ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream

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ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream is a cream that intensively hydrates, brightens and improves skin moisture barrier. Reduces appearance of spots and helps correct uneven skin tone. SACCHARINA-GLY-N COMPLEX™, helps prevent and reduce appearance of spots. With Laminaria saccharina extract, harvested from the northern coast of France, known to effectively reduce discoloration. NAG helps reduce dark spots for even skin tone.

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ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream


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Lock in the goodness with this repairing cream

After experiencing some redness and sensitivity in my skin from my current skincare regime, I was excited to try the ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream. This product comes in a white plastic pot with screw top lid. The product itself is white, very creamy but also had a silicone type feel to it. I found it quite heavy for a day cream however had no issues applying other products over the top of it or getting it to absorb into the skin. The cream didn't have any apparent scent which is always a good thing. After trialling this product (in conjunction with the other products in the range) I found my skin was more hydrated, felt smoother and a little brightened than before using these products. I also found my redness and sensitivity disappeared within a week of using these products as well which I was so excited about. I really didn't expect such great results from a drugstore skincare.

ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream

I was pleasantly surprised that the brightening repair cream was a gel like texture. I did not notice a scent and after using along with the Brightening Hydrating Essence Water and the Brightening Spot Fading Essence my skin is was tingly the next morning and my nose was a little flaky and dry in spots particularly on the sides of my nose. After a couple of days using morning and night I started using alternate days for a week or so until my skin was able to tolerate the trio morning and night. I found the cream very comforting and hydrating and after using the trio of products in this range I noticed my skin tone was brighter and even. The only downfall I could say was that there was no little applicator to scoop up the cream from the tub and with that price point i believe there’s should be one, I also find it unhygienic dipping your fingers into the tub of cream. As this cream is of a gel like consistency I used around a pea size amount and using after the Brightening Hydrating Essence Water and the Brightening Spot Fading Essence I found that was plenty on my skin.
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Good for night-time use

I applied the ProX brightening repair cream as part of a 3-part routine which included the serum and essence. I love the colour scheme and the look of the packaging, however I do have some reservations about applying cream from a jar, for hygiene reasons. After the first week, my skin became a little dry, so I used the repair cream at night as part of the routine, but not in the morning. This seemed to give my skin time to recover and by the end of the second week my skin seemed brighter. I persisted with the serum and essence in the morning and used all three products before bed. I am happy with the results.
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Unfragranced rich cream which left my skin feeling very moisturised with an overall brightening effect. Although quite heavy, it did not leave my skin feeling oily, qould use again
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Even toned skin

This cream comes in a luxurious tub. The cream has a Soft Velvety texture.There is no fragrance in the cream. I apply this as a third step in the Olay Pro x brightening range. Apply it after hydrating essence and spot fading essence. I found this cream absorbed well into my skin despite layering it on after two products. There were no pilling issues or heavines. I also applied a good Chunk of sunscreen on top and there were no issues of Pilling. Initially I was using the products two times a day and I found my skin getting dry and tingly. I then reduced usage to once a day and my skin Settled and returned back to normal. After 5 weeks of use my skin glows and looks so bright and clear. My Skin is acne prone and I am happy to report I do not get any breakouts from this range. very impressed with the professional quality of these products. To conclude , the Olay Pro x brightening range has worked on my skin. It diminished the dull skin and made my skin glow and look so supple and healthy.
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Good night cream

A good moisturizer, however i didn't notice an overall impact on my skin in terms of appearance. I found it quite good at locking in moisture overnight. Nice texture and unobtrusive scent.
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Nice product but not for me

I found this cream a bit thick and it took a while to absorb. I don't think it was suited to my skin as I had some blemishes appear after using it. It was packaged beautifully and was a lovely smooth texture. I liked that it had very little scent and wasn't overpowering. It's a shame that I didn't really see any results other than causing my skin to have a mild breakout.
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Not for me

I have to agree with some of the other reviews here, that after using all 3 products in this range I seem to be getting more dry rather than hydrated or glowy. I have combo skin which can be occasionally sensitive but most products I try are ok with no bad side effects. Not sure if the combo of all 3 products isn't recommended but my skin was becoming far too dry to continue use after a week or so, even with the use of a hydrating oil included. All this aside, the creamy texture and the bottle are great and feel very luxe to use. I had high hopes for this based on initial impressions but sadly not one for me :(
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My Repair Cream

I greatly enjoyed trialling out the ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream, it was very hydrating on my skin and made it glow and feel very soft. The cream is a thick consistency but it absorbed well into my skin and didn’t feel heavy and overpowering. There wasn’t a fragrance in the cream which is good if you don’t like strong fragrance creams. The cream was quick and easy to apply and my skin felt smoother and brighter, with added hydration which was great for me as my skin can get a bit dry sometimes, so need a good cream to cater for my skin requirements. I will definitely purchase this product again as it has been very helpful with my pigmentation and making my skin look brighter and younger. I have been using the cream in conjunction with ProX by Olay Brightening Spot Essence Serum and the ProX by Olay Hydrating Essence Water every day and night and this has greatly improved my skin.
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Fragrance free hydration

Has a very brightening effect with a thick consistency. It hydrated my skin well without feeling greasy or oily and left it feeling smooth and soft. Love that it is fragrance free which is great for sensitive skin.
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Lovely texture, mixed results

Thanks to Beauty Crew for sending me this moisturiser to trial. I used this serum in conjunction with the Brightening Hydrating Essence, and the Brightening Spot Essence Serum. I used all three as my night-time skin care for one month, with the only other product a simple cleanser, and occasionally a mask or oil. My morning skincare is simple cleanser and moisturiser/sunscreen. I would definitely recommend this cream as more suited to night-time use. It has a thick and creamy/jelly-liked texture which makes it lovely to apply, but potentially slippery under make-up application. I found it offered some brightening properties, but wasn't as hydrating as I expected. I have normal to dry skin, and after repeated use of this product (in conjunction with the others) I felt like my skin needed a hyaluronic acid boost or something to make it a bit juicier. I suspect people with skin that tends to more oily might have better results on that front.
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Non-greasy, hydrating cream

This Brightening Repair Cream comes in decent sized jar (48g), and I have been using it twice daily in conjunction with the ProX Hydrating Essence Water and Spot Fading Essence. The cream appears to have a thick consistency, however as soon as you apply it to your face and neck it absorbs really well, leaving no greasy feel. It has a hydrating texture and adds an instant healthy, dewy glow to my skin. I have slightly dry cheeks and would have liked if this cream was a bit more nourishing, but it definitely does a good job smoothing and hydrating my skin. I am pleased it is fragrance free, and it can be used both day and night. With continued daily use I am noticing my skin is starting to look and feel smoother, and slightly more even and radiant. The cream is not super cheap, but given that it contains a nice mix of skin brightening ingredients and it can be used both day and night, I think it's pretty good value.
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Thick and Luxurious

The repair cream had such a thick luxurious feel to it. Easily absorbed into the skin. Definitely left it feeling hydrated. Left skin feeling smooth. I noticed spots had gone or faded but i feel this was due to a combination of using all 3 ProX products. Great range!
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Hydrating & thick

I used this twice a day onto cleansed skin after using the Olay Spot fading Essence. It comes in a 48g easy to use plastic tub. The product itself is white and thick as your typical face creams, once on the skin, it feels hydrating and it softens the skin. It's not too oily and great for over 40 skin. It has a slight fragrance, a bit like chemicals or active ingredients. Unfortunately, I did not see a reduction in pigmentation, but the product did moisturize and soften the texture of my skin

Drying on my skin and experienced dry patches.

Thank you so much Beautycrew and Olay for the opportunity to trial and review the ProX by Olay range. I have been given approximately 5 weeks to trial the whole range of ProX by Olay Brightening range - consists of hydrating essence, a spot fading serum and a brightening repair cream. The whole range features a "Saccharina - Gly - N Complex". Laminaria saccharina extract can be found towards the bottom of the ingredient list in each product. The cream also contains N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG), which is a product that P&G (Olay) claims to lighten pigmentation (but so far does not seem to be supported by other independent studies). It has the action of an exfoliant. However, I found it more exciting that the whole range contains niacinamide as the 2nd (and in the case of the cream, the 4th) ingredient. Niacinamide has been widely proven to be effective against pigmentation at a concentration of 5% or above. The cream itself comes in a big, 50mL plastic jar. It is fragrance free. It feels luxurious to apply with a viscous texture. Despite the rich feeling, it does not feel greasy after the cream has dried on skin. In fact, it has more of a "drying effect" rather than hydrating effect, especially when applied in the evening. The cream is difficult to work with. It tends to pill with other products such as sunscreen and makeup. One of the tricks that I found was to apply other products on my skin quickly, so to "mix" them in with this cream (as oppose to wait and let this product absorb) in order to avoid peeling. However, the whole lot would start to pill if I touch my face in the afternoon. When I applied this cream in the evening, the next morning I could rub the product off my face using my fingers. The pilling was completely due to the cream (not the other two products). I started off using the cream a few days ahead of the essence and serum, and by the second day I experience dry patches on my face which are usually not there. The dry patches are particularly severe around my nose and mouth. Towards the end of the first week, pimples also start to appear. Once I discontinued this cream after 2 weeks, my skin came back to normal again (while continuing to use the essence and the serum). Therefore, the cream is the only product that does not agree with my skin. With the remainder of the products, I continued them until the end of the trial period (which is approximately 5 weeks). I took a few before and after pictures and I could not see any significant difference, but I am overall happy with the condition of my skin, such as hydration level and smoothness.
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I preferred using this one at night as I wear makeup during the day. This was a thick and luxurious cream which instantly made my skin feel hydrated and taken care of. I have noticed that in conjunction with other products from the range, my sun spots are starting to fade and my skin feels more even. I’m looking forward to continuing with this product. Fragrance free is a big bonus, especially for sensitive skin.
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Great Brightening Repair Cream!

This Brightening Repair cream definitely gives that hydration my skin needed. The cream is so silky smooth and absorbs quickly on my skin. It has a pleasant smell and is not greasy! Also works well with make up applications. I have been using this cream day and night for over a month along with the hydrating essence water and spot essence serum and I must say these products all worked well together in improving the discoloration and dryness of my facial skin. My skin feels extra smooth, hydrated, glowy and brighter.
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Like an overnight facemask

I have been using this at night on my face but also giving my neck a good go. The skin on my neck has improved in texture and hydration. The cream is lovely heavy cream but it is easily absorbed. Perfect for dry and dull skin to give you hydrated and smoother brighter skin.
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Amazing brightening moisturiser!!

It's a light, fragrance free face cream that absorbs well and feels amazing for day and night use. I wake in the morning and my face feels so soft. My skin is definitely brighter and my pigmentation has definitely faded after three weeks of use. I've use this product with the Hydrating Essence Water and Spot Fading Serum.
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Brightened My Skin

Nice light moisturiser that is easily absorbed. It got rid of some dry patches that I've had for ages. A little goes a long way. Skin feels moisturised and soft. Helped to fade skin discoloration (I used it in conjunction with the Olay Brightening Serum). Did not pill under makeup, so great for both day and night.