NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll-On

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NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant for sensitive skin that protects against sweat and body odour for 48 hours. The formula combines chamomile extract and avocado oil to care for skin. Free of ethanol, colourants, preservatives and perfume. 


NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll-On


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I've used Nivea deodorants for many years & always found them to be reliable, effective, value for money & also that they deliver what they promise. The Sensitive Deodorant is a gentle and very pleasant formula to use. I have unfortunately in the past had deodorants irritate my underarms and cause itching and unpleasant rashes. No problems of this sort with this gentle formula though -  I've also used it after shaving or using hair removal creams & found it doesn't irritate me at all. It's what they keep out of the formula that makes this product shine - no perfume, colourants, ethanol or preservatives, making this a formula that shouldn't irritate anyone with sensitive underarms.  The formula is also very effective at keeping me dry, comfortable, totally protected & feeling fresh 24/7 - absolutely everything I need and want in a deodorant, I love how reliable this formula is, especially as I live in a city that gets very hot through summer. It's great value for money, and is a deodorant I'll continue to buy on a regular basis. Highly recommended.
This is a great deodorant that works. It's great on my sensitive skin, especially after shaving. I tend to perspire a lot and this deodorant is strong enough to keep me fresh throughout the day. A bonus is that it's very affordable!
This Nivea sensitive protect antiperspirant roll on deodorant is a great bargain buy.  It comes in a round clear glass 50 ml bottle, roller ball applicator and a lid. When first applied, it it wt on the skin, and cools and refreshes. There is no residue. I normally wait a couple of minutes for this deodorant to dry before I put my clothes on and this prevent any white marks on my clothes.  I found this deodorant to be soft and gentle on my skin and very lightweight. The deodorant does what it claims, it prevents perspiration and keeps odour at bay and its perfect for sensitive skin. It didn't irritate my skin at all. It leaves you feeling fresh all day long. 
I love how dependable and inexpensive this deodorant is. It is exceptional quality for an everyday deodorant that doesn't contain alcohol or perfume. I use this on days especially when I have shaved my underarms and I need a hard working, but non irritating deodorant. This keeps me dry, odour free, and feeling fresh and confident. It applies smoothly and the top doesn't get clogged and its easy to carry around in case I want to freshen up after work. When I use this deodorant, it's truly one less thing I have to worry about. I recommend this deodorant for anyone who wants a fresh and clean deodorant without fragrance.
I really like this deodorant. It goes on nicely, dries quickly, is non sticky and keeps me feeling fresh all day. It isn't scented which I really like as I'm sensitive to strong fragrances and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin even when applying after shaving. It also doesn't leave any marks on my clothes which is great. Overall I was happy with the results and recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a gentle, effective and affordable antiperspirant deodorant.
I'm really fond of this deodorant, and have used it for a while now. I find it moisturizes and soothes my dry, sensitive skin while also preventing too much sweat or b.o. So far the best deodorant I have tried.
I use this everyday. So much that I buy it in bulk and take over the spare bathroom cupboard! This gives me all day protection that gives me a confidence to get on with my day. Thanks Nivea.
My underarms tend to be very sensitive, especially right after shaving so I make sure to use products that won't irritate it.  The Nivea roll on deodorant doesn't have any alcohol or perfumes while protecting my underarms from odour and sweating.  The formula goes on nicely and can be a bit wet/sticky at first so I let it dry.  It doesn't leave any white marks and keeps me feeling dry for most of the day.  I might have to reapply again as it isn't the strongest anti-perspirant I have used but it still does a good job.  It doesn't cause any stinging or burning so it's something I would recommend for those with sensitive skin.
Light scent and good on sensitive skin.