Olay Regenerist Niacinamide + Collagen Peptide24 Sheet Mask

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Olay Regenerist Niacinamide + Collagen Peptide24 Sheet Mask is a sheet mask designed for anti-ageing. It helps to lift and firm saggy skin for a plump and bouncy look. It is enhanced with Tension fit design that has an optimum fit on the face, made with a special elastic substrate that ensures your masks will never slip or move, no matter what you do. Luxuriously formulated with at least ⅓ of actives found in beloved Olay products, each mask is packed with scientific super ingredients proven to work hard for the skin. Key ingredients: 99% pure grade niacinamide and Bioavailable Collagen Peptide24. No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or mineral oils. Suitable for all skin types.

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Olay Regenerist Niacinamide + Collagen Peptide24 Sheet Mask


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Smoothes, refreshes

I love the olay regenerist skin care range and have used quite a few products with great results. This collagen peptide 24 sheet mask was great for my skin. It hydrates and plumps and left my skin feeling so smooth and soft afterwards and much more refreshed. It’s super easy to use and super value too, it unfolds with ease and is comfortable to wear and there is loads of serum on the mask, enough to massage into my neck. It is very hydrating and I love how my skin felt after using this, it’s a great anti ageing product for diminishing fine lines, plumping and brightening skin. I would buy this again
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Nice mask

First time to use a non-Korean brand as a face mask and it did not disappoint :) It has very nice packaging, convenient to take in travel or put in the fridge prior for refresh look. The scent is good but not that strong. After applying the mask to my face it feels so soft and relaxed. Also unlike other brands, it has no dripping effect when I open the mask, which is nice ( not messy). And also doesn't have that unpleasant sticky filling after... It fits perfectly on the face and sticks to the skin without the annoying feel. After I took off the mask it moisturize the skin and gives it a radiant glow. I can tell the difference in the mornings as well when I have put it on the night before, so it must be doing something good! Good thing is that it has also Niacinamide. I love that ingredient. Most of my skincare products have niacinamide on them. Which is very good for problems and sensitive skin as well. Also, I appreciate there are no parabens, phthalates, or mineral oils in it. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good high-quality sheet mask in the market for an affordable price!
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Lovely and moisturising

I was lucky enough to be part of the review team to receive this new Olay mask. Niacinamide is one of my fave skincare ingredients and with collagen peptides, makes this a great combo for a sheet mask for most skin types. I have normal to dry skin and have hyperpigmentation which I try to treat. I find sheet masks cumbersome as they often don't fit my small face properly leading it to slide off. In this mask, I found the mask fit OK and though the serum included was generous, it didn't have the mask slipping off my face. I left it on for 15 minutes and massaged the remaining serum into my face, hands and arms- don't want any of it going to waste! Given the amount of serum, it took a while to fully absorb. After which I finished off with my moisturiser to seal it in. The smell is subtle and not bothersome. I found it gave my skin a nice glow and plumped it up with a good hit of moisture. Would be lovely to use before a night out to prep the skin before putting on how make up!
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Left my skin rejuvenated and firm.

It was ok, I was not a fan of how the sheet mask sat on my face it was all out of proportion for my face it was going in my eyes and the bit between the nose the the lip would not stay in place want to go onto my lip which made it go all tingly. I found it uncomfortable on. But there was pros there was lots of product on the sheet mask and even more inside the packaging which I used on my neck. At first the it felt sticky but once it sinks into your skin it felt amazing after. Gave a really nice glow to my skin once my skin absorbed it, Next morning skin was looking firm, rejuvenated and not as tired looking. There was no fragrance that I could tell, it was slimy to put on but not unpleasant. I would recommend this product if you like sheet masks, I rater a jar as i found the mask was awkward to have on.
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Good for anti-aging

I was fortunate to get to trail this olay sheet mask. It was easy to apply though didn’t seem to stay stretched on my face and kept wanting to slide closer to my eyes which wasn’t comfortable. I also didn’t like the sticky feeling when I removed the mash it took ages to soak into my skin. The plus side was my skin did feel and look more plumped and smooth so it does do as it says but I couldn’t handle the stickiness afterwards. If this is something your not bothered by and are just after a plumping mask then this is great.
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Great entry level mask

The Olay Regenerist Niacinamide and Collagen Peptide24 Sheet Mask is a great starter mask for people trying to add a bit of self care Into their usual routine. I don’t often do sheet masks because I find them uncomfortable to wear but this one was pleasantly surprising. It’s fit well, and didn’t feel as slimy as ones I have tried in the past. There is loads of serum in the packet, so where the sheet mask doesn’t cover, I spread some of the excess over the skin. The smell is pleasant and not too over the top. It was definitely hydrating and did make my skin feel amazing short term. I am interested to see the long term affects and would definitely be keen to try a few more to see the results after multiple uses. This would be a great starting mask as it is a good price range for beginners and not too intense.
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Wake me up mask - hydrating and glowing!

Hydrating and plumping - wake me up sheet mask! Such a pleasure and easy to use. I put in the fridge prior to using for about 30 minutes and then I put it on for a relaxing night after a long day of work and never ending lockdown. It felt like a treat for my tired skin. It’s super hydrating and just calmed my skin. Pleasant scent - I’ve used so many Olay products and this is one of my faves… woke up with a glowing , rested and hydrated skin. It’s going to be a staple and part of my skincare for weekly mask.
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Refreshing and smoothing mask

I don’t often use sheet masks as I find them a bit tricky to apply. Although as I am a big fan of Olay skincare I was keen to give this mask a go. The sheet mask is made from a more soft, stretchy fabric which makes it much easier to apply. It also doesn’t slip off like many other sheet masks. It’s drenched in the Olay Regenerist Niacinamide and Collagen Peptide serum, therefore it provides an instant rush of moisture and hydration as soon as you apply it. It has a refreshing and cooling sensation, therefore would be great to use in Summer, especially if your skin is dehydrated. After leaving the mask on for at least 15 minutes, it takes a bit of time for the excess serum to fully absorb. After this my skin felt really hydrated and smooth, and my cheeks had a dewy glow. I am pleased with the quality and results of this sheet mask and would purchase it in the future.
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Easy and effective

This face mask has ample serum, almost too much. Would be nice way to find packing so it’s easily stored and excess is used at a later day. It feels cool on the skin and the excess serum does ooze and drip a bit but I wouldn’t consider it too messy. I left mine on for the timeframe suggested, I don’t feel there would be much benefit it leaving it on any longer. My skin felt beautiful not just the next day but for three days after. I had a clear moisturised complexion. I think this face mask could easily be used in your weekly routine without too much fuss or bother. I question what this mask has that others don’t but it’s lovely all the same. It’s something I plan to schedule going forward. Quick and easy on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Especially enjoying watching some Netflix with a wine. Best way to finish off the weekend.
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Nicely brightening

This mask is feels like a quality and premium sheet mask when you first open it. The fabric it is made from feels soft and flexible, mounding beautifully to the skin. It can also be slightly stretched so it will fit a range of face sizes. The sheet mask itself was impregnated with a good amount of product, enough to saturate it but not enough to be goopy and slippery which I appreciated. After 15 minutes on my face, I instantly saw a brighter complexion and it definitely felt like it moisturised my face. It think after one use, it’s hard to tell if it has any plumping effects. Overall, a great, quality face mask that I would be happy to continue to use.
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A sheet mask that doesn’t slide off.

First up, I love that this mask actually stays on your face. I was easily walking around whilst it was on and no slippage. I usually don’t like sheet masks as it’s like plopping slimy wet stuff on your face that does it’s best to slide off even if you’re perfectly still and flat on your back but this is one I will buy again. Not just because it hugged my face like it was obsessed but also because it left my skin plump and soft and lovely. My skin was quite dry before I used it due to a few days of lockdown neglect and laziness, so it really needed some TLC. This mask smelt nice without suffocating my nostrils as some other masks can and felt good whilst on. It was invigorating and soothing. Definitely worth it, I’ll be using it on a regular basis from now on as I both love plump soft skin and really enjoyed using a decent sheet mask that didn’t make me feel like my face was sliding off.
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Beautiful mask

After not having the best experience with the other products in this Olay line, I was very curious to see how/if I would like this sheet mask. After using this product I’m happy to say it was a great pampering experience. The serum was very rich and creamy in texture and saturated the sheet mask very generously which was a nice change from some others on the market. The mask applied well with minimal slippage after application which is an issue I typically encounter with most other mask I’ve tried. After 15 minutes I removed the sheet and patted in the remaining serum which revealed nicely hydrated and plump skin that lasted for hours after. I would look forward to using these again, though might have to wait for them to come on special.
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Good hydrating sheet mask

I really enjoyed using this sheet mask and felt an improvement in my skin with first use. My skin felt plumped and hydrated. I was left with dewy skin which I really enjoyed and felt soft to the touch once all the serum was absorbed. I found using the Olay collagen peptides sheet mask a soothing and relaxing experience and would definitely use again. I found the instant results were great but obviously to see real continued benefits the product must be continually used. I love the key ingredients: 99% pure grade niacinamide and Bioavailable Collagen Peptide24. I appreciate there are No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or mineral oils. This product is suitable for all skin types which is great as anyone can give this a go.
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Great affordable mask!

Olay makes some of my favourite, affordable skincare products, so i was excited to try this mask. Firstly, i like that the mask has a good amount of serum so there is plenty to go around. Secondly, the design of the mask makes it easy to fit to the face and it stays on without sliding around, so you can move around and multi-task. I used this mask of a night after my shower and left it on for around 20 mins. After i removed the mask and massaged it the excess serum i did notice that my skin looked brighter and plumper.
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Fantastic, hydrating mask that fits!

This is a fantastic sheet mask! I have tried many types and brands of masks and this is up there as a favourite. It was easy to wear and a comfortable fit. As someone with a larger face I often find the eye, nose and mouth holes are too small or I can’t fit the mask across all my face but this mask actually stretches so pulling it taught across my face helped it stay in place for the whole 15 minute suggested wear time. I tried the mask the night after a poor sleep so it had to work hard! I felt that my skin was smoother and more hydrated after application and clarity was improved - I got some life back in my face!! I would most likely use it again in the evening before bed because it balled up a little under my makeup. Texture of the fluid was pleasant too - not too sticky and absorbed well.
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Plumpness with Hydration

I would recommend the Olay regenerist niacinamide and retinol sheet mask. I have tried different sheet masks in the past and happy to say this is one of the few Masks which show results on my skin. Glad that I found the Olay product which moisturises skin instantly. The liquid feels like the serum which is creamy and not watery. It does not have unpleseant smell and feels light. I found the size to be small and not covering the face completely. Sides of the face were left out but the serum was enough to be messaged and left. After single use my skin felt refreshed, plump and hyderated. I have combination skin but if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this mask for you.
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Smells great.!

I don’t often use face masks as I generally find they don’t fit my face well. This one seemed to be one of the better ones I have tried. The sheet masks smelled amazing, and you could tell there was a lot of product in the mask which was awesome to rub into the skin after removing the mask. I definitely felt a difference after the one use as my skin did feel a little firmer and fresher. My skin felt very hydrated while the product soaked in to my skin over a couple of hours after using it. As I previously said I don’t often use the masks but this one is one I would like to use again.
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Amazing hydration

Absolutely loved this face mask! Niacinamide is one of my favourite ingredients in my skincare regime. After I used this it made my skin feel nice and hydrated and glowy. The smell is quite pleasant also. It’s not overwhelming and fragrant like a lot of other face masks I’ve used. I also didn’t find it gloopy and sticky to put on which is a plus for me. I will definitely be getting more of these to use Would highly recommend this for people with ageing skin and or concerns. And this can be easily found in a supermarket or chemist so it’s easy to acquire. .
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Lovely product

I really really love this product !! It made my skin feel soft and hydrated. I like the packaging and that there wasn’t too much product on the mask. It reduced my puffiness under my eyes too so that is a bonus. I would definitely repurchase as I do like my face masks and it didn’t irritate my skin or make me break out. I put the product in the fridge first to make it cool and it was very refreshing. I think it is a great addition to the olay products. Hopefully I can find some in my local store. I also left it on for quite a while and it was very relaxing
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Plump and glowing skin

I love pampering and treating myself with face masks and was pleasantly surprised with how nice this mask was. I find that I usually notice that my skin is plump and glowing for a couple hours after applying a mask but with this mask my skin was plump and smooth for so much longer. There was also a lot of serum that was included within the packet, you could get away with using the product again. I was a fan of the product ingredients used within the mask and will purchase when I feel like pampering myself again.