NIVEA Silk Touch Roll-On

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NIVEA Silk Touch Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweating and odour for 48 hours. The quick drying formula is enriched with ultra-light kaolin powder for a dry, silky smooth skin feeling. Free of colourants.


NIVEA Silk Touch Roll-On


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I love this deodorant, it not only works well, it smells so pretty and feminine! I love the compact size and the ease at which I can apply this deodorant. It dries within a few seconds of application and it keeps me feeling fresh and dry all day long. This little roll on is perfect for my handbag to give me that instant freshness feeling anytime, especially when I'm feeling stressed or want to freshen up at work. I have repurchased many times and recommend this beautifully scented deodorant for any woman who wants a fresh clean feeling all day long. The fragrance is so appealing, I wonder if Nivea would bring out some lotions and body sprays in this fragrance!
New fab find! I am a new user to this product and have found it great! It's smooth and doesn't leave a residue, it leaves you with confidence that you aren't going to be smelly! Love it