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NIVEA Stress Protect Roll-On is a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant that protects against sweating and odour, including emotional sweating, for 48 hours. The antibacterial formula contains Stress Protect actives and a zinc complex. Free from alcohol and colourants.


NIVEA Stress Protect Roll-On


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I can’t even live without this deodorant, I will travel to multiple stores if my local has sold out.  I sweat a lot and can get a tiny bit smelly on those really intense days and this is the only deodorant that doesn’t leave me paranoid. The deodorant dries really quickly and doesn’t transfer onto my clothes and you also don’t get the build up on your tees that a lot do. The fragrance is very light and not offensive and lasts a full working day.
As a sufferer of sensitive armpits with the unlucky ability to stress out I am prone to being caught in the middle of finding a good product that doesn't irritate, smells nice and protects. The nivea stress protect is very cost effective and comes in the pretty white clear bottle with orange writing on the front. I found it really easy to use and rolls on simply and easy to the arm area. It has a white lotion that turns clear on application, and I found the smell gentle and feminine. It's quite a light fragrance that is not over powering and didn't irriate me or my underarms once. The white lotion feels smooth and soft, and I feel very fresh after use. In terms of protection this deodorant really worked well for me. I applied it in the mornings after my shower and it smelt fresh all day. As my job is quite strenuous, I sweat a lot but this stopped all smelling and even at the end of the day I had not one need to reapply. I just was kept fresh and dry all day. This deodorant applied quite wet but dried instantly leaving me matt. I found it left me matt and smooth all day. I didn't suffer from ingrowns, itchy skin or breakouts yet was so fresh all day- lasts a good 10 hours. (Havent tested it for longer). It works at the gym, my stressful job, important meetings and a day I went running. Totally recommend, gentle smell and very fresh with no irritation. Well done nivea!
Great everyday deodorant! I never have to worry about perspiring and feeling smelly. I also keep it in my handbag and on most days never need to reapply unless I am heading somewhere after work. It doesn't stain clothes and never leaves a yellow residue under the arm pit. There is no strong smell and is definitely worth a try!
I've tried so many deodorants that don't work but i was pleased with the Nivea stress protect. It has a great scent, works well and doesn't leave any marks on clothes. Its an all round great product and i'd encourage others to give it a go!
I find this is a fairly good value deodorant, even for use in summer. I've been using this product everyday, and so far for the price I paid I'm quite happy, it definitely reduces sweating! I like to apply this product immediately after showers and when I wake up to feel fresh.  On extreamly hot days, I've found this deodorant may need to be reapplied, so i reccomend bringing it in your handbag to reapply as you need! Another tip I can give is do be careful when trying on black clothing after applying this deodorant, I tried on a tight dress a couple of hours after using the product and was devestated to see white deodorant marks all over my dress! So i advise putting on the deoderant after you put your clothes on to avoid these nasty littles stains.  While i can feel a little sweaty using this product, I guarantee you will not get body odor, and you will be left smelling lovely all day. I have used the more expensive, clinical strength version of this product, which is definitely better qaulity and will keep you dry no matter situation you face! So my advice to extreamly heavy sweaters is try the clinical strength version of this Deodorant it won't let you down and will keep you dry all day long, where as by using this deodorant you might find yourself feeling a little sweaty after a few hours. For very heavy sweaters I also recommend applying a little spray on deoderant after you have applied this product, it will definitely help the product last a couple more hours and keep you dry! Overall this is quite a good product that will minimise your sweating but after a few hours will be less effective. It has a pleasnt scent and glides on smoothely without chunks and powdering bits. Quite a good deoderant to try, especially for people who are not too sweaty! 
Although I find this better than other similarly priced deodorants, steer clear all those who are looking for something a little more heavy duty than the average deodorant - if you're actually doing sweaty work in legitimately stressful situations, it doesn't seem to hold up. Some pros are the packaging - I love the glass bottle, and the scent is pleasant upon application. It also goes on clear, doesn't stain clothing, and is quite gentle on the skin. I'd recommend it to people with more docile sweat glands, otherwise, look to clinical protection/strength deodorants.
I would not recommend this deodorant if you are a particularly sweaty person. I love the smell but thats about all it is able to achieve. It has next to no antiperspirant capabilities despite being a 'stress protect' product. I have only used it a handful of times and I finished the day feeling sweaty and the lovely smell had vanished!
I love love love this product!!  It glodes on so lovely, no stinging, no itching - this is coming from someone with sensitive skin!!  It held its fragrance ever so slightly, and it kept those pesky odours at bay (i mean, who wants them?!) Alllll day! I wont be changing products anytime soon :)
I love the Nivea stress protect antiperspirant roll on deodorant! Its such a great bargain buy.  It comes in a round clear glass 50 ml bottle, roller ball applicator and a lid. When first applied, it is wet on the skin, and cools and refreshes. There is no residue. I normally wait a couple of minutes for this deodorant to dry before I put my clothes on and this prevent any white marks on my clothes.  I found this deodorant to be soft and gentle on my skin and very lightweight. The deodorant does what it claims, it prevents perspiration and keeps odour at bay.   It has a really pretty soft citrus scent and it leaves you feeling fresh all day long. I will keep repurchasing this deodorant. 
I started using stress protect after my everyday deodorant failed me for the last time. I work hard, play hard and need a deodorant that won't let me down when the going gets tough. With stress protect I don't have to ferociously reapply every couple of hours, because it lasts me a full working day. I don't have to walk around with my arms glued to my side "just in case" because have confidence in its reliability. Best every day staple product, I quietly recommend it to everyone who's basics have let them down.
This is a great and effective deodrant that I use for everyday use. It's also small enough to fit into my bag in case I'm going away and need some instant freshness anywhere. This deodrant doesn't on wet, doesn't stain my clothes and dries within a few seconds. The fragrance is slight citrus and fresh and clean. Perfect!