NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Roll-On

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NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Roll-On is a roll-on men’s antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweat and body odour, including emotional sweating. The antibacterial formula combines Stress Protect actives, NIVEA MEN Care Complex and a zinc complex for 48 hours of effective antiperspirant protection. Free of alcohol and colourants.


NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Roll-On


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Stress - 40 degree day, full suit as a groomsmen at your sister's wedding, standing in the sun on hot sand waiting for her arrival, sweating profusely from the brow. The worry of taking your jacket off at the reception to reveal sweat patches that would make a Clive Palmer proud.  Thoughtfully the Stress Protect Rollon was included in our wedding gift pack and it worked brilliantly. Easy to use, rolls on without greasiness, smells great and leaves a refreshed feeing in the pits. I'm sure this was the reason all the ladies (mainly my nan / mum) wanted a dance later on! Highly recommended for any guy after fresh feels!
This is the ONLY deodorant my man will wear. He isn't overly sweaty as a general rule but does exercise and is active throughout the day. It keeps him smelling nice and BO free!