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Nude by Nature Buffing Brush

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Nude by Nature Buffing Brush is an ultra-soft, synthetic fibre making brush for blending makeup. The brush is ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered bristle tips to create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Buffing Brush


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Love so many things about this buffing brush. The flat head of the brush makes it so much quicker to apply foundation evenly without leaving any streaks behind. The bristles are dense enough to blend out the foundation evenly but feels very soft on my skin. Because the bristles are dense, it helps to achieve a good coverage with just a small amount of foundation.
Nude by nature make some great brushes and this is no exception. The bristles are dense and fairly firm but soft to touch. The handle is good length and easy to hold. This brish makes applying my liquid foundation so easy I mix it with little face oil on the back of my hand and with the brush use quick swirling motion to buff it all over my face. It it also great for blending colour corrector and concealer for days when little extra coverage is required. It is easy to clean and dry and shows little signs of wear even after months of continuous use.
Such a great brush for liquid foundation!! I love Nude by Nature products they always have such great quality products that are really affordable. I use this with liquid foundation and found the application to be even and provides great coverage. I use this brush with a circular motion and find the application so use and with minimal product wastage. If you want a great quality brush that doesn't break the budget, this is the one to try!
I adore this bluffing brush, at under $30.00 it’s great value for money as it does the same job as a much more expensive brush. The bristles are super high quality, dense and soft on skin, yet firm enough to pick up the product you need. I love the design of the flat top as it makes it so easy to apply and buff foundation for a professional finish with no streaks. The handle is quality and comfortable to hold and I love the Matt black and rose gold, lovely packaging. This brush also perfectly blends my blushes and bronzers so they look quite natural, it’s a cant do without tool in my makeup kit and I highly recommend it
I love this brush for how multipurpose it is. Be it a dry powder, liquid foundation or thick BB cream - it can handle them all - unless it's too runny. Though I can imagine using it for applying face mask when not useful enough for make-up application. The bristles are right length, so soft and just as described - densely packed. It provides a very nice even coverage without streak marks. I like to start conservatively and take little bit of product at a time instead of pouring it on the brush. Don't like the feeling of all that gooey stuff slipping deep in and getting stuck there where I can't see. Not the easiest thing to clean because of density but nothing sort of a challenge either. Overall - a little luxurious feeling practical product for those who couldn't bother to carry a whole set.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Nude by Nature brushes, particularly this buffing brush. The bristles are densely packed and soft and it is perfect for applying mineral / powder foundation and buffing it into the skin for a flawless finish. It is easy to use and soft and gentle on the skin. The finish you get looks airbrushed and application is quick and effortless. I have also washed my brush a few times and didn't have any issues with shedding or bristles going out of shape. A top quality brush that has a permanent spot on my vanity!
I received this as part of a fantastic Nude by Nature prize pack from BeautyCrew a few months ago. I wasn't actually sure if this was for powder or liquid foundations to begin with as it didn't specify.As I had been having issues applying the Nude by Nature Flawless liquid foundation by hand ,I decided to give this a try with that. The thick,dense bristles of this brush and the elegant thin handle made this perfect for applying the NBN flawless foundation.  It glided it across my face evenly and was so soft and gentle on my skin whilst doing so. The end result was beautiful, even and natural looking coverage . I have used this with the powder foundation also with similar results.  A fantastic,multipurpose brush that is gentle on skin and suitable for applying all foundation types. Pros *Provides flawless,easy application of both liquid and powder foundation  *Super soft,thick bristles that are so gentle on skin. *Thin and sturdy handle that makes applying foundation quick and effortless Cons *I can not think of any! A fantastic brush for all foundation applying purposes
I received one of these brushes as a gift and at first I wasn't sure what to do with it. I think it is meant for buffing in foundation but as I tried it with different products I discovered that it is perfect for applying cream blush. Some of my favourite cream blushes come in pots (Revlon, Benefit etc) and this brish is the perfect size to swirl into the product and then onto my cheeks, The synthetic bristles blend so well and it is not so huge that colour ends up everywhere. It is also a dream to wash and I have not noticed any shedding, either when washing or into the pots of cream blush. I love this brush for this unusual use, and find it works so much better than a stippling bush, to get an even glow, just where I want it on my cheeks. In fact, I would say that this brush has made applying cream blush so easy, that I reach for them more often than powder blushes now. I am sure it would be great for cream highlighters and bronzers too. The only downside is that it is very long, so best to keep on your dresser, as opposed to travelling with you in your handbag or luggage. I definitely recommend this brush.
I have been absolutely LOVING this Nude By Nature Buffing Brush. It is a super densely packed brush with a flat top. it makes foundation apply so easily to the skin and gives a flawless, streak free finish when buffing. the handle is really sturdy and a good length to get the right pressure to the skin. The brush does tend to hold a fair amount of product so washing is essential to its lifespan but it is one brush that i dont mind spending the time to wash it as the quality is wonderful. I have 2 of these and recommend them to anyone who is after a good flawless foundation application.