Pureology Fullfyl Shampoo

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Pureology Fullfyl Shampoo increases density and thickness in colour-treated hair while cleansing. It is developed with the plant based amino acid and protein Phyto-Blend to create a thick, textured effect. 

Available in 250mL.


Pureology Fullfyl Shampoo


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One of my favourite things about beauty is having good, thick, and luscious, flowing hair, and the feeling of confidence I get from that. Experimentation with different hair colours, styles and looks is my favourite way to spend a lazy morning. Dying my hair all the colours of the rainbow and pinning it up or having it fall over my shoulders and back in loose, full and voluminous waves is really the only way, besides makeup, that I feel my inner creative being release itself in all its glory. To do this to the best of my ability, I really need my hair to be at its very best and beautiful, so I use the best products I can, and have a whole collection of hair beautifying products in reach for my every day needs and wants, and because my hair is on the fine, flat and frizzy side most of the time, most of the hair care products I own promise to thicken, lift, and bulk up my tresses to full, voluminous heights, and only a few brands, such as Pureology and this fullfyl shampoo, really live up to those fairly big and full promises. When I next stepped into the sanctuary that is my bathroom shower, I soaked my locks in lukewarm water and squirted out a small amount of this thick, creamy and heavenly smelling shampoo and massaged thoroughly into my roots to my ends, rinsed, repeated, rinsed again, then followed with the matching conditioner, rinsed for a final time and wrapped up my damp tresses into my hair turban and continued on with my beauty routine for that day. After gently rubbing the excess water from my strands, combed through and left to fully air dry. Looking in the mirror at the results later, I was very pleased and impressed with my now thick, full, shiny, radiant and absolutely voluminous and lifted locks, that flowed in soft, shiny masses down my shoulders and back. Pureology promises to give you the most beautiful, shiny, soft and radiant and full hair, using any of their products, and they certainly deliver on those claims instantly and as you use it again and again, improving the look and feel of your hair. The price of $37.95 for each product may seem a bit steep for some people, but when they instantly deliver on beautiful hair and continue to improve the condition of your hair in the long, long term, you will not bat an eyelid at parting with that money. It's value for money, quality, quantity and effectiveness. In my beauty filled world, beautiful hair equals true inner and outer beauty, and when you are lucky enough to use lovely products such as Pureology, you will instantly and long term, get that wonderful feeling of power, confidence and happiness that is second to nothing else.
pureology is a really high quality product and I adore this shampoo. I have tried other products in this range always with impeccable results. I cant speak highly enough of this brand. I bought this shampoo to care for my colour treated hair to make the colour last. This shampoo delivers excellent results, it smells divine, lathers up really well and rinses clear to leave hair super soft, manageable and so shiny. I used it with the matching conditioner and even though its a little pricey it is a professional salon quality finish. This shampoo cleanses well and leaves my hair full of volume and my colour lasts longer, a great product and brand i highly recommend