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NYX Professional Makeup Pro Contour Brush

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NYX Professional Makeup Pro Contour Brush is a tapered round synthetic brush that can be used to contour the cheeks, forehead and jawline for a more sculpted appearance.


NYX Professional Makeup Pro Contour Brush


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NYX Brush

This NYX brush is great for applying highlighter and also blending eyeshadows out. It is great quality and the hairs don't fall out and land in your makeup. The brush washes well and dries well too. This brush holds products well and also blends makeup out seamlessly. The hairs of the brush are soft and the wand is a great comfortable length to hold. This is my first NYX brush and because it is such great quality I would highly recommend to others and also I will be looking into purchasing more brushes from their range.
This is a gorgeous contouring brush at a great budget friendly price. The bristles are good quality and soft yet firm enough to pick up just the right amount of product. I love this brush for bronzer and blush in particular and it makes contouring cheekbones so easy. The brush doesn’t shed which is great as some cheaper brushes lose bristles really fast. I find this contouring brush gives me a really professional finish with ease. I would highly recommend it.