NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Aerosol

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NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Aerosol is an antiperspirant deodorant spray that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The deodorant formula supports an even skin tone for beautiful, smooth and dry underarms.


NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Aerosol


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I love this anti-perspirant not just because it does a great job of keeping my underarms dry and feeling great throughout the day, but the smell is just divine.  When I spray the bottle, the deodorant gives a cooling sensation to my underarms.  It dries quickly and it doesn't leave any white marks or residue because I'm sure we can all relate to getting those at some point.  I do sweat quite a bit and with all the running around I do this deodorant keeps me dry and feeling fresh all day.  No embarrassing pit stains or bad odour to be worried about.  It's all covered!
I wasn't crazy about the smell of this deodorant, it has a very obvious "deodorant" scent, which can be quite overpowering.
Love how pretty and feminine this can looks. It has a soft floral scent, which makes it perfect for daily use. It's an excellent deodorant for everyday use and works well to last the entire day without any bad odour or discomfort.
One of my go -to deodorants - really fresh scent!