NIVEA Daily Essentials Clean Deeper!

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NIVEA Daily Essentials Clean Deeper! is a daily face scrub for oily and impure skin. It cleanses pores deeply and micro-exfoliates to smooth the complexion. The formula is enriched with magnolia extract and pore cleansing exfoliants to open clogged pores and prevent spots and blackheads.


NIVEA Daily Essentials Clean Deeper!


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For some reason the acne gods decided to target me on the week of my friends wedding! I was busy running here and there so I just went to the nearest chemist and this Nivea face scrub was right in front of me at a great price so I couldn't resist. Let me just say that I started seeing some improvements on my face within about four days and this product soothed and calmed down the storm on my face. I like to use this is the shower and squeeze about a large pearl size onto my palm, lather it a bit, apply it all over my face and neck and rub for about 30 seconds then I wash it off with some warm water. It's not your typical scrub because this one is very soft, gentle and can be used everyday. I am still using this now because it works and the price is just fabulous. The only down side is that when I wipe my face I feel that it's dehydrated so I immediately need to moisturise. I have very oily skin so I try and avoid moisturising too much. But other than that this is a very reliable product and I do recommend this for anyone who wants to treat their skin well.
This is a fantastic daily use exfoliating wash. It doesn't rub against my skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It doesn't dry out my skin and is perfect for everyday wash for both men and women. After I use this, my face is almost squeaky clean with a soft and touchable feeling. I highly recommend this cleanser for leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.
This is amazing for my oily skin, leaves it feeling fresh and oil free and also not too dry. I use once a day in the evening before bed, I have defiantly seen an improvement in the ' 'shine' throughout the daytime.
The is a gel cleanser. You need about a pea size to cleanse your face effectively. Great as an evening cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. A little drying on my combo skin if I used it morning and night, hence why I only used it at night.
I love love love this product! I have oily skin and never feel like the oil is gone.... with this product I love the beads and it really feels like Im getting a good clean.  The scent is fresh and calming also.  Highly recommended and at around $9 what a bargain!