Pantene Pro-V Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist

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Pantene Pro-V Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist is a lightweight, leave-in conditioner mist that instantly smooths and moisturises hair. It also eliminates fly-aways and frizz. It has a coconut milk and peach scent and is formulated with Pro-V B5, Omega-9, aloe and jojoba for healthy and nourished hair. Sulfate and paraben free.

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Pantene Pro-V Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist


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Game changer!!

I’ve never been much of fan of dry shampoos etc until I tried the Pantene range. The shampoos are fantastic but it’s this Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist that really is a game changer for me. I have really thick, frizzy and unruly hair and find it extremely hard to manage. I will usually wash, dry and straighten it myself 2-3 times for week to keep it looking neat but have found this saves me from any extra washes I might have to do if I suddenly have somewhere I need to go. The bottle is brilliant it fits really well into my hand at 112 grams it is not heavy which makes it super comfortable to hold and style. It has a really easy press down spay nozzle, with a clear cap to keep the product protected when not using. The scent is really nice, sweet and tropical of coconut milk and peach. I simply put a part down the centre of my head and start there the section of I’m going to use the dry shampoo followed by the dry conditioner. But my favorite way to use this especially when I just want to tame those annoying flyaways is just spraying it all over and brushing my hair up into a ponytail. It really makes my hair super soft and feels like it has been freshly conditioned with the conditioner being infused with Pro-Vitamin B5, Omega-9, aloe, and jojoba oil i have found it is really powerful with nourishment. I would recommend this conditioning mist to everyone.

Nourished while controlling frizz

I loved this dry conditioner mist. I use a lot of Pantene products and highly recommend them. This mist was easy to use, I just spray a little on before styling and it definitely makes styling so much easier. I have very thick hair that is prone to frizz and this mist helped control frizz and flyaways perfectly. It smells absolutely beautiful and is packed with goodies to nourish hair. After using this my hair feels soft and silky and looks shinier and smoother. It’s great value for money as the price is really good and the pink and white packaging is stylish. Overall a great Pantene product I would purchase again

Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist

This is the first dry conditioner mist I’ve ever used. Previously I had used dry shampoos but never a dry conditioner. I love the look of the bottle it is white with hot pink and gold and I like that the bottle is shorter and wider for me it fits in my hands perfectly. The scent is a lovely sweet and floral scent which is beautiful when applying to my hair and isn’t over powering or lingers after. After using the dry shampoo I started back at the beginning this time with the dry conditioner. I parted my hair down the centre and sprayed the dry conditioner from front to back then sectioned my hair and respected throughout the rest of my hair. My hair felt really soft after use and found that my hair was really easy to style afterwards. I would even spray a bit of this in my hair especially when wearing up in a ponytail which I often do to keep it looking smooth and soft snd keeping the flyaways at bay. I would definitely recommend this dry conditioner to everyone to use in conjunction with their dry shampoo for soft, smooth and manageable hair.
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hair loving ingredients!

Using this product for a couple of weeks, I found it to be the perfect addition for maintaining my hair in between washes. The product itself is a good size, easy to throw in the handbag or suitcase and nice to have on my desk at work- definitely eye grabbing, however I don't think I'd need it to really leave my bathroom as I found it was perfect to use after the gym or before work. The perfect way to jouge up my hair and bring the bounce, hydration and life back into the ends. The mist was such a perfect and easy application method and the product left no sticky residue! Such a great addition to my haircare routine with healthy hair benefits and ingredients!
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Great travel pack!

I have been using this for a couple now. I like it. The mist is really nice and smooth although it does feel abit weird to have dry conditioner. I would recommend this! Pantene will always be one of my fav shampoo brand and this one is very convenient for me as I travel alot every weekend. It smells amazing and the packaging don’t get me started its stunning! I told all of my friends about this range. They’re looking into it. Affordable yet it works wonderfully. If you don’t like using conditioner in shower this is your other option! Also loveee the dry shampoo! Will need to restock!
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Smells great, but didn't do much else

Like with the other products in this line, the packaging is adorable! The product is easy to use, and smells AMAZING, but I'm not sure whether it actually conditioned my hair in any way. I will have to say this is perhaps because I have quite thick hair so I'm used to using heavy conditioners that really work their way into the hair follicle! This might work much better on those with fine hair that's prone to frizz/flyaways. I have to give 4 stars regardless just cause this smells so amazing! Would I recommend this as a dry conditioner replacement? Definitely not - there are much better leave in conditioners out there that will do wonders for your hair.
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Smell great, Hard to use?

I was so excited to try this product and I am yet to be convinced. I used the product after blow drying my hair, which is when I would normally use a dry oil on the dry and frizzy ends of my hair, which I usually pump into my hands and run that through the ends, so I was expecting similar results with this product and maybe in the future I will have to try that application method. As it stands I sprayed it onto my ends as directed and as its a pressurized aerosol it was quite hard to direct where the product was spraying and it was very easy to over apply in a particular spot, which left my fine hair looking land and greasy. All of this could be user error and I'm willing to keep testing the product out to see if i can get it to work for me. its possible that if you have drier and thicker hair perhaps it wouldn't look greasy as quickly as it did in my hair. The scent on this product is gorgeous and i will try to make it work for that alone!!
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2021 hair got a whole lot better

Who would've thought, a dry conditioner mist?! I've never heard of one and never thought I'd need one till now. I'm a greasy roots, dry ends type and I love having a dry shampoo for my roots but applying dry shampoo ends up frizzing out the rest of my hair somehow. This dry conditioner mist is a lifesaver to keep my hair tame and looking so nice and smooth and fresh! Loving the subtle shine this product gives too. If anything, this product should not be discontinued and needs to be upgraded to bigger cans!!
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Nice conditioner

I have dry straight asian hair. This product made my hair glossy and was lightweight I sprayed the product on the ends of my hair and combed it through, my hair instantly felt nourished and was less 'frizzy'. I would recommend not spraying much as it may cause your hair to feel 'wet'. I would use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. I would recommend this product for those who don't like using hair oils or cream products but want a fresh smooth glossy sleek feel. This product could also be used as a 'hair tamer' to keep fly aways kempt.
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Way better than liquid/cream leave ins

Love love love this! I was skeptical at first but this product is amazing. Starting with the smell which is to die for. I got complimented by people who could smell it in my hair hours after I had used the product. It leaves my ends looking nice, tames flyaways and also gives my hair a really nice sheen. I find for someone with my hair type (thin) this is WAY better than using a liquid or cream leave in conditioner which are often heavy and leave my hair looking oily or flat. Highly recommended for anyone with thin hair, that needs a quick spritz to calm the fizz and look silky and fresh.
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Not bad

Dry conditioner mist is a new concept and I believe is to pair with dry shampoo without damping the hair. I have fine hair needs moisture. It has reduced fizziness and added some shine into my hair. As a new product, it’s a bit tricky to get the right amount in the first few uses. I have to be mindful not to expect damping the hair with this product. Too much product may weight down my hair. I have used it for a few weeks and haven’t seen significant difference on my hair so far. By checking on the ingredient list, don’t think anyone can go wrong with this product. Only concern is added fragrance may develop allergy on face or scalp overtime. Though it smells wonderful like walking into a florist, definitely a nice way to wake up in the morning. The downside is the fine mist goes a bit everywhere when I spray it. I’m a bit concerned it will go everywhere on my clothes and in my bathroom.
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Smooth & Revitalised Strands

The Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist is a leave in conditioner mist that has amazing results. It is amazing, instantly smoothing and revitalising my dry ends. The ends look and feel softer, healthier and shinier. Probably due to the formula with Pro-V B5, Omega-9, aloe and jojoba. It is also sulfate and paraben free. As always, loving the scent of Pantene products. The magic can helps keep the frizz away, and fits nicely in my bag. Would highly recommend for everyone to try as it helps smooths and revitalises our strands.
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Divine smell

I really enjoyed using this product. As with the other Pantene products in this line, the Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist has the most divine scent which is perfect to use on unwashed or greasy hair. As a dry conditioner mist, I tend to spray the product generously on my hair before leaving the house, and I found that it was fantastic at making my hair smell nice and refreshed for the rest of the day. The pink packaging is a bonus in my view - I am a sucker for beautiful packaging like this! It keeps my bathroom looking beautiful.
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Pleasant surprise

This was the first time I have ever tried or heard of a dry conditioner mist. I have used dry shampoos in the past and had to try this! First, the bottle is nice and it sprays as an aerosol. The mist is very fine and sprays at a really wide angle which is good because you don’t want to concentrate it on one spot. I just hold it about 8 inches away from my hair, making sure to get the mid-shaft to ends. Then, I either use my fingers or a brush to comb it through. It really works well at controlling flyaways and detangling my long hair. I also really enjoyed the scent! It left my hair feeling and smelling nice all day! I would highly recommend!
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Keeps my hair looking healthy and frizz free

This leave in dry conditioner mist has been great in keeping my coloured hair soft and conditioned all day long. I have naturally curly hair, which I blow dry straight, however, and any moisture or humidity causes my hair to frizz. But this mist was great in controlling the fizz and kept my hair smooth and moisturised. To use, I simply shake the can well, hold the can about 8 inches away and mist from mid-length to the ends. Then I simply finger comb away. It's great in keeping the ends looking healthy and frizz free. It leaves my hair smelling so great, with the light scent of coconut milk and peach. Plus it is enriched with Pro-V B5, Omega-9, aloe and jojoba making my hair feel moisturised and looking very healthy. Also great knowing that it is sulfate and paraben free. Overall a great product in keeping my hair looking healthy and frizz free.
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A new staple in my hair routine!

This was the first time using a hair mist conditioner so I was very intrigued. The bottle is super cute and easy to use. The mist is fine but strong and the product did not leave a white cast in my hair. I was scared it would make my already very oily hair even more oilier, but was pleasantly surprised that it helped make it look more healthier and helped tame my frizziness and dryness. I will definitely repurchase. It will be a great handbag staple, especially to help moisturise and give life to dull, frizzy hair which is a result from Sydney's polluted air.
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Interesting conditioner concept

I was so lucky to be a part of this beautycrew trial and find these new and unique products. I had never seen nor even heard of dry conditioner before. I did not replace this with my regular conditioner because I just can't bring myself to wash my hair and not condition it. And this product is to be applied on dry hair so I was left a bit confused in what situations it is supposed to be used. I did do the misting on the mid hair/ends and to me, it felt like it was a hair serum/spray so again, it leaves me unsure on how this becomes a conditioner. However, i loved the smell and the ease of use. The mist was easy to apply and control and i felt like it moisturised my hair a bit after the drying sun and beach days.
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Effortless hair care!

I really enjoyed this hair conditioner on my bleached ends. Overall, my hair felt smoother and more manageable after use. It was a little less frizzy and didn't knot as much around the dead ends. The product is easy to use and does not require you to work or rub in a cream or oil like other hair conditioners I have used. The scent is amazing (smells like a holiday or a good shampoo) and tends to linger on your hair for a while which I love. Overall, a great product I would recommend to everyone with drier ends. It's easy to use and effortless. The misting nozzle on the can is also fantastic.
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A multipurpose product I don’t want to be without

I didn’t know I needed this product until it entered my life, and boy, it blew me away. I like to use it after washing and drying my hair. I find it soothes and nourishes my hair almost instantly. I also use it as a top-up throughout the week to keep my hair silky and shiny and the frizz at bay. I love how light this product is, and the smell is light, fresh and uplifting. I’ve even started to take this with me to the gym, and after I style my hair, usually a ponytail or straightened (left out), I go in with this spray to smooth it out, impart a shine and tame strays. This is a spray I don’t want to be without.
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Perfect to pop in handbag

This is my absolute favourite product of this line from Pantene! First off, the packaging is really cute and easy to pop in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day. Secondly, my hair absolutely adores this. I have very fine hair with oily roots and dry ends and found when applying this - less is more. I concentrated mainly on my ends using only the smallest amount of product and my hair feels great! When I sprayed liberally I found my hair looked a little greasy but once I got the hang of the amount my hair felt and looked great.