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Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation Brush is an ultra-soft, synthetic fibre makeup brush for applying liquid foundation. The large, flat-headed brush is ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered bristle tips to create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation Brush


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Perfect length

The Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation Brush is packaged in a clear plastic tube which is good for storing the brush and also for protecting the brush from dust. The length of this brush is just right and provides good control. The head of the brush is flat and tapered with dense, synthetic, two-toned bristles. The bristles are firm but quite soft and flexible so they feel really comfortable on the skin. I found most of my liquid foundations applied evenly but as I’m not very good at using brushes I then used a tapping method to smooth out the foundations. I really like this brush.

Easy to use

This brush has nice beautiful sleek look and the bristles are also lovely. While I usually prefer a beauty blender or kabuki kind of round top brush for foundation (or in most cases just finger tips ;), this flat brush has been an interesting experience. The tip shape is nice for reaching and covering narrow creases but just as expected, this brush provides much heavier coverage than I like, a lot of product still gets stuck between bristles (although less than most flat brushes I have used) and the finish is still streaky - at least with sheer luminous foundation. On the plus side, the bristles are really great quality - soft, shiny and much densely packed than regular flat brushes. Easy to wash and clean and love the dark color handle as well. In short, great bristles and looks beautiful on vanity but I'm less likely to reach for it than a kabuki brush for blending foundation purpose.

Elegant and good quality foundation brush

This is a 'paddle' style foundation brush from Nude by Nature. As with the rest of their brush collection, they are well-made and elegant. The bristles are soft but still have enough firmness to apply an even layer of liquid foundation, including those hard to reach places around the base of the nose. As with other paddle brushes, I find that this is only useful for applying the foundation but not for blending, it's not quite the right shape for that.
The NBN brushes never disappointed me and this foundation brush is no different. This foundation brush has very soft bristles that does not feel prickly on my skin and blends out the foundation beautifully without leaving strikes behind. It is very easy to clean and extremely durable, I have used the brush for a year now with regular clean and the bristles did not come off at all.
Brushes for liquid foundation are notoriously hard to clean, so for this reason I like to have a few to switch about while I concentrate on cleaning or drying another. One of the brushes I am using is Nude by Nature and for an affordable brush it performs very well. The tapered, but broader, head makes foundation application a breeze – it manages to be firm enough to control, yet soft enough to be gentle on my skin. It doesn’t seem to pick up too much product; great news for my budget as this means there is little wastage, and most of my foundation goes on my face, not on my brush. I can always trust Nude by Nature to be cruelty-free and as natural as the name implies. The fibres are of course synthetic but still very soft and the handle is shorter than some of my other brushes, and that much easier to control. So far I have also found this brush easier to clean, perhaps because it doesn’t absorb as much foundation as my other brushes. As cleaning foundation brushes is a major irritation for me, this automatically earns Nude By Nature a big thumbs up in my opinion and  I can see myself trying more of their brushes in the future. 
This is one of my favourite brushes to apply foundation with. I love that the bristles are synthetic, but feel so soft and natural. It picks up product well, but doesn't store it in the bristles; most of it actually applies to your face which is fantastic. This brush is super easy to clean, I've had this for about a year, and haven't noticed any shedding or fraying each time I wash it.  Overall, at $20 this brush is an absolute steal. Much better than some of my high end brushes that cost me over $60.
I had been wanting a cruelty free foundation brush for awhile and I went and purchased the one by Nude by Nature.  The price point was perfect and I had always been a fan of the brand so purchasing it was a no brainer.  It's a super soft, dense foundation brush that allows your liquid foundation to go on smoothly and without any streaks.  I like that the brush itself doesn't absorb too much of the product which is great because I've used brushes in the past that would absorb quite a bit and cause a lot of wastage.  The handle was easy to hold and use and the flat foundation brush was just the right size to really get around the hard to reach areas (edges of your forehead, nose, jaw line).  Even after months and month of usage the brush didn't shed much which really impressed me.  It's a very good product and I would recommend it to everyone wanting a low cost yet high quality makeup brush!
I just adore nude by nature liquid foundation and this is the perfect brush to apply it with. This is a really high quality brush, the bristles are soft enough to be gentle on my face, great for those with sensitive skin, but still firm enough to blend my liquid foundation flawlessly for a professional finish. I love the generous flat headed brush which makes it easy to use and deposit just the right amount of product and the tapered bristles smooth edges for easy blending, no streaks or unevenness. At $20.00 this brush is a mega bargain, it even looks luxe and is a beautiful addition to my makeup bag for touchups on the go. An added bonus is that it doesn't shed hairs like some cheaper brushes can. Overall a top notch brush that I absolutely love, a great complement to nude by nature foundations. Love it. Highly recommend it.
I've read really good reviews about this foundation brush. The brush was really good when I first got it, but after few months it started shedding loose bristles on my face. It also left streak marks across my face which I had to fix using a beauty blender.  I'll be interested in trying other Nude by Nature brushes, but this foundation brush just didn't do the trick for me.
Normally I wouldn't spend almost $20 for a brush but for this liquid foundation brush I will make a special exception. It really annoys me when brushes leave little hairs across my face and just don't do a proper blending job meaning I have to use the brush harshly against my face but this brush doesn't do any of that. It feels great against my skin, has even coverage, no traces left behind and super easy to use. Honestly for me it's quality over quantity when it comes to good make up products and this product has quality. I definitely recommend this as a new member of your makeup family.
You don't realise how much you need a good foundation brush until you actually get one. For me, the Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation brush has become an integral part to my daily makeup routine.  Unlike some cheaper brushes I've tried, this Nude by Nature brush goes the distance in both giving you a flawless base, and not leaving stuff brush hairs all over your face.  Good quality, smooth application and great price - definitely recommend! 
I bought this brush because my previous brushes were of low quality. This is an amazing middle price range product that delivers high quality results! This brush is grate value for money because it is incredibly soft, gentle on skin, good size for a facial brush, and most importantly the foundation doesn't stick to the brush or clump foundation is easily smoothed over the face and the silky quality of the brushes means they are super easy to clean! There are really no cons to this product that I have found its is an amazing product by nude by nature cannot rave about it enough this is a must have for serious beauty addicts!!
I love this brush! Having tried a few other brands and had the issue of bristles falling out, or leaving brush strokes, this brush just makes the job so easy! It leaves a flawless result, it blends so well, i wont ever use anything else now. 
If you want good makeup, not only do you need good products, you need to start with the right brushes and tools. As much as I love applying my foundation with my fingers for a more natural finish, I still rely on a good foundation brush for a flawless, professional finish, which is where this nude by nature foundation brush comes in. It is firstly an amazing price, coming in at under $20, I've seen brushes for triple that price. It is very nice looking too, I love seeing it in my makeup bag or on my dressing table. I applied my favourite ysl foundation with fingers first, so the warmth blends it into my skin then I go over it with this brush. I dampen it first with a little setting spray so I get a flawless finish with no dreaded tide marks or brush strokes and that's it. This brush had me from hello, it makes my foundation look like it's professionally applied, it doesn't moult or leave hairs from the brush on my face and it's super affordable. I cannot recommend it highly enough, I will be buying more brushes from this range to add to my collection, to make all the makeup I apply with them look like I'm nude by nature.
This is a great foundation brush - having used it for a number of months now, I still love using it. Many of my previous brushes have been quick to begin to moult, regardless of the price point of the brush. This brush hasn't, and has really impressed me with the quality. I would recommend this brush - it's a great addition to any make up brush collection (especially given it's price!)