NIVEA Silk Touch Aerosol

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NIVEA Silk Touch Aerosol is an antiperspirant deodorant spray for sensitive skin that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The quick drying formula is enriched with ultra-light kaolin powder for a dry, silky smooth skin feeling. Free of colourants.


NIVEA Silk Touch Aerosol


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I find this deodorant is great for really active people like me and has a really nice smell to it also!!!
This deodorant here is my all time go to product when it comes to personal hygiene! Often other deodorants leave white marks under my arms and only cover up the smell of daily BO, but this deodorant prevents BO from ever occurring due to its anti-perspirant technology!! It doesn't have a very overwhelming smell which I love, and once applied leaves you feeling and smelling so fresh!!!
I love using this deodorant and pick it up when its on sale. Its a smaller can and easily fits in my gym bag too. I love how dependable and convenient this deodorant is. The last thing is want is BO and this deo says a BIG NO to BO!! The scent is mild and feminine and keeps me feeling fresh for all day protection and comfort. Its a staple beauty care product for me.