NIVEA Daily Essentials Moisturising Fluid SPF 15

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NIVEA Daily Essentials Moisturising Fluid SPF 15 is a face moisturiser that provides daily protection from the sun’s damaging rays and premature skin ageing. The ultra light and non-greasy formula provides high protection and daily moisture to skin, and is enriched with vitamin E and allantoin. Contains SPF 15 sun protection.


NIVEA Daily Essentials Moisturising Fluid SPF 15


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I'm a big fan of Nivea but I think they have somewhat missed the mark with this product. It is described as a moisturising fluid meaning it has a thinner consistency compared to other Nivea moisturisers which are thicker and creamier. I thought it would feel light on my skin but it left an oily film and smelled like sunscreen. As someone with combination skin this is something I try to avoid! I hate having shiny skin. It was somewhat remedied by blotting the excess oil and by using a loose powder over my makeup. I do like the packaging though. It comes in a compact 50ml tube which is good for travelling. This product would be more suited to people with dry skin types so I disagree with Nivea's claim that this product is suitable for all skin types. If you have combination or oily skin it's not going to give you great results. I did however pick this up at half price so I'm really not too bothered it wasn't all that great. If you aren't too fussy about your moisturiser and you're on a budget this might be an OK choice for you but there are also much better day creams with SPF out there (including ones from Nivea).
This comes in a decently sized white plastic squeeze bottle with clip open lid. Smells quite similar to most the Nivea range I have tried,subtle and clean/soapy. I was surprised at the texture of this-fluid is quite accurate !  Its almost watery !  It claims to be suitable for all skin types though I would have to disagree. This,although  very lightweight ,  was simply too moisturising for my combination skin. It left my skin feeling  quite greasy and shiny so I certainly  wouldn't  recommend use for oily or combination  skin types . I think this would be fantastic for normal and dry skin however  -its very easily absorbed,hydrates exceptionally,is well priced and has spf. I wish it suited my skin type as it is a great product !
I have been using NIVEA Daily Essentials Moisturising Fluid SPF 15 for at least 15 years now.  It is part of my daily beauty routine.  Summer, Winter, Spring & Autumn - it's always on my face, neck & décolletage.  Very affordable and I can easily purchase it in any supermarket or pharmacy.
NIVEA Daily Essentials Moisturising Fluid with SPF 15 is a good basic moisturiser for all skin types. It isn't going to make you look as fresh and dewy as Gigi Hadid at in a bikini at some tropical paradise or as pale and interesting as Keira Knightley in anything, but it will help protect your skin with SPF 15, so you won't look like a lobster after a day in the sun.  Consider it a light moisturiser with benefits - that won't break the bank. Go on, you know you want to!