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Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Set

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Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Set is a seven-piece makeup brush collection that includes brushes for face, eyes and lips. The brushes are made of ultra-soft, synthetic fibre bristles. They are ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered bristle tips to create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Set


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I love everything about this 7 piece Nude By Nature brush set. I have tried many different brands when it comes to makeup brushes but always come back to the trusty Nude By Nature. I especially love the Kabuki brush for my mineral powder application. I get so many comments that my makeup looks flawless when I’ve used that particular brush. Super affordable for the whole set too. They are all very easy to use and I would definitely recommend this set to anyone and everyone looking for new makeup brushes. Great as a gift also.

Affordable , quality brushes

This is a fantastic brush set that covers nearly all my make-up needs, except for highlighter – I have another Nude By Nature brush for that – but Nude By Nature brushes are very adaptable as far as I can see and most of the brushes can do double duty. I am not a daily eye shadow wearer – I like to keep things quite simple most days, so I don’t have a huge collection of different size brushes. The three eye brushes in this small set cover all the bases – a large flat brush for a base shade, a soft tapered brush for blending in the crease and a small angled brush for under eye or lash line, which also doubles as an eye liner brush. I have always been a bit bewildered when You-tubers discuss the ”223” and “225” - a few brushes like this is certainly all I need. The kabuki brush is another favourite for applying a powder foundation quickly and evenly, and I can use the large fluffy powder brush to sparingly apply blush and bronzer. I tend not to use lip brushes generally – except with tinted lip balm, when brush application is a must. The oily texture of a balm is very hard to keep inside the lip line, which is super-noticeable when it is tinted, so a brush keeps everything tidy. The Nude by Nature set is very attractive with its rose gold colour, and the handles are substantial and thankfully not too long, making them easy to control. I usually only take one or two brushes for a short trip but for a longer vacation (whenever that happens again!) there is a neat faux-leather carry case to store all the brushes. And as usual with Nude by Nature, the brushes are cruelty-free and made of synthetic hair. They are all quite soft and easy to use, and the bristles are high quality. I have never noticed any fall-out to date and at such a reasonable price for the whole lot, I’m really happy with my set.
Look no further for a quality,  cost effective set of makeup brushes to give you the confidence to nail any beauty look. This set of 7 brushes are each labelled for purpose, are luxuriously soft, dense and come in a very practical case that will help protect your brushes, keeping them in top shape.  As the bristles are packed so incredibly densely, sometimes effective product pick up takes an extra swipe or two, however this is my only complaint all thi gs considered. I also find that the brushes are easy to clean and that there has been very little fallout of the bristles.  In conclusion, this is a superstar set that will definitely work to give you your moneys worth.
The quality of the brushes is unreal considering the price! However, they do not last long enough for my liking. I do not believe that it is reasonable for the brushes to last less than a year. All the heads of the brushes have come unattached from the handle. I take pride in my brushes and have never had this problem with any of my other makeup brushes. I always take great care of them and wash them regularly. I thought with the first set I may have accidentally cleaned them improperly. However, after buying a new set and having even more troubles with this one I am unsure of what to do as I have never had this issue with any other brand of makeup brushes. The only reason why I have given these brushes three starts is that they are such great quality and apply makeup so well! If only they lasted longer than a year... Would then be a five star from me
The Nude By Nature Professional Brush Set comes packaged in a beige box with a photo of the organiser bag and the seven brushes it contains, on the front of the box.  On the back of the box are photos of the individual brushes and an explanation of what each brush is used for.  I found having the box to refer to, very helpful, as I haven't had a lot of experience applying my makeup with professional brushes. The black organiser bag is a very attractive design.  The bag is made from faux-leather with a rose-gold coloured zipper opening.  Each brush is held in place by an elastic holder. Each brush is labelled so that there is no confusion as to its use.   The zipper case makes it very easy to store and organise the brushes at home or when travelling. There is also room in the bag for extra products if needed.   The brushes are a very nice quality and lovely to use. I have found that having a more substantial applicator brush makes applying makeup much easier.  For example, it is a lot easier to apply a light cover of lipstick with a lip brush than to try and do it straight from the lipstick. Obviously by applying lipstick with a lip brush makes the lipstick last longer.  Also it is more hygienic to use a lip brush to apply your lipstick rather than applying directly to your lips.   I have also found it easier using the other applicator brushes when applying face powder and eye makeup. The brushes are soft on my skin and I recommend this set for anyone looking for a great starter set of makeup brushes.  
I am an amateur. These brushes definitely so soft and do not scratch my face. This set is definitely a good start on learning how to put on make up. Could imagine that professionals can do so much more with Nude by Nature brushes if an amateur myself can see how lovely the makeups look like as the end product
This set is awesome for beginners (like myself). Has all the basics you need. The brushes are good quality. I have had mine for a couple of years now! I use these brushes every day. Nude by Nature, to me, is a trustworthy company. Also love the bag it comes in!
This is an absolutely fabulous brush set which contains everything I need for a professional looking makeup finish. I love nude by Nature products and this is another quality product, the brushes are all easy to use and high quality, they don’t shed at all and are soft on skin yet firm enough to pick up just enough product and blend. I love that the brushes are all labelled as to what they are for making it super easy to use and the brown pouch with zip is classy and so handy to store the seven brushes it contains. With this set I can get perfect lips, eyes, foundation and blend bronzers, blushes, highlighters and Illuminator, love the kabuki brush. The rose gold and Matt black is so classy, this set also makes a lovely gift. It’s great value for money. A winner for me. I highly recommend this
Nude by Nature brushes definitely live up to the hype.  I own this set and the bristles are so soft and I always choose the eye brushes a lot when travelling! They’ve become my go to’s.  They also come with the cutest bag to put them in when travelling!!  If you’re looking for an affordable brush set with face and eye brushes, I highly recommend Nude By Nature! 
I really love this set of NBN brushes. I bought this on sale from Priceline last year and I have found a use for all 8 brushes. I also love the great quality zip case which houses the brushes plus has extra room for other products such as eyeliner and brow pencils, making it perfect for travel. The brush hairs are so soft and malleable and a cinch to wash and hardly any fall out, which I was most impressed about given the very affordable price. My most used brush would be the eye blender brush and the powder brush in close second. This is a great quality set of brushes which still look great after 1 year of use.
I only recently bought this set of brushes and can't believe I didn't get them sooner. The brushes are so soft and nice, apply my make-up beautifully as well as blend seamlessly. The case is very convenient and has plenty of room so you can put more of your brushes in it so you can keep them together and organised. Such a good, affordable price, I highly recommend this product!!
I received this Brush Set as a gift and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of all the brushes. The set contains everything you need for your face, cheeks and eyes, as well as a lip brush all presented in a handy zip case which helps you store the brushes securely. The brushes are all soft and make it easy to blend makeup without scratching or irritating my skin. My favourite thing is that the hairs don't easily shed or fall out as this is a problem I've had with more expensive brands! I am also pleased that they are all decent sizes and not the mini sized travel brushes. Each one is labelled so you know which one is the concealer brush, the eye blending brush or eye definer etc... I think this is a great set for both makeup pros and amateurs like me as it helps me create both natural and more dramatic makeup looks; seeing as the brushes are such good quality and easy to use. I've had mine for over a year now and they are easy to wash and clean with a regular brush cleaner, plus they dry quickly and rarely shed hairs! I am very pleased with this set and highly recommend it to anyone who wants soft, great quality brushes at a very affordable price.
This brush set is perfect. The brushes are so ridiculously soft, and I have had no bristle fall out. Overall I’d say the Kabuki Brush and Powder Brush are my favourite s, and compare well to more expensive brushes.  For eyes, the Eye Shadow Brush and Eye Blending Brush are excellent. They work together seamlessly to create many versatile looks. Especially the blending brush- I’ve never been so impressed with a blending brush before but it’s basically a miracle worker. The Eye Definer Brush and Lip Brush don’t get much use from me but it’s great to have them as part of your beauty kit. The price and quality of these products is amazing and I constantly recommend Nude by nature brushes to friends and family. 
This was one of the first brush kits I EVER got and I have never looked back. All of the brushes are so soft and easy to use. The powder brushes really lock the powder in as they hold a lot of product but transfer onto the skin so amazingly. I have had some of my brushes for YEARS and I still use them to this day, they seemingly last forever.
Highly recommend these brushes! I’ve had them for over a year and every time I wash them they never loose hair. They’re super soft and the travel brush is perfect for when I go out. They’re really dense and leave a flawless finish when applying my makeup
Good quality makeup brush set at a very affordable price. The eyeshadow brushes are the highlight for me because the bristles are very fine and pick up the right among of power and blends out nicely. These brushes are in travel size which makes it very handy to travel with or to leave it in my makeup bag. Definitely value for money.
They are really great brushes! The hairs are soft and apply makeup onto the skin beautifully. I have only had one issue and that is with the glue coming loose on the eyeshadow blending brush. Other than that the brushes are fantastic!! Would recommend them to a friend any day. They are also great value for money
Love love love.  This makeup brush set is great. I’ve used it for about a month now and I have received so many positive comments on my makeup. The hairs are extremely soft, and you can tell they are good quality. The price point is fantastic as it is very affordable considering how good the brushes are.  I’ve struggle previously with makeup brushes as I have very sensitive skin. Nude by nature brushes are the only ones I am able to use without my skin feeling itchy and irritable.  I also love supporting brands that I can not only trust, but also knowing that they sell genuine natural products. Nude by nature is a fantastic brand who are leaving an extremely positive make on the beauty industry. 
This a great brush set for someone just starting out with make up or for travelling. The price point is so good for how soft the brushes are and the great little case they come in.  I have had issues with synthetic brushes in the past ie irritation, especially brushes for eye makeup, but these brushes don’t irritate my eyes at all. They also pick up product really well and blend fantastically.  They also clean up so well, no stiffness once dry and not much bristle loss like some brushes after cleaning. Good to know aswell that after a few washes the handle doesn’t feel like it’s coming away which has happened to a lot of my other brushes if they accidentally get too wet. Since purchasing this set I have bought 3-4 other Nude by Nature brushes and they are now my go to!
Before I was given the Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Set I only had a few basic makeup brushes. The brushes, which feature rose gold ferrules, are presented in a black, faux-leather case which has a rose gold zipper. The case including the brushes is quite light and the case is big enough to add extra essentials.      There are 7 brushes secured in the case by elastic straps.  Each brush is labelled on the handle so there is no mistaking what each brush is to be used for.  There is also an application guide on the back of the box the case is packaged in.    The first brush I tried was the Kabuki brush because I’d never owned one before.  I used the Kabuki brush to apply my Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover foundation and found it was just as easy for me to apply the foundation with this brush as it was with the powder brush that came with the set.  Both brushes provided a smooth, even finish.      I used the three eye makeup brushes and particularly liked the blending brush because I didn’t have one of these.  I already had an eye shadow brush and a definer brush which are a lot shorter than the brushes in the brush set, and quite frankly I think the longer brushes made it more cumbersome for me to use because I have to get so close to the mirror to do my eyes.  But, that’s just me.  There isn’t anything actually wrong with the brushes.  I’m not very skilled in using brushes so it takes a bit more practice to get the hang of it.    I don’t usually use a lip brush however I gave this one a try but it took a lot longer for me to apply my lipstick.  I usually use my fingers to dab on concealer because I think the warmth from my skin helps the concealer to apply evenly.  I still have to test out the concealer brush in this set but it will still get used even if it isn’t for applying concealer.    The brushes are made from high quality synthetic fibres which have a silky look to them and are very soft.  All in all, this is a handy, versatile brush set with brushes that can be used on a daily basis.