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NIVEA Refreshing Face Wash Gel is enriched with lotus flower and Vitamin E. It cleanses your face and neck area deeply and removes daily impurities. In addition, the refreshing wash gel refreshes your skin while caring for it. The refreshing wash gel maintains your skin’s natural moisture balance. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

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NIVEA Refreshing Face Wash Gel


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Great budget friendly cleanser

This is a great budget friendly cleanser that is good for everyday use. The gel foams well and cleans all traces of makeup and oil Really well, it’s good for sensitive skin as it didn’t irritate my skin at all. It is lightly scented which is quite pleasant and the gel has a nice consistency that makes it easy to use. It can be a little drying so I recommend following up with a good moisturiser to hydrate. The price is great so using it everyday wont break the bank. I would buy this cleanser again
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Dehydrating and smelly

This was bad but not unusable. The scent is awful, it smells like cheap cleaning products. Some people might like the smell, but maybe sniff it in the shop if you want to buy it. I also found that it stripped my skin of its natural oils so my skin felt tight and rubbery after use. Maybe good if you have oily skin, or if you have a problem area that actually needs to be dehydrated every once in a while, but all in all id say be careful. This cleanser isn’t so aggressive to leave rashes (at least for me) - but that shouldn’t be the benchmark!
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Not for me

Tried this as I was sent a sample through review crew. I usually have combination skin but found my skin felt tight and dry after using this cleanser. It did however feel clean and the smell was inoffensive. I tried it as a morning and a night cleanser. I probably wouldn't purchase it as it didn't work for my skin, however, I would recommend for someone with an oiler skin or maybe a younger skin. I was happy with the price point and the ingredients as I didn't see any parabens in it. I also appreciated the packaging as I prefer this kind to get all the product and the soft bottle for travel.
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Love this face wash. It left my skin feeling so clean. My face didn't feel dry after using which a lot of face washes normally do as I have combination skin. My face feels fresh and clear and very soft. It smells great and didn't sting or irritate my eyes. I used my normal skin care products after and there was no reaction. This is great as I want something gentle but also something that works well. I'll continue to use this wash and at the price will buy again. I recommend this product to anyone wanting something fresh and cost effective.
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Lathering face wash

This face wash lathers well and has a mild scent. It leaves my skin feeling clean but dehydrated. A little product goes a long away. After rinsing off the face wash, my skin feels clean but my pores don't feel clean. I think too much of my skins natural oils are being washed away which dries out my face. Not exactly what I am after in a face wash. My exfoliant doesn't even make my skin feel like this. Unfortunately will not continue to use this. May be more suitable for those with oily or acne prone skin. I have combination and it wasn't for me.
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Great basic

This is a fantastic Nivea cleanser and an excellent basic for most skincare routines. This product lightly foams to remove dirt and has a pleasant, subtle fragrance. The cleanser is effective at removing light makeup, however, does not remove a full face. I have been using this cleanser as a second cleanse, which is a great addition to my routine. I have sensitive and dry skin and I have noticed that whilst effective, this cleanser does sometimes leave my skin feeling slightly tight and I reach for moisturiser directly after washing. Perhaps a better cleanser for those with combination skin (as advertised). Overall, a great and affordable cleanser, I will continue to use this cleanser but I consider swapping for a slightly more hydrating formula for winter.
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Gentle, effective and refreshing face wash

I received this product for trial and review purpose by the Beauty Heaven. The packaging is clean and pretty. It is gender neutral so I liked sharing it with my partner. The texture of the face wash is smooth and silky. It lathers up really well which means you only require a small amount of the product for each use. The smell is pleasant very much like the other nivea face washes. Couldn't smell any lotus flower or some floral fragnance. I would definitely recommend it and buy it again. As it helped gently cleaned my skin leaving it free from makeup ,dirt or oil build up. Works well for combination skin.
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Messy & Sticky... But Refreshing

I was lucky enough to get to trial this product as part of the review crew, thanks again guys! I'm always loving trying new cleansers to find what checks out the boxes I care about as well as leaves my skin feeling fresh and cared for - especially in these harsh winter times. Unfortunately, this product was not a good match for me. I'd follow the instructions and do how I always do my cleansers, but it was always a wet my face thoroughly, then apply a small bit to my hand and rub to my face, and it would just leave my face all gooey! Never had that be the case, especially with how wet my face and hands were. I'd end up needing to add water several times before it'd be enough to turn it into more of a lather to actually wash my face, rather than just this layer of goo I was dealing with. After enough splashes and rubs of water and having it lather and actually wash, the product felt nice and as I washed it off (with that also needing more water and time than usual) my face did feel refreshed and cleaned but it wasn't fitting for the weather nor did the amount of tedious effort make it a nice, fun, good skin care experience. I definitely wasn't using too much, nor was I not using enough water or wetting everything enough beforehand. I'd even try rubbing it in my wet hands first but that barely helped. I guess it's just a very thick product? Might be good for some, but it was not the kinda experience I was looking for. It was messy, it was hard, it took longer than necessary, and it stung my eyes trying to get more water and actually make it WORK and WASH my skin and face. I always ended after using it feeling very messy and wet and cold and frustrated. Definitely not the kind of skin care cleansing I want, especially when it's freezing winter and I want these things to be quick and refreshing and nice and let me get back to warming up quickly. The product also doesn't have much pros to it like I normally look for - if it's vegan or not, tested or not, recyclable or not, etc. It just didn't tick many or enough of those boxes to even make the messy, long, frustrating experience worth it... maybe it works better for others? Maybe my skin, or my efforts or style, just don't fit? I don't know. But it'd definitely not fitting to me, especially during these cold winters. I will say that once done it was definitely refreshing. A good morning cleanser cos of how cold and waking up for you and your skin it is. And although the process being so messy irritated my eyes, the product itself didn't irritate my skin which SOMETIMES can be a bit sensitive so I guess that's another plus to add? To each their own, I hope this was a hit for some, but unfortunately this product and i did not mix. I don't even know if I will finish it, but I definitely won't buy it myself nor will I be recommending to anyone. I'll probably keep it as my "when I've run out of everything else" cleanser until it's empty or expires lol. Thanks again for letting me review some more, can't wait for the next!
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Good, but not amazing

I've liked Nivea for a long time, and I was excited that I got pick to be part of the trial team. The Refreshing Face Wash Gel has been formulated with lotus flower and Vitamin E. It's meant to cleanse as it removes daily impurities, refreshing the skin while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance. This comes in a blue, clear tube so that you can track how much product is left in it, and this also has a flip lid that makes it easy to get the product out. The product has a thick, gel consistency, and I like that this lathers up a little when I mix it with some water, as I rub it between my hands. I find this to be relatively gentle on my skin. While it is a nice cleanser, it isn't mind blowing, nor is it life changing, and as such, I feel that this may be a good entry level cleanser, if you're looking to get something that is budget friendly, and does what it says, but if you're looking for something that packs a punch, or will do a lot more for your skin, then this isn't it.
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Disappointed; very scented and drying

I wanted to love this product and really hoped that Nivea had stepped up its game in terms of ingredients, but I was disappointed. For something that claimed to not harm your skins natural balance, it left my skin pretty dry. It’s a misconception to think that tight, squeaky skin is ‘clean’; this product has benzyl alcohol in it, which may be the culprit. The cleanser is very thick and gel-like, so it does feel like a little goes a long way, but it does feel stripping. The biggest downfall for me, though, is the SCENT. It is SO strongly perfumed with a very fake ‘refreshing’ smell that is unbearable. It earned two stars because it does get make up and dirt off of my skin and the price point is good, but I do not reach for it and will not be repurchasing.
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Refreshing and Hydrating

I have very dry and sensitive skin and usually reach for gentle skin cleansers. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received this product to try in the mail. I tested the product in the winter season and can even go as far as saying that I prefer it more than Nivea's Gentle Cream wash and the Neutrogena wash for dry skin. The scent is not too bad (not so strongly perfumed), and I find the product refreshing and hydrating. I was happy that it doesn't lather up to produce those soapy bubbles and my skin has no tight feeling after washing my face. My skin also feels clean and fresh after washing. A good drugstore face wash that comes at an affordable price.
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Refreshing and smooth

I enjoyed using the NIVEA face wash gel. It was really smooth on my skin. You don’t need a make up remover as this product cleanse your face snd removes make up. I don’t usally like a gel based face wash sonce I find them to be dry my skin, removing oils. But this face wash was really gentle and didn’t dry my skin on the contrary it hydrated my skin. The scent is really nice and not strong. I have tried many face washs over the years & i can say this is really good for gently cleaning the face and keeping it nourished ! It is so affordable to continue using in the future and recommending it to family and friends.
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Overall Good Product

This is overall a good product. It removed make up and debris, although I occasionally was required to do more than one wash to get off harder products, like mascara. I wasn’t a fan of the scent, just because I prefer products without harsh artificial scents added, although it didn’t prove to be irritating. It is definitely mild enough for daily use and is good for all skin types. There is nothing profound that this face wash provided and it similar to many other drugstore face wash products. For the price, it is a decent quality and does what it says it does.
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A good, everyday cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for about a week now, just at night in the shower. It lathers up nicely and takes off my makeup with ease but it doesn't leave my skin tight or dry feeling. It does have that distinct Nivea smell, so I guess it would be one to avoid if you are sensitive to fragrances. I don't usually buy Nivea products but this one would be one that I would repurchase. It is affordable, it does a good job at cleansing and removing makeup and it does not strip the skin. There is a decent amount of product as well so it will last ages with daily use.
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Pretty good, but a bit too stripping

I really like the packaging of this product, with the calming blue colour matching the gel and the pretty lotus flower. The gel itself reminds me of a hand or body soap, and in my opinion acts in a very similar way. It foamed up slightly as I applied it which made it easy to use and soft to the touch. I loved the smooth feel of it on my face, but as I washed it off, I could feel my face squeaking as it was so clean. Too clean in my opinion, as it felt it left my face really dry and stripped. Because of how much it stripped my face, I wouldn't recommend using it everyday, but as an occasional face cleaner, it does a pretty good job. The packaging states it 'deeply cleanses', but I think this could be worded differently since it didn't deeply clean my pores, just the skin on the surface. Overall, I probably wouldn't buy this product for my skin type, but it does a pretty good job compared to other products.
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Gentle and good for daily use

It works well as an everyday cleanser l that doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped of moisture but still has it feeling clean. Although I found the scent pleasant at times it was slightly overbearing for the amount being used but the overbearing-ness doesn’t linger for long. The gel consistency lathers nicely and doesn’t create a large amount of suds if any at all, which personally I favour. I’d recommend this cleaning for morning use and if you were to use it at night and wear cosmetics during the day it would work well alongside a cleansing oil or clean using water as I found that it struggles to remove makeup
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Not for sensitive skin.

This is an okay cleanser but it has a lot of cons in my opinion. It removes makeup, dirt and oils quite well and skin feels clean after use. The scent is far too strong, however, and unnecessary in this type of product. On first use I had no issues other than the scent. But after using it twice daily I noticed my skin becoming increasingly sensitive and my usual skincare would sting to apply. This stopped when I took a break from the cleanser. I don't recommend this product for sensitive skin types. The packaging works well and is easy to use. The design on the bottle isn't very appealing, but it's classic Nivea. This face wash honestly isn't that different or better than Nivea's other face washes. I think they missed the mark with this release.
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Great product

Package is cute. Love how it's clear and the color is so calming. When I first opened it, I really enjoyed the smell of the product. The texture is thick and a little amount does a big job. I believe it cleans my skin really well. It does leave my skin sometimes dry but I just add some moisturize after using it. My skin did feel nice and soft after using it as well. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a deep clean. It works great. 5 stars. My mother even purchased it after I told her about it.
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Good for daily use

It was a nice product to use to remove dirt and makeup off my skin. Even though it gave me a deep clean I was still able to remove some makeup when I was using toner on my face with a cotton pad. I would recommend this product to remove light daily make-up, sunscreen and dirt… probably would need something more deep cleansing if you were to have a full face of make-up like after an event. Also I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent I would prefer a skincare product with less scent as it made it feel a little fake. Overall an okay product for daily use with an affordable price tag however I would prefer to use more higher end brands which I believe deep cleanse and remove all my makeup off my skin after each use.
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I highly enjoyed using this cleansing gel - it truly is refreshing! The scent is not overpowering and it worked well on my combination skin as a daily cleanser. I found a little goes a long way and for the price of the product you can’t really go wrong. While it wasn’t overly hydrating it didn’t dry out or strip my skin. It also then layered or paired really nicely with my serums and moisturisers. I didn’t find it made a huge difference to my acne when used on its own which is why I’ve rated it 4 stars. However, those without acne prone skin might find a staple in this product which would be great for both day/night usage.