NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Roll-On

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NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The deodorant formula supports an even skin tone for beautiful, smooth and dry underarms.


NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Roll-On


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The Nivea Pearl and Beauty anti-perspirant roll on comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a plastic cap in a milky white liquid form. I love the nice soft pleasant scent of this deodorant. It is easy to use and feels fresh on application. I like that it does not leave behind any whitish cast and works well to prevent body odor on those physically active days. However, I find that this product takes a while to dry out after application and I still get a bit sweaty under my armpits especially when I exercise on warm days. I feel this deodorant would work well who don’t sweat a lot and best to use on days when it’s not too warm.
This is my favourite everyday roll-on deodrant, it works a treat and has a lovely light fragrance.  Keeps me fresh and dry all day no matter how busy and crazy the day gets.  My skin can be a bit sensitive but I have never had any problems using this deodrant.
This is my favourite roll on and I will never change!! It does it's job throughout the day and makes my udnerarms soft and silky.
I use this roll on because it keeps me fresh and smelly free throughout my 12 hour work day.  I bought this ' pearl & beauty' edition to try to soften the rough, dry skin on my underarms. After a week of daily use I noticed my underarm skin was softened which makes shaving a whole lot smoother. Definitely recommend this deoderant.
I tried the aerosol version of this and I loved it so much that I decided to get the roll on as well.  Normally I do not purchase roll ons because I have had bad experiences with them.  My underarms are quite sensitive and some tend to make it burn and itch.  They can be too wet, take too long to dry or just don't even absorb that well which ends up feeling like a puddle of wetness on my underarms.  Can you believe that I've tried roll on's so sticky and wet, that I used a blow dryer to try and make it dry faster? Not my proudest moment.  With that in mind, it still didn't stop me from taking a chance, again, on other roll on. I'm not the one to limit myself so I decided to take a risk and purchase the Nivea Pearl roll on and I'm glad I did.  It rolled on easily, the formula wasn't sticky, it had a pleasant smell and my underarms felt comfortable for the day.  It wasn't perfect in terms of keeping me dry.  I did have to reapply after several hours or so but there wasn't any odour and I still managed to be sweat free for awhile.  It's small and lightweight so I keep it in my bag for those "just in case" moments.
This is another dependable deodrant from Nivea. It's an easy to use, no wait roll on deodrant. I apply, and it dries as quick as I can pick up my clothes to wear, so there's no waiting time for it to dry. The fragrance is a mild flowery scent, which is pleasant and doesn't clash with any perfumes I wear.  It's a perfect, everyday, take anywhere deodrant. Repurchased many times with confidence!
This is my favourite deodorant. Extremely affordable and it feels great.
I have honestly been using this product for 7+ years. It is great for everyday use as well as working out. The product feels very soft on my skin and has a very nice, subtle fragrance that lasts for the whole day. Even though I have eczema, this product has never irritated my sensitive skin! I don't know if it is actually anti-perspirant but I have been very happy with this product over the years and have never switched brands or even between the other Nivea products. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to smell nice and feel fresh without irritating their body.