NIVEA Pure Invisible Roll-On

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NIVEA Pure Invisible Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours without leaving visible residues on skin and clothes. Free from alcohol and colourants.


NIVEA Pure Invisible Roll-On


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Nivea Pure Invisible deodorant goes on smoothly, without irritating or causing any redness to my underarms like some deodorants can. It has a very subtle and clean scent, which really is appealing and I get a slight hint of the fragrance throughout the day. However, it's so slight, that it is still pleasant and not overpowering. This deodorant keeps me feeling fresh, clean and dry all day long. The solid glass container is heavy and sits easily on my bathroom shelf. Since its a small size, I also carry this away with me in my gym bag for freshening up easily without any fuss. I recommend this economical deodorant for anyone wanting to feel fresh and confident all day long without worrying about odours.
I have a specific list of what I consider to be a good deodorant.  Keeps me dry and smelling fresh, doesn't leave any white marks on my clothing, absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't cause any irritation.  It seems pretty simple but not all antiperspirants are alike and they don't always deliver.  I picked this up on a whim and it ticked all the boxes for me.  I would have to walk a couple of km to uni so I would keep this in my bag in case I needed to freshen the underarms.  It would last for most of the day but with the hot weather and constant running around, I didn't want to take any chances so I always had one on hand.  The formula wasn't sticky and it dried pretty quickly.  Even during stressful exams and assignments this deodorant would do the trick!
Somehow I always seem to leave streaks on my dark clothing with most other brands of deodorant and that is why I am impressed by NIVEA Pure Invisible Roll-On as it really does what it says by not leaving white marks on my clothing & it's quick to dry.   I love how the packaging is made of glass so I can be recycled once finished.   It has a lovely scent without being overpowering so I can put on my favourite perfume and without hindering it.    NIVEA is my favourite brand of deodorant hands down.