NIVEA WonderBAR Blackhead Scrub

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NIVEA WonderBAR Blackhead Scrub is a cleansing scrub suitable for women with normal and combination skin. PH optimised and soap free, it deeply cleanses without stripping the skin, leaving skin looking healthy and beautiful. It is formulated with natural and sustainable ingredients without compromising the efficacy. It is truly natural and sustainable, offering 99% minimum certified natural ingredients. It is also 100% vegan, 100% microplastics free, has a biodegradable formula, has 60% less water than a typical cleanser, is 97.6% plastic free and features recyclable packaging. Wet your face as well as the bar, then gently rub onto face. Put the bar away and gently massage the scrub particles in, avoiding the eye area. Follow with regular moisturiser.

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NIVEA WonderBAR Blackhead Scrub


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Deep cleans pores

I bough this bar for a cheap deep cleanse, a nice scrub containing charcoal. I used this is the shower and it’s great for combination skin. I have an oily t zone and pores are a problem and it deep cleans thoroughly. I didn’t give it five stars because it’s a little drying and I have sensitive skin so this made my skin feel a bit tight and dry, however a good moisturiser after using the bar fixes this. The only other negative was that it makes a bit of a mess on my shower shelf so I recommend buying a soap holder to contain it. However it is effective on blackheads and gives a thorough clean with tiny particles that get into pores so it’s great to remove dead skin oil and grime. I would recommend it
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Easy to use

Definitely a product I will recommend to everyone! And definitely a product I will continue to purchase myself. Both myself and my partner tried out this NIVEA WonderBAR Blackhead Scrub and LET ME TELL YOU!! Both of our skin LOOOOVED this product! When using, it does leave a slight cooling/tingling sensation but it doesn't burn or irritate the skin. I have a bad blackhead and acne problem and this product really helped. My partner also enjoyed using it, and it is a product that I still keep in my shower and we use daily.
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Interested to try more

Overall I enjoyed the product and would definitely check out the rest of the Nivea WonderBAR range and encourage others too as well. However, I don't think the blackhead cleansing scrub, was for me and that is why I have given it 3 stars. I enjoyed the fact that there was little packaging and it was recyclable, I like the fact that it is soap-free and my face is left feeling clean but does not leave my skin feeling tight after use. I did not enjoy the physical exfoliant, which I believe to be charcoal, embedded in the bar. I found it too rough and for that reason, I would put the cleanser on my hands before massaging into my face instead of rubbing the bar on my face as the directions suggest. I also don't love that it has perfume, but the scent isn't too strong and hasn't irritated my skin.
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Plastic free is the way forward

I trialled this bar as a part of the Beauty Review Crew. It was the first bar scrub/wash i had trialled, and i loved the utility of the bar. The small beads left my skin feeling exfoliated, however they did feel a little rough on my skin. /i could not use it more than 2-3 times per week because the beads feel quite rough when the bar is applied directly to the skin. Moving to plastic free is excellent, and makes me far more inclined to purchase the var again, as well as other products from the nivea naturals line. Some of the messaging on the packaging is misleading though, as 'pH optimised' doesn't really say anything, and stating it is 'all natural' is vague. However, being plastic free and in a bar is far less wasteful.
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Room for improvement

I had really high expectations for this product! I really loved the environmentally friendly packaging and the bar of soap I honestly thought it was a fantastic idea and a create way to minimise our footprint on this planet. I although didn’t have the storage for the product and therefore found it got dirty very easily. The actual product on the other hand didn’t really do it for me I found that it didn’t really help my skin, even tested it on my husband who has the worst black heads and it didn’t really work. It just made our skin very dry and I found it very irritating being an all day mask wearer at work makes it very difficult. I think there is room for improvement and it can really only get better from here.
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Not for sensitive skin

I would give Nivea five stars for just the concept! I’ve seen many different brands do shampoo and conditioner products, but I haven’t seen many face bars, and for a bigger company it’s even better! Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this product for sensitive skin. I am someone who has quite fussy skin, yet I do have acne and blackheads. I found that it made my skin feel very clean (possibly too clean and drying - I got that very tight, squeaky feeling). I came up in a bit of a rash and the couple times I used it I didn’t find much difference. The bar concept is awesome, but a little more high maintenance! I had to remember to take it out of the shower and leave it to dry out on both sides (which takes a while in the cold), before I could put it away in the cupboard. I would recommend getting a soap holder or dish, this would help hugely! Packaging is awesome - just a simple cardboard box, but that’s all it needs! Overall, I gave a 3 star review as the product didn’t really help me and I did break out with a rash (only using twice a week). Apart from that, the concept is awesome and I really hope that other big companies follow in Nivea’s step!
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Scrubs up nicely

This environmentally conscious wonderbar is quite wonderful, coming in plastic-free packaging it ticked all of those boxes. I really appreciated that the bar is vegan and made from natural ingredients. The scent was not what I expected, I was pleasantly surprised by the not overwhelming, being a light, floral, and clean smell it has. It was very easy to use, the shape of the bar is slightly curved made it feels nice when applying to the face especially the grooves of the T-zone. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed using the item as a scrub, switching it out for my usual exfoliator, my face did feel slightly tight after use, but not stripped. There was no lasting irritation of the item on my skin, however, there were no drastic results in terms of clearing blackheads either. It's a good scrub but it's not magically going to clear your blackheads.
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Way To Harsh

I found the bar to be quite harsh on my face. It felt like it was scratching my face rather than cleansing it. The blackheads on my t-zone did not go away completely and my face needed to be replenished with a significant amount of moisturizer as it left my face feeling so dry after using the wonder bar. Perks to Nivea for creating a sustainable product, I love the fact that it is plastic-free and cruelty-free and only uses natural products. The company has put a lot of thought into making a vegan product that doesn’t harm the environment. This product has a lot of potential and is something I will keep my eye out for in the future, maybe a softer version.
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Being a bar of soap, I found a lot of product wastage. I would recommend not using this in the shower as like soap, it shrinks when it comes into contact with water. I also found that after use, there was really nowhere to place the bar as the box is cardboard, and unless you want to come back to a little ball of nothing it can’t be left in the shower. After the third use I found the bar had greatly shrunk in size and hadn’t done much for my skin tone texture apart from leave a grippy feeling on my face. For people looking for a blackhead clearing product I would say there are better options out there, but for people who like cardboard recyclable packaging and are in need for a new body soap I would give this one a try on the body but not face.
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Not bad, however not too good

I like how environmentally conscious Nivea is with the plastic free packaging, and how you can use the edges and sides of the bar to get into the nooks and crannies of your face like the nose, however it left my face feeling squeaky clean and sometimes that’s not nice. I also noticed that one side of the bar was tougher than the other and at some points that felt a bit too harsh. I am also worried about the problem of using the same bar over my face and possibly contaminating it and then putting it back on my face. I liked how smooth and soft my face felt afterwards, however I need more time to see if it has made a difference in my blackheads. I would recommend it to someone looking for a bit more of an intense scrub, but it could be too intense for some.
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SO Surprised

The Nivea WonderBar Blackhead Scrub is amazing. iv been using it for a few weeks and I've noticed a reduction of blackheads especially on my chin and forehead and a slight difference on my nose. I know I wouldn't completely get rid of them getting this but I've been surprised how much it actually works. I used it 2 times a week mainly when I wore a lot of makeup after my normal cleaning just to double cleanse and get all the yuck out of my pores. the bar is very exfoliating so I soaped it up in my fingers then scrub my face but on my nose I just go straight in with the bar.
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Easy and Effective Face Soap

I love Nivea's skincare range, you can never go wrong using their products. So I didn't hesitate to accept the trial for their newest blackhead scrub bar. I have used bar face washes before and I find that they leave your skin dry and don't really do anything. The packaging comes in a cardboard box that's plastic-free which was lovely to hear, saving our skin and saving our planet. The bar was square which was a first for me, soaps usually come rectangular, but I think I rather have the square soap. The price is okay for the product you get. I used the soap every night. I'm not sure if you were meant to rub the bar on your face or wet it and rub it into your hands, but I just used my hands. After my first use, my skin felt clean but not dry and over stripped. By the end of the week, you could see clearly that the blackhead little things were starting to go away. By the end of the second week, I noticed that pretty much all the blackheads were cleared up and I'm not sure if it was just me but my pores shrunk a little, they were not as big and open as they usually are. It's made with charcoal which I don't use in my routine but happy tootry. Overall I was very pleased with the outcome and results this product gave. I will defiantly continue to use this soap and might even buy another for a body wash in the shower! 10/10!!
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Cleanses but dehydrates

I liked the concept of this product. I appreciate cost affordable brands becoming more environmentally conscious and responsible. I was initially worried the texture of the product would feel too rough for my face. However, it just felt like a physical exfoliation. After using the product my face felt tight and looked a bit dehydrated. I found that for me Moisturiser mediated these effects somewhat. Ultimately, it was effective as a cleanser but had some undesirable effects. I believe this would most benefit those with an oily skin type. Anyone with sensitive or skin prone to dehydration should be mindful of these occurrences before choosing to use this product.
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Nivea WonderBar

I was really excited to try this product as a cleansing/ exfoliating face bar is totally new to me. I have used a body cleansing bar and didn't love it compared to a regular loose exfoliant/scrub, and this face bar was no different for me. It was nice but I would prefer to stick with my regular exfoliant. The bar was hard to keep in the shower and annoying to take in and out each time I wanted to use it and then let it dry. I felt like it stripped my skin and made it feel quite dehydrated. I tried to use it just on my nose where most of my blackheads are but the bar shape made this hard. I do like that Nivea have tried to achieve a sustainable but effective product, although the effectiveness fell short for me. I ended up discontinuing this product on my face but will use it on my KP on my arms and see if there is an improvement.
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Smooth after a rough start.

Well for a start, who doesn't want to get rid of their blackheads, me for one, I was eager to try the Nivea WonderBAR Blackhead Scrub out. I found it to be a bit rough but was willing to put up with that if it worked and it did to a certain degree but not totally. It definitely left my skin feeling smooth and soft though. I will continue to use it as it has more benefits than not. For a natural and sustainable, offering 99% minimum certified natural ingredients product it certainly gave other products a run for it's money and I loved that it was 100% vegan and 100% microplastics free, with 97.6% plastic free and features recyclable packaging. For this I totally commend the maker. I would recommend it just for that.
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Wonderful product for people & the planet

I absolutely loved the Nivea cleansing bar. First and foremost the eco friendly packaging is just a great idea. I’ve actually been using soaps and beauty in a bar form products for a while now and I have these small pouches that I store them in for use. So for me this is just amazing. For me personally my skin was softer after using it was amazing because right now in the cooler weather my skin become very rough and dry. I have been using this once a week when I do a full at home facial for myself. Because charcoal is quite drying on the skin, you don’t want to use it everyday or very frequently as you may end up drying out your skin too much. I would recommend that if you have blackhead concerns, you should try out the cleansing bar. It’s very economical, it’s a zero waste product and it does work. Like with all beauty products that you try for the first time give it 4 week (natural skin turn around time) and use it to how it suits your skin best. For me using it once a week was great. But I didn’t end up using it every week, however the cleansing did work on my combination skin and I would actually purchase this again.
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Best solid cleansing bar I've tried.

I really enjoy using this cleansing bar. It's really easy to use and has some good ethical and sustainability claims. I don't use the bar directly on the face as the scrub is a little annoying and I prefer just a foaming cleanser anyway. Just massaging the bar in-between hands creates a nice lather that can be applied to the face like any other foaming cleanser. This is definitely the best cleansing bar I've tried and I love how it's better for the environment than bottled liquid cleanser. I didn't notice any change in my blackheads but my skin feels clean and soft after use with no drying. If Nivea comes out with other cleansing bars I will definitely give them a try and perhaps change over to solid bars for good.
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Missed the mark

I really, really wanted to love this product! I've been on a waste-reducing journey and I've been searching for a skin care product that is environmentally friendly and good for my skin. Unfortunately this just doesn't tick both the boxes. Props where they're due, I think it's awesome to see big brands like Nivea producing sustainable, affordable products and this really met the mark here. Unfortunately for me that's where the perks ended. The bar itself was just way to harsh to be used directly on the skin, and by the time I'd lathered it in my hands and used it on my face it was less an exfoliator and more of a regular cleanser. This wouldn't be an issue if it suited my skin, however it left my skin feeling tight, squeaky and over-cleansed. I didn't experience any break outs, and after a LOT of moisturiser my skin looked lovely, but I can only imagine the long-term dehydration and skin issues it would cause. I also had some concerns about how hygienic it was to keep rubbing the same bar on my skin over and over. For some skin types, this could be a holy grail product, but for me it just missed the mark. I look forward to seeing what other sustainably-geared products Nivea hits the market with!
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Nice scrub bar, but be gentle

This was a wonderful product to be able to try. I have very acne prone skin and the pores, especially on my nose clog up really easily. The ease of using this blackhead bar was a big plus for me, it was convenient to have it on my soap tray rather than adding another container to live in my shower. I noticed after a week of using the scrub that my problematic pores were clearer than usual, which was great. The bar itself can be a little harsh if you use it heavy handedly. Over all its a nifty little product that I can see myself repurchasing in the future.
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Use sparingly

I really wanted to like this product as I love the environmental consideration taken into the making of this product, but unfortunately did not have great results using it. With a combination skin type, I am prone to regular blackheads through my t zone, and have used various products claiming to remove/reduce blackheads. I found this bar to be quite drying on my skin and felt that the texture of the bar too rough when being applied directly onto my skin (as instructed on the product directions). Overall, I didnt notice any difference to the blackheads on my skin. If you are wanting to try this product, I would recommend using it only once a week and not applying directly to the face.