NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Roll-On

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NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The deodorant doesn’t leave white marks on skin or clothing, protecting against yellow stains on white clothes and white marks on black clothes. The formula has a delicate ‘Pure’ floral fragrance. Free from alcohol and colourants.


NIVEA Invisible Black & White Pure Roll-On


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This roll on deodorant comes in a typical solid glass container and glides on smoothly without burning or irritating my skin. It goes on wet, but dries within a few seconds and fragrance is fresh and mild and pleasant for everyday use. It is a great dependable deodorant from Nivea. Once I apply this deodorant in the morning, I don't worry about bad odours for the rest of the day and I feel clean and fresh. This deodorant did not stain or leave any marks on my clothing and I love the fact that its alcohol free,  I recommend this deodorant for anyone who wants to feel clean and fresh and not be afraid to raise their arms in the air!
This feels fresh to put on and dries straight away.  It's a clear colour and it feels like it won't make marks - and it really doesn't!  I love the way it lasts for two days so I don't need to put it on until the 3rd day.  The scent is light and pretty - not overpowering at all.