NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength

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NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength is a quick dry men’s deodorant that protects against sweat and odour, even in stressful situations. The deodorant formula contains Stress Protect actives and NIVEA MEN Care Complex for 48 hours of effective antiperspirant protection.


NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength


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I know,i know....a man's deodorant is hardly what us girls would describe as "beauty" related,but hey,like ingrown hairs and calloused heels,sometimes it 'aint all floral scents and divine's the stuff we only get onto when things turn decidedly icky. As we dive head first into another summer,we start to envision long,hot,sweaty days,and that means taking both ours and our men's "natural musk" into hand for the sake of all those we have contact with....and for our boys,this is a must. NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength is a cream form of deodorant (my hubby HATES with a passion those roll on types,and flat out refuses to use them) that dries quickly (another must for hubby.He also detests feeling "wet and sticky" ) so you can get dressed quickly after use (make sure it is dry though,lest you find marks on your clothes you don't want).It addresses the issue of not just temperature regulating sweating,but also the harder to control "stress sweating" that comes with being in a situation that tests our physical and mental resolves (hubby is a manager in a large government department,so that means dealing with some pretty heavy duty,stressful situations.Add to that some of the physical tasks he performs,and you get a few 11s on the "out of 10" for stress level meter. Being a Nivea product,of course this has skincare benefits,and the Nivea men Care Complex is right at home here to care for the oft neglected skin under our men's arms,plus a 48 hr effective anti-perspirant protection formula that contains zinc to both deal with excessive sweating AND care for skin as well (zinc is an amazing healer for sore,raw skin.Baby at home ? check the ingredients in bub's nappy area cream and you will note zinc in it as one of the top additions included).Now i can't say either of us has ever given our anti antiperspirants the 48hr challenge,i CAN say we have done a just over 24hr one a few times,and even with hubby sweating like a barnyard animal,this held up pretty darn well (a "Darl,you need a shower" mention,rather than a "Dear God,what is that that you or is there something dying here" comes to mind) and that is really the best kind of review i can give. And the all important scent ? A fresh,yet manly fragrance that plays well with any other fragrance he may wear....and it lasts for hours after applying.Plus,to make it even easier to get your man to use this,it comes in a decidedly masculine looking dark blue container with orange and silver accents plus white lettering that fits in a gym bag easily (or top drawer at work,even a pocket come to think of it). At around the $15 mark,it may seem a tad exxy,but trust me,for the sheer longevity of wear,the effectiveness of the product,the clothes protection (yellow stains from sweat are a devil to remove) and the sheer "service to humanity" that this provides (trust me,this IS as far as my man and his pits are concerned),it is money well spent.Run,don't walk to your local supermarket to get this. TIP:It has been said that the best time to apply antiperspirant is at night,right before bed after a shower.Since you sweat less while you sleep,the antiperspirant will be able to enter your sweat ducts and stay there...sometimes for OVER 24hrs even with a shower to start the day.As i mentioned,this DOES last a good 24hrs,so give this theory a try and see how your man's scent fares at the end of a long day.