NIVEA Stress Protect Aerosol

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NIVEA Stress Protect Aerosol is an antiperspirant deodorant spray that protects against sweating and odour, including emotional sweating, for 48 hours. The antibacterial formula contains Stress Protect actives and a zinc complex. Free from alcohol and colourants.


NIVEA Stress Protect Aerosol


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All day freshness

Nivea Stress Protect 48hr does exactly what it says, it protects from everyday stress. From a workout, chasing after the kids, cooking dinner or lounging around you know you’ll be dry and fresh all day. A quick burst about 15cms from the armpit is the best way to apply, any closer and it tends to flake. There is no transfer onto my clothes and it doesn’t leave that horrible build up that a lot of deodorants leave. I easily get 24 hours of freshness from each application both in keeping me smelling fresh and just as importantly keeping me dry. I’ve tried this in the roll on version and it’s just as good, I prefer a spray though.
This is my first time using a spray deodorant in many many years, I was persuaded by a friend to try it. I'm so glad I did! It's so easy to apply, with the simple spray nozzle. It smells really good, like a mix between poder and floral, but isn't an overwhelming scent at all. While masking body odour and protecting from sweat. I also appreciate that it hasn't seemed to leave any marks behind on clothing. I do recommend this product and will repurchase.
I don't usually use spray deodorants, but after receiving a trial size can of this product, I've since purchased it a number of times. Perth gets really hot in summer & I need to know that any deodorant I use is going to deliver top protection from both perspiration & won't leave marks on clothing. Nivea 48 hour Stress Protect keeps me bone dry - I've not gone 48 hours between sprays, but can say with confidence that using this daily has kept me perspiration free & fresh as a daisy, no matter how hot and humid the weather gets.  It also has never left any residue or marks on my clothing. It is very pleasantly scented & the aerosol sprays in a concentrated & efficient manner that eliminates wastage.  I've been very happy with how long the can lasts me too. I have had some other deodorants irritate my underarms and cause rashes, but have had no issues of this nature at all with this deodorant. If you need a deodorant that's reliable, effective, non-irritating & affordable, this one should be top of your list.  It's a true 5 star product.
I swear by this deodorant, it makes such a difference to my day and lasts a really long time! It doesn't irritate my skin and I don't find the smell annoying or overpowering.
I absolutely swear by this deodorant! The bottle is 250ml which lasts such a long time despite using it on a daily basis, and the product does not contain any alcohol or colourants which is great for people like me who are prone to irritated skin! I feel confident when I wear it because I just spritz it on in the morning and know that I don't have to worry about re-applying as it lasts the entire day. The product has a "fresh" scent which is lovely as it isn't overpowering in the slightest, and successfully keeps all perspiration odours at bay!
This deodrant works to keep me feeling dry without any bad odour issues, it's a clean and simple deodrant. It has a nice fresh fragrance, but it's not too strong scented, so it's perfect for daily use. When I use this deodorant, I feel confident and fresh and clean. It never lets me down during busy and stressful times, and that's what I need in a deodorant. Recommended for anyone who wants a fresh feeling deodrant which is completely dependable.
I used this one for the first time during a 30-hour long flight, it worked really well. It protects from sweating, works all day ( all flight!) long, makes me feel fresh and ready for the day, doesn’t irritate the skin, is not sticky and won’t flake off.  It doesn’t leave any stains on the clothing. The scent is pleasant, not offensive and not too  powerful to interfere with the perfume you’re wearing. A cool spray bottle with a lock. I enjoy it.
I'm one of those people who could sweat in a blizzard. I was really impressed when I tried this product, it managed to keep me sweat free during the day, and after i week of use i was sold on it's benefits and it is now the only deodorant I use. Highly recommend to anyone who has trouble with sweating it really works!