toning, I applied the mask and went to bed.  There was no mess left on my pillow and the mask soaked into my skin nicely. The next morning my skin looked great, rehydrated, plump and soft. I own, and use on a regular basis, lots of masks.  Most are pricey and the Neutrogena Youthful Boost Sleeping Mask is as good as some of the best of them.  With this price point, you really can’t go wrong.  I would definitely recommend and purchase this on a regular basis.
Loved this product, was easy to use, not sticky like some overnight masks. It dried and remained on despite being a side sleeper and no residual on pillow in the morning. Highly recommend for a quick hydrate - definately felt good the next day and made my skin look nice and hydrated. A good price point for all skin types this product won’t disaappoint.