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Nude by Nature Mineral Brush is an ultra-soft synthetic fibre makeup brush. The brush is ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered tips to create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Mineral Brush


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Too soft for powder foundation

I purchased this to use with Nude by Nature's mineral powder foundations, the description sounded perfect: 'Suitable for all powder formulas, the short, tightly packed bristles of the Mineral Brush effortlessly deliver just the right amount of formula for a polished flawless finish' . I was using Nude by Nature's kabuki brush, which was good, but I felt like having a brush with a longer handle for a better hold. Unfortunately this brush was too soft to pick up or deposit enough powder for any coverage. I would say that it's more suitable for a light dusting of powder such as setting powder or bronzer. I also experienced hairs falling out upon first use, which was a bit worrying. It is lovely as a soft fluffy brush but I would not recommend it for what it is marketed for.

Love this brush

I bought this brush in as a set, this Nude by Nature Mineral Brush bristles are super soft and fine. I use this to put powder on my face and it effectively spreads an even amount of powder over my foundation. This Nude by Nature Mineral Brush is super light and feathery. Gives me a great finish every time. Always make súper after dipping the brush in to your powder to tap the brush to get rid of the excess powder. This will give you a smooth finish. It’s affordable and available at my local chemist.

Great brush for a great price

I've really enjoyed everything about this brush, given that it is in the budget category of brushes and yet the quality and softness of the bristles is undeniable. It's a great brush to use with NBN powders, but works just as well with any other brand and leaves a nice finish and even distribution of product on the skin.
This is my favourite brush and I am so glad I found it!! It is the right length, brush shape/thickness and just so soft on my skin. I use it daily to apply my nude by nature mineral powder and blush. I am certain that this is the best  brush I have owned for a perfect and even application! I literally carry it with me everywhere!
This brush is ultra soft and feels so light when I use it to apply my loose mineral makeup. It's got a shorter handle than what I'm used to, but this size actually gives me the ability for holding the brush better and gives me a good angle to apply my makeup. I just dip the brush into the loose mineral makeup and then tap the excess on the side and then apply onto my face. The bristles are so soft and comfortable on my skin. This brush is easy to use and makes applying my makeup so much easier. Pros: Synthetic fibres Easy to hold and to use Affordable  Cons: Cannot use for smaller areas so use a smaller brush for that Recommendation: This is an essential make up brush for applying foundation and loose mineral makeup because it's lightweight and applies with ease. 
This guy is my favourite brush ever! Not one that i would usually choose, as i prefer a longer and thinner handle, however the beautiful soft bristles feel like magic applying a light layer of powder. The short handle works to its advantage, as it allows for a wider dispersal of pressure if you are looking for a heavier coverage. Its easy to clean, and as with the other Nude By Nature brushes, i think the quality is extremely good for the price. Best value is purchasing the  Brush kits, you wont be disappointed.
Such a good make up brush! It’s so soft and feels so good on my skin! I use it to apply my powders and it applies it so well without leaving my face feeling too cakey! It’s a great size and  very easy to grip. very affordable too! The bristles don’t fall out too which is a major plus! I have used other brands and the bristles fall out while doing my make up but I have not had one fall out from this brush! It’s fantastic
Very affordable brush that does the job for me. The bristles are dense but feels soft on skin which does a great job for applying powder foundation as it holds a good amount of powder and spreads nicely on my face without looking cakey. I have had this brush for 2 years now and it is still in good condition.
The NBN mineral brush is one of my favourite make up tools.  It looks really gorgeous and luxe with dark matte surface handle and a rose gold metal finsih. This handle not only just looks good but also feels good in your hand with the right amount of length. The bristles are soft and densely packed which is perfect for grabing and evenly depositing loose mineral make up products. The best part is you can load it up with product and use it for a smooth all over finish - without having to stop for a dip in between. Apart from NBN mineral cover, setting powder and bronzer, I also like to use this brush to touch up liquid make up now n then as well. I've been using it for couple of months and haven't noticed any shedding or fraying at ends. 
Best powder foundation brush ever! I have bought about 5 of these over the 10 years that I have been using Nude by Nature, and I have never found a better one! The handle is sturdy, grips well and has never broken. Great travel size, fits perfectly in any cosmetic bag. The brushes also stay so soft, even after many uses and washes — the bristles never clump together or leave random strands on your face after using it. 5/5!
If I haven't read all the online reviews here before using this brush, I might have given it 3 stars instead of 2. However, good online reviews do set a high expectation and for me this brush is, at best, average. I do give this brush 2 stars instead of 1 because it is cheap. Having been a makeup artist for the last 10 years, I work with professional quality brushes every day. This review maybe slightly harsh, but in all honesty I have difficulty understanding the overwhelmingly positive reviews. I use this brush together with the Nude by Nature Mineral Cover. The first time when I used it, I found it difficult for the brush to pick up the powder. The finish was patchy, and I had to spend a huge amount of time (more than 10 minutes) to get "enough" coverage - and by "enough" coverage I actually was only after a sheer coverage, as I wear only tinted moisturiser or BB cream on a daily basis. I wouldn't like my Nude by Nature Mineral Cover if I had continued to use this brush with the powder. The bristles are not dense enough to give me a good coverage with an even finish. They are also too scratchy for buffing and blending purposes. I switched to use my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush, which gives me an even coverage and a better finish. It also takes much less time to build the coverage that I need. It turned out that it was the brush, not the mineral cover which was the issue. The wooden handle of the mineral powder brush has already chipped after one use and one clean. Acknowledging that this brush is only $17 I give it 2 stars instead of 1. (For comparison, the Urban Decay brush is $52). However, it does not really do what it is supposed to and it is certainly not the best brush to use together with the mineral foundation like it should be, so I find it hard to give it any more than 2 stars.
The NBN mineral brush has a gorgeous, luxe looking dark, matte surface handle with a rose gold metal finish. Its got densely packed synthetic brush bristles which grab and deposit my loose NBN mineral powder onto my skin quite well. It gives a smooth, even coverage that I can built upon, blurring imperfections and giving skin a soft, velvet finish. The brush comes in a plastic tube which is great to store in after use and especially great for when travelling. The brush bristles is easy to cleanse about once a week or so and doesn't shed much.
I bought this in a nude by nature kit. This brush is so soft and it applies my mineral powder beautifully. I also use it to apply my blush. The good thing about this brush is I find that it does not shed at all. It looks stylish and feels good in your hand.
I love how soft these brushes are, they blend out powder products really well and are very good quality brushes. the bristles hold their shape really well and don't shed. They also wash up really easily and I love the look of this brush because it looks very sleek.
I got this in a kit and it is the softest brush I've ever used! It has really dense bristles and is perfect for powder foundation and blending products in. I wouldn't recommend it for pigmented products or blush or bronzer because it's too dense, but if you just want to blend everything together at the end it's great. It's also really good for getting full coverage out of your powder foundation and for products that don't have much pigment. I would highly recommend it. I haven't had any issues with shedding or anything like that and Ive had this for 2.5 years.
I adore this brush. I can’t rave about it enough. I’ve bought so many different brands of makeup brushes, but this is the softest, easiest to use and most long lasting. In fact, I highly recommend all nude by nature brushes. They are amazing. It’s super easy to clean, disperses powder evenly, and holds the exact right amount of product. It’s love.
I really like the brand Nude By Nature, and this is one of my favourite brushes.  It is high quality and it has lasted years, through many washes, and it is still in fantastic condition and works great. I just wash the brush with shampoo, nothing special, and it cleans up nicely and dries off well after a few shakes.  I use the brush for mineral foundation, powder, liquid foundation, blush and bronzer and it applies incredibly well for all of these products. It is a fairly dense brush and the bristles are super soft and smooth, allowing for great blending on the face. Sometimes my skin can be irritated by other brushes, but I have never had an issue with this one. The handle is very easy to hold and use and everything about it is good quality. It also comes with a travel container so it is easy to store, protect and keep clean.  An added bonus to this already amazing, well priced, high quality product is that it is all natural, cruelty free and PETA certified.   I highly recommend this product! 
I love nude by nature brushes and this one is no exception. It’s great quality, the bristles never shed and are gentle on my face while still being firm enough to pick up, apply and blend product. Love the solid handle, so sturdy and comfortable to use, and it’s a great price for the quality and results so great value. I use this for loose powder, pressed powder and bronzer and the tightly packed bristles ensure a flawless professional finish with ease. It comes in a plastic case which I love for storage and hygiene, it washes well also. Love this and highly recommend it
Another lovely brush from nude by nature! I use this with the loose and pressed foundation and works both ways. I do prefer using it with the loose powder. I find the bristles are dense enough to provide coverage however are soft to use on the face even if i am little rough with my application! i find all nude by nature brushes are really good quality!
I received a free Nude by Nature Mineral Brush when I purchased the Mineral Cover Foundation.   This was a bonus because I didn’t own a mineral brush so having the right brush to apply the powder foundation was perfect.   To me the brush looks like a good quality brush with its chocolate brown handle, rose gold ferrule and soft brown and black bristles.  The bristles are tightly packed and made from high quality synthetic fibres.  I’ve used the brush on and off now for six months and so far the brush hasn’t shown any signs of shedding.    I had never used mineral powder foundation before, or any loose powder foundation for that matter, so using a powder brush was new to me.  I find the brush, because of the short solid handle, very easy to hold and move over my face.  The bristles pick up the mineral powder very easily and the brush glides softly across my skin as I apply the foundation.  This brush distributes the powder foundation so perfectly to provide a natural, even finish – almost flawless.    An added bonus is that the brush comes packaged in a cylinder which can be used for storage to keep the brush clean.  The cylinder has rose gold ends that match the ferrule on the brush.    For someone who hasn’t had much experience in using brushes,this mineral brush works just fine for me and I’m sure it would suit anyone more confident than I am in using such a brush. .