NIVEA WonderBAR Anti Pimple Scrub

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NIVEA WonderBAR Anti Pimple Scrub is a cleansing scrub suitable for women with normal and combination skin. PH optimised and soap free, it deeply cleanses without stripping the skin, leaving skin looking healthy and beautiful. It is formulated with natural and sustainable ingredients without compromising the efficacy. It is truly natural and sustainable, offering 99% minimum certified natural ingredients. It is also 100% vegan, 100% microplastics free, has a biodegradable formula, has 60% less water than a typical cleanser, is 97.6% plastic free and features recyclable packaging. Wet your face as well as the bar, then gently rub onto face. Put the bar away and gently massage the scrub particles in, avoiding the eye area. Follow with regular moisturiser.

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NIVEA WonderBAR Anti Pimple Scrub


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Ridiculously good

I suffer with bad hormonal acne all year round however it gets worse around that time of the month (I’m 25… when does it stop!?!?!). I have tried everything! Medicated prescription washes, cetaphil, cerave, spot creams, moisturisers EVERYTHING - I’ve spent thousands on skin needling - you name it. I was super sceptical to try this because it’s just a general supermarket product and to be honest most of the time supermarket face treatments are super gimmicky. I saw it in coles for 30% off and I thought I would give it a go. This bar is AMAZING! my skin has never been so clear, even after the first day of using it. Its not really a scrub, it just feels like a bar of soap. I lather on my hands and then massage into my skin. I use this and the cerave blue thick moisturiser (not sure what it’s called but the blue label one in a tube) and that’s it! It’s a match made in heaven. Usually I’m putting on spot creams every night before bed or concealer on my spots during the day but there’s no need! I feel super confident to go out bare-faced. No one is paying me to say this but I wish they were. It’s an amazing product and I’m truly surprised that Nivea has come out with something that has changed my life! I’ve already gone back and bought another.
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Effective for acne-prone skin

I have acne-prone skin and this bar felt cooling and refreshing, this wasn't harsh on the skin like other acne bars. This wash feels particularly good in the morning and as a second step cleanse at night time, and so far has not aggravated my acne-prone skin. I would recommend this wash for those who have very oily skin and wanting a nonabrasive wash. However, may not be suitable for those with dry skin. This bar is mild enough but can be used weekly and you don't need a big amount of product for the whole face.
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Effective and economical!

I was apprehensive about using a bar on my face, as I don't use soap on my body (it dries my skin out and can cause bumps/a rash) but was ready to give this a go. After wetting my face, I rubbed the bar all over it. I did end up using too much product, but it was a nice, inoffensive smell and felt great on my skin. There was some initial redness after the first use, but I was surprised to feel my skin. It wasn't dry at all. It felt clean, and smooth. I noticed my skin had improved by the following morning (using all my other usual skin care products). I've continued to use this product, and have seen a great improvement to my overall skin texture. It hasn't dried it out at all. I now wet the bar and rub it in my hands, then apply to my face, which uses less product and isn't contaminated by any breakout I may have on my skin. With the price point so low, and a little going a long way, this skincare product is effective and economical, and I'd highly recommend it!
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Leaves my face so smooth, highly recommend

I never knew it was possible to wash my face with something soapy, and not leave it sticky and dry at the same time. But with Nivea’s WonderBar, I’ve been proven wrong. Love it and highly recommend! Th fact that it’s vegan friendly is also right up my ally and is one of the reasons why I would choose this cleanser over others in the market. I’ve already recommended this to my mum and sister, and both are raving about how kind and gentle it is on their faces. Between the three of us, we all have different skin types, so it’s great that it is effective for all of us.
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Works well! and sustainable

I usually often don't use bars as I'm not too big on reusing the same bar product, but I decided to give this one a go because I wanted to try something new. After using this bar scrub for a few days, I feel like it has definitely helped clear up my skin, even though my skin was not too bad or had many pimples, but my skin overall looked healthier and less red. This also felt good against the skin. I also love the idea of how sustainable this little product is, as well as having a great scent too which is always a plus.
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Remind your partner that It is not a bar of soap

I love that the packaging was is all degradable /recyclable and plastic free. It has a nice smell and is easy to use. I had to remind my partner that it was not soap tho which was frustrating at it is so easy to get mixed up. The only negative is that it takes a while to wash off because it is so soapy but also works as a positive because you don’t need much of it to wash your face and the product goes far. It reacted well with my skin, I didn’t see a massive change in the clarity of my skin but I am also lucky enough to be acne free. It didn’t dry nor did it cause any breakouts. My skin feels soft after I use it which makes moisturiser really easy to put on.
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Didn't notice a difference...

A little unsure but don't be discouraged just because it didnt work for me! Used consistently for a few weeks but noticed no difference. I do like how its sustainable but the thoughts of having to use, store and dry this like a literal bar of soap concerns me - not sure about bacteria building up etc. Although I didn't notice a difference, I do have relatively clear skin so don't be discouraged from trying. I have passed on to my partner to use for his body as there are promising reviews for clearing up body blemishes.
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Combination skin type. I have only used a bar cleanser a couple of times in my life and have never been a fan due to the packaging and if not correctly package after opening bacteria can build up and if left in the shower water will slowly dissolve the bar. However in saying that I am always happy to try. Upon opening the bar is quite a good size for cleansing. This bar isn't your one and only cleanser as you can't use near your eyes so you will need one to remove makeup prior. Did try using this all over my face morning and night and found it quite drying and left skin feel quite tight. I than tried using my on my T section only and found it to be quite effective at drawing out my impurities and excess oil whilst leaving smooth. The bar isn't a very abrasive scrub very fine and smooth, pleasant feeling on the skin. Would use only as a spot treatment/tsection cleanser.
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Smooth skin

I really enjoyed using this bar. To start, th packaging being eco friendly made it something that agreed with my values and I like the fact that there is absolutely no waste to the product. With that being said though I’m used to have a cleanser that I use out of a bottle and therefore it is stored well. With the bar I stored it with my other soap in the shower and I didn’t feel as good about this with bacteria etc. I did love that you really felt like you were getting into your pores with it being a bar and using it in the shower. It definitely does reduced lumps and bumps on your face leaving a smoother texture and more glowing skin.
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I was quite skeptical about using a bar on my face as I had thought it would be too harsh on my skin but I was wrong! It actually felt lovely and luxe to use and I really saw an improvement in the redness and acne on my skin. I only used it on areas where I had breakouts and saw some notable improvement within a couple of days which is of course what you want from an anti acne product! I personally didn’t love the smell of the product which lost it a star from me but that is of course personal preference. Would recommend this product to anyone keen to try something new!
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Lovely product

I really loved that a household skincare brand like Nivea are being innovative with its plastic free packaging and care for the environment. I must admit it was a little strange to have to reuse the product and put it away in my own clean packaging but that’s just on me to get use to. The product itself was quite effective and was able to remove most of my makeup and SPF from the day. I didn’t notice any significant improvements to my skin but I really enjoyed the fact that the product was good for my skin and the environment
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Great face scrub

I really liked Nivea’s WonderBAR Anti Pimple Scrub. It’s environmentally friendly, doesn’t contain microplastic and comes in a cardboard box. The product is easy to use, foams up nicely and effectively cleanses your face, removing oil, dirt and make up. I have combination skin and after using this product for a few weeks, my skin has really improved. It has helped to clear away my pimples and the little bumps on my face. My skin looks clearer and smoother than before. This is a good product for anyone who suffers from pimples or have oily skin.
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Satisfactory but not particularly memorable...

I have been using the Nivea Wonder Bar for just under a month. I immediately noticed upon first use that the fragrance was quite strong however, I really liked how the scrub particles were gentle on my skin. At the time of use my skin was quite clear except for a single pimple on my right temple, I did notice that the redness and size of the pimple subsided with use of the Wonder Bar. I prefer a no-mess skincare routine so when using the bar as directed it bothered me that I had to put it away soaking wet. Overall, satisfactory but not particularly memorable.
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Eco Friendly Wonder bar

I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks straight and have noticed a huge difference, my skin is soo much more clearer ,it’s not as oily, and I don’t have as much redness as I did before , I also have never used a face cleanser in a bar form before and I love it , I find it soo much easier to use and you don’t waste product that way. I also love that the packaging is eco friendly and love that the product is vegan. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep pimples away and will definitely keep using this product as it does wonders for my skin.
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Eco Friendly Bar

I was very wary about using a bar product for my face as I’m not a fan of them for bodies. For a scrub I found it very gentle yet still did a very good job of clearing my face and helping to get rid of those little pimples I get on my cheeks and chin. I did find I had a little redness after using it the first few times but nothing since. It does have a slight smell to it but it’s not overly strong or off putting. Recyclable packaging and no wasting of product is definitely a highlight. Only issue would be the fact that it gets wet and having to leave it out to dry I’m not a big fan of but overall a great product.
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RIP pimples and redness

I’m really surprised by how well this changed my skin. I have lately had really stubborn acne around my cheeks and I’ve had so much texture and bumpiness all over my face and nothing was working to clear it but after 2 or 3 days of using the wonder bar, I noticed how much clearer my skin looked. I don’t really have any bumpiness on my skin anymore and my face feels so soft and smooth. After so long of trying to clear my skin with so many different products, I can’t believe that this bar is actually working. It lathers really well and I use a silicone face exfoliating brush with it to unclog my pores which works so well. I also found that the redness in my skin isn’t so bad and after 3 weeks of using it, my face looks so healthy. I also love the sustainable packaging! I highly recommend this if you have textured skin and redness or just to anyone to unclog your pores and cleanse your face daily.
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Fantastic Product for Acne

Such an innovative and new product! The NIVEA WonderBAR Anti Pimple Scrub is made with Kaolin Clay and Green Tea Extract that makes it smell wonderful. I have dealt with acne for the past 10 years, but I have noticed such a difference in my skin since i began using this product. I really like the texture of the bar, as it is slightly gritty but is quite smooth too. I also like the shape of the bar, as it is really easy to use and grip and does not get too slippery. The packaging is fantastic, I love how Nivea is looking into more environmentally friendly options like this one with no plastic! The colour of the scrub does not transfer to my skin as it is the Green Tea extract which also feels very relaxing on the skin. Overall, a fantastic product that I recommend to anyone delaing with acne or pimples!
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Oily skins BFF

Not bad! I have combination skin so right now in the winter this product was a little too drying for me, but would be perfect for anyone suffering from oily skin. However, whilst using this, I never broke out! I loved that it was 100% sustainable and during the summer I will be repurchasing. However my favourite part about this cleanser was the gentle exfoliation. It was a great plus and left my skin feeling so smooth, tight and refreshed! A nice bonus too is that you can use it all over, I particularly loved using it on my back to prevent those post workout bumps.
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Test before use

The sustainability and idea around this bar is amazing, however, everyone’s skin is different so before using if suggest doing a test patch (like all products). I did a test patch on a little bit of my face and the next day I had a bad acne rash there that had yet to clear up in the past 2 weeks. My skin in that area was clear and the rash was something worse than I’ve had before with acne. However the 2 stars I gave it is for the idea as it is a great concept and whilst it may be for some people, it’s not for everyone or myself.
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Great product!

I have been using the wonderbar for 2 weeks now. For the past couple of months I’ve been getting pimples on my face and chest and have found them to greatly diminish since using this product. My skin definitely seems to be much smoother, clear and blemish free. It is slightly drying when I don’t moisturise however when I do moisturise I don’t have the dryness problem. I love that I found this product and that It has helped my skin in so many ways. I have already converted some friends and family and they have also had great benefits. I will continue to use this product and will recommend.