Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Cream SPF15

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Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Cream SPF15


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I have heard so many good things about this product and had really high hopes for it. The product comes in a beauty black jar that looks very sophisticated. I love it that you have to mixed the pink pearls with active ingrediants into the jar when you first open it which dissolves and mixes with the face cream very well. The product itself has a very faint scent and is quite thin in consistency. After application into the skin, it is quickly absorbed. However, perhaps i have dry skin and really like a thicker consistency face cream which is why i find this product not quite hydrating enough.
Ultimate miracle worker is a fabulous skin cream, the SPF 15 is a must living in the tropics. My skin has never felt better and looks younger than my years. I've been pleasantly surprised with the responses of people who have asked me what I've done to my skin since turning 50. I brought myself this skin cream plus philosophy time in a bottle, these products are absolutely worth the investment.
I felt very fortunate when I was gifted a pot of Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Cream spf 15 because I had wanted to try other Philosophy products after using the Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Retinoid Pads.  I have mature, dry skin so I like to use products that actually feel and look like they are improving the texture and firmness of my skin, and I also like to use products for at least four weeks before deciding on their effectiveness.  The Multi-Rejuvenating Cream is packaged in what I can only describe as a silvery pink glass jar with a black screw-top lid.  The product is a creamy white and is quite light in consistency even though it contains a sunscreen.  There is a subtle floral fragrance which I quite like because I enjoy a fragrance in skincare products.  I only need to use a pea size amount of the cream to massage over my face and neck.  The cream is so lightweight that it melts into my skin and leaves a radiant glow.  The cream is very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling very nourished and plumped.  I like that the Multi-Rejuvenating cream provides a good base for my primer and BB cream (or foundation) and doesn’t cause them to ball or flake.   This is something I have to be careful of with my dry skin.     I have been using the Multi-Rejuvenating cream in conjunction with the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Night cream and the Ultimate Miracle Eye cream because I believe products in a specific range are designed to complement each other to work to their fullest.  I have seen a definite improvement in my skin tone and in the firmness of my skin, and I believe my fine lines are becoming less noticeable.   I would recommend the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Cream spf 15 to anyone with dry, mature skin who is looking for a product to rebuild the natural collagen of their skin and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. 
Beauty is more than makeup, so much more, it starts with your skin and what you put on it to ensure that you have the best blank canvas possible, to then apply your makeup on to. I've tried a lot of skin care products, from many different brands, some cheap and some not so cheap, and Ive become a little picky about what I choose to add to my highly fanatical, twice daily routine. Philosophy, however, is a brand I've tried and absolutely loved and I'm absolutely happy to add it to my stream lined routine. I've tried their cleansers and a moisturiser and loved them, so when I saw this moisturiser online, when I was literally looking for a new day time moisturiser, and although this was slightly more expensive, I bought it without hesitating as I know from experience that Philosophy skin care products work effectively, first time and in the long term. After my usual morning routine of double cleansing and serum, I scooped out a small amount of the moisturiser with a spatula, always a good idea instead of sticking your fingers into pots and jars as it's much more hygienic, and smoothed onto my face and massaged in thoroughly. The texture was beautifully thick and creamy, good because my skin is more on the dry side at the moment, and it absorbed straight away and I only needed a very small amount to cover my entire face so it will last me ages, more so because the jar is a very generous size. It gave my skin the most beautiful, radiant glow and protected from the sun with the SPF 15+ and really left my skin soft and hydrated from that very first use. I've been using it now every morning for a few weeks now, and the jar isn't even half empty yet, and the results get better and better. My skin is softer, smoother, more even with less redness, I'm even breaking out less, my makeup goes on much more easily and I need less of it, and I just look generally more rested, radiant and super fresh. Your best makeup ever starts with your best skin care routine possible, and using products like this moisturiser from Philosophy will help get you on the way to the smoothest, most even and radiant base to apply your makeup products onto. It is affordable, effective, the packaging looks so pretty in your bathroom and my skin and makeup loves them so much, and so do I. Buy their products, especially this moisturiser and find your philosophy to your best skin of your life.
I have used a lot of similar products in different brand names, but this is far the best of all, I have found a lot of difference in the texture of my skin and it is less dry  than it used to be, love it...
This day moisturiser is opaque white and melts into my skin quickly and goes clear straight away.  It's a great SPF15 Broad Spectrum base for under make-up - especially wonderful under mineral powder make-up because it is such a hydrating base.  I find the mineral make-up adheres well to this because it is so moisturising.  I like it under fluid make-up too but find my skin gets a little shiny by mid-afternoon so when I wear this moisturiser I love to wear my mineral make-up - since I have oily an TZone to begin with.  The quality of this hydrating cream feels fantastic because it feels like a real barrier against moisture loss for my face.  The SPF15 lasts all day and I think that's because it's in a very high quality cream and keeps it stable all day for great SPF protection.  I find it works better than other SPF15 products I've tried - more like an SPF30 and I'm outdoors a lot so I really noticed this.   I feel confident that my skin is getting fully hydrated, suffers no moisture loss and is well-protected from the sun when I'm wearing this beautifully textured day cream.  I love wearing it with the matching eye cream which is also SPF15.   
I have been using this cream for nearly two weeks, the difference in my skin has been amazing.  With the change in season my skin was slightly dry but this moisturiser has really helped, an SPF is a must for me so to have this within my daily moisturiser is brilliant. I also found a little goes a really long way, this has defiantly become my moisturiser of choice.
I tried this rejuvenating cream for the first time and it is absolutely fantastic! My skin feels very light and hydrated through the day. I use this as my make-up base and love the way my mineral foundation sits on it. Would definitely recommend it!
I've heard a lot about Philosophy's range of anti-ageing products... Sure to say, using the Rejuvenating Cream was a rich, luxe addition to my skin care routine this week! Perfect for this transeasonal weather. The SPF is an added bonus for this office worker, who doesn't need a high level of protection Monday to Friday. Plus, it sat neatly under my foundation. I'll be using this through the winter months for that added 'boost' of hydration and nourishment.
This is such a great product. The texture is bit thick because of the SPF component, but it works amazing as a moisturiser during day time. Also, this makes my face feel less oily. I normally have to use oil control films every 2-3 hours, but if I wear this day cream I only have to use 1 at the end of the day - and the amount of oil absorbed is very insignificant. Highly recommended product. It's a bit pricey but will last forever.
I really like this product as it hydrates without feeling oily and leaves my skin feeling smooth and plump. The added bonus is that it has an SPF - the perfect daily cream!
The moisturiser melted into my skin on application and made my face feel soft and smooth all day. Added bonus with the SPF.
I am very fussy when it comes to moisturizes but this one is fabulous. It guides on quite thickly but then melts into your skin. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and has a lovely smoothing effect. I would definitely recommend this moisturizer to all of my friends.
I love this! My friend recommended it and I just finished a very expensive moisturiser and this was just as good for a 1/4 of the price. I love how my skin feels and I will definitely be buying this in the future. if you like SKII, LaMer or Sisley try this! I like everything about it the packaging, how my skin feels and the price is really reasonable...I cant tell if I look younger but it makes me happy. I am going to try the eye cream next...very pleased with the recommendation.
After using this product for 1 week, I was pleasantly surprised. My skin feels amazing and hydrated (without feeling too oily). I would definitely recommend adding this product to anyone's beauty routine. 
What an amazing product I had the pleasure of trialling. I love that this daily moisturiser for Philosophy Miracle Worker Multi Rejuvenating Cream is so nourishing, and really makes a difference to my skin texture and early anti-ageing concerns after a relatively short time. It sits really beautifully under make up and I loved how smooth my skin felt and how hydrated it was. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted an all-in-one solution for an anti ageing day cream.
Loving this product! It’s luxurious, absorbs nicely and my skin feels amazing after just a week. It doesn't feel heavy on my face like some other creams I’ve tried. The added SPF is also a bonus!
This product was such a pleasant surprise! The cream feels divine, and has a really nice texture, not too heavy, but nourishing to the touch. Having sensitive skin I really struggle with creams and generally try to stick to all natural/organic so I started the trial with trepidation. One week later my skin definitely feels softer, and most importantly hasn't had any bad reactions to the cream.  Based on this experience I would definitely recommend and intend to continue to use it myself!
With winter approaching I had been looking for a more hydrating moisturiser for the cooler months.  Well this one has certainly filled the brief!  In just over a week I have noticed the difference in my skin - it's still feeling plump and smooth at the end of the day.  Plus it has the added benefit of an SPF.  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good all round daily moisturiser that you can feel is really making a difference to your skin.
Really good first impression! It is thick and deeply moisturising. The thick texture is lovely. A little goes a long way. I normally have very oily skin and this does not make me oily throughout the day like most creams do. Does not cause any breakouts either. Would recommend on this splurge!