NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Pure Aerosol Spray Deodorant

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NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Pure Aerosol Spray Deodorant is an aerosol deodorant spray that provides 48-hour antiperspirant protection while protecting against yellow stains on white and white marks on black clothes. The deodorant leaves no marks on skin or clothing and has a delicate, clean fragrance. Free from colourants.


NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Pure Aerosol Spray Deodorant


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My everyday go-to deodorant is this one, and it is fantastic! So many of my clothes have been stained in the past with white and yellow marks from low-quality deodorants, so years ago I made the change to this product and have never looked back. This product is brilliant for on-the-go as it has a lockable top (great for avoiding lost lids and unexpected sprays), and has a slightly curved shape so it’s easy to hold.This deodorant is not heavily perfumed and smells fresh and clean. Mostly importantly, this product does what it says and prevents white marks on black clothing and yellow stains on white clothing. In the past, I used to be so conscious of white marks that I would wear a cardigan just in case to cover up my underarms but now I don’t have to. I highly recommend this to any of you ladies looking for a deodorant that does not stain! However, I do have to give this product 4 stars as its only downfall is it does not last the intended 48 hours (for me personally). I find that at the endof the day I have to top up. Now this could just be me personally, as I am constantly on the go inside and outside the office, but my sister and mum who also use this product say the same thing - so just be cautious ladies that it may not last that long!