NIVEA Invisible Black & White Clear Roll-On

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NIVEA Invisible Black & White Clear Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The deodorant doesn’t leave white marks on skin or clothing, protecting against yellow stains on white clothes and white marks on black clothes. The formula has a delicate ‘Clear’ floral fragrance. Free from alcohol and colourants.


NIVEA Invisible Black & White Clear Roll-On


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I'm using this Nivea Invisible for such a long time. What I love about it, it doesn't leave any mark on my clothes and its gentle. When you put it on it will dry pretty quick and it last a whole day. Another thing I love about it is I don't have a sweaty underarm. Until now I am still using it and don't have plan to change it.
Nivea is basically my go to when it comes to deodorants. They are affordable, effective and have a very subtle scent that won't overtake the scent of any perfume you want to wear. This is one  of my favorites of them all. It comes in a classy glass container with a rollerball applicator. The scent is very subtle and floral and the deodorant is a clear,slightly sticky liquid. It dries within a minute or so after applying and skin is left feeling like skin still (as opposed to that chalky type of residue or dryness most deodorants seem to leave). This deodorant has never irritated my skin and that is pretty uncommon for me as I react to most deodorizing products. It can even be used on freshly shaven skin-its that gentle! I cant say much about the 48 hour claims as I shower before bed every night-it definitely keeps me fresh and dry throughout the 8 hours I do have it on though. I am yet to encounter staining on my clothes of any kind by this product and I have used it for months now. I will continue to buy regularly for as long as they keep making it. I'd recommend this for anyone - especially those with sensitive skin. A quality long lasting deodorant at an affordable price that won't leave marks or stain your clothing! 
I always use a roll on deodrant as I have sensitive skin and find a spray can be irritating, this is a godsend for eliminating nasty white marks on my dark clothes. it also wont stain my white clothes yellow so this is a great product that does what it claims. A great price it stops odour and wetness and my clothes remain fresh and clean, I always have this deodrant on hand and would highly recommend it
I was drawn to this deodorant because of the claim of not leaving any marks on black and/or white clothes and it has lived up to the expectations.  After trying it on both black and white tops and on one of the hottest days of summer, I was surprised with how effective it is against sweat and keeping me dry all day long.  When putting on, it does feel a bit wet, but it doesn't take long for it to dry.  There is a slight floral scent but it isn't overpowering and won’t take over any fragrances or perfumes.  I would've preferred a plastic bottle instead of glass as the glass is a bit heavy and I always worry about accidentally dropping it and having it break. 
This fantastic deodorant from Nivea offers numerous benefits. I've always been a fan of Nivea roll-on deodorants and in particular like this one. Not only is the deodorant protection very effective through the hottest and most humid of days, it also keeps my clothes in ideal condition. No white marks on black tops & no sweaty stains on white tops.  Offering this highly effective clothing protection gets major brownie points from me. The scent is very pleasant and fresh, and I've never experienced any irritation with the formula. Also the roll-on is also a decent size, making this both economical and good value for money. The clear bottle design is a great idea too, it's so easy to see when it's almost replacement time! All in all, this deodorant has plenty of Pro's and no Cons, making it a true 5 star gem. Very highly recommended!
I mainly use roll on antiperspirant and have liked other Nivea products but unfortunately this deodorant just didn't like me for some reason. The formula is a bit sticky so it takes a while to dry and while it drys you feel like you can't move you arms because it is a weird sensation. Over continued use my arm pits started to look like I had rubbed sandpaper over my armpits instead of deodorant as my skin just turned wrinklier than an elephant and drier than the Sahara. On the plus side no white marks or stains on my white or black clothes. The bottle is also made of glass so it is relatively heavy to lug around compared with plastic options. Overall I had to discontinue using it so I would recommend trying a different product because I have never had a reaction before to deodorant.
Nivea Invusible, black and white in the scent Clear. I've been using this for quite some time.  It comes in a solid clear glass bottle. It has a frosted plastic screw top lid and a standard roller for application. It has a pleasant scent that's not too strong or over powering. It's hard to describe but it's pretty much just feminine, clean smelling without smelling like flowers or like you've used too much powder. There were times in the beginning when it seemed that it wasn't living up to the claim of not leaving marks. It appears now though that they may have changed the formula and that doesn't happen anymore.  I, as most people do apply in the morning after a shower. I have found that I need to be generous when applying especially in warmer weather or I don't feel as 'protected' by it. It normally keeps me smelling and feeling fresh but in warmer weather needs to be backed up to continue or feel the same way. Ok let's be honest. Deodorant is a daily staple for most people. It can be tough to choose one that ticks all the boxes as there are so many different types, brands etc out there. Spray or roll on, for men or for women. It's a frustrating mine field to attempt to navigate. Basically if you use a roll on deodorant I'd strongly consider this one. Especially great if you don't want white deodorant marks on black clothing or yellow marks on white clothing. Smells great, convenient size to fit in a toiletry bag or hand bag. And well, it works.
This Nivea deodarent is wonderful, it is gentle and soothing, effective on sweating and underarm pongs and fabulous at protecting clothes against deodorant marks and stains.    This is a great buy and will last you for months too, a girl needs this deodorant and it's a great size too, perfect for your gym bag!
This deodorant is reliable for daily use and for protecting clothing from those dreaded sweat stains. This deodorant has a pleasant, fresh scent that makes me feel clean. The formula is clear and made my underarms feel a bit wet when it first goes on but it dries up quickly. It is effective against sweat and keeps me dry and protected for most of the day. The deodorant is a good size and great value for money. I also like how the bottle is clear so you can easily see when the deodorant's about to run out. The only con is that when you get to the end of the bottle it's really hard to get the quality product out.
Have always use a roll-on deodorants than sprays. Although it is harder to use this type of deodorant, I find this kind of deodorant to be more “functional” than the sprays. It last for a longggg time (which is the characteristic that you are looking for in a  deodorant). It really, does NOT  leave a mark on your clothing. So this product saves you from embarrassment. A little tip, do not use this product after shaving/epilating. Your skin is in a very sensitive mode and deodorants are chemicals so it can hurt your skin (I learned it the hard way-lol). Skin turns very red and there was a burning sensation. So please, don’t. Moreover, after applying the roll-on, wait until it dries! Do not move too much and let it dry first. I know this might be awkward, but make sure it dries first in order for it to work.
I started using this product when I was sick of white marks on my black bras and singlets. I wanted an antiperspirant that I could take to work and not have an aerosol that would fumigate the staff room whenever I wanted a little touch up. I noticed the difference using this deodorant straight away as It never left any marks on anything I wore. It smells really light, like a slight floral fragrance. At the end of my 12 hour working day I still smell like flowers and not, well dead ones. It is a small size, and its glass which while seems alarming, has been perfectly safe in my handbag every time. I carry it with me everywhere and while I never need to reapply, sometimes I do anyway just to feel a bit fresher.
Smells great and lasts for ages- exactly what you want out of a deodorant!
I find this antiperspirant fully protects both me and my clothes.  This deodorant has a pale baby-pink lid and a scent called "Clear" (written in small pink writing on the bottle).  It really does work to protect black and white clothing from any stains. It leaves absolutely no marks whatsoever so you can rest assured it won't ruin any clothing. White clothes were safe with this one! The scent is a fresh, light floral which is delightful to use first thing in the morning.   The bottle is glass which I love using at home but I wouldn't take it travelling just in case of breakage.  The formula is crystal clear which you can see through the clear glass bottle.  I feet confident for a full 48 hours that I can be completely fresh and dry.  Straight after applying this deodorant  I find it takes a minute or so to dry under my arms and then I can get dressed.  The little bottle lasts for several months as I don't need to use it every single day because it continues to work right through the next day too.  I love that this is a long lasting and I will buy it again when it runs out.