Pureology Pure Volume Style+Care Infusion

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Developed for medium to thick hair, Pureology Pure Volume Style Infusion builds volume and body while providing 72-hour frizz control. It contains Intra-Cylane to strengthen the hair and xylose to protect against heat damage.

Available in 150mL.


Pureology Pure Volume Style+Care Infusion


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Purelogy style & care infusion -volume- is an all round brilliant product. This product combines nourishing ingredients with volume plumping additives for those with fine damaged thin hair that needs extra gentle care and volume. On squeezing the tube the lotion delivers two serums-one white cream and one a clear lotion-in your hand this combines together. The serum becomes a thick but spreadable lotion. Its clever because while both are in the tube one serum is on the outside of the pretty pink container and one on the inside. Its a screw top lid but it doesn't run out quickly-it does need you to squeeze the bottle to come out. I would prefer a pump top but its easy to work with. I spread this easily through my hair and it makes it so easy to brush- I only need a 10cent piece. This product gives amazing volume to hair without leaving it dry or crunchy. The ends of my hair feel smooth & soft with zero fly-aways. Encased in the lotion is oils and hydrating ingredients so I get care and volume. This gives lots of volume but is gentle. On top of all this there is also a protective heat styling ingredient so you don't have to worry about heat styling damage. This in an in-genuineness product for those who suffer from fine damaged dyed hair that also needs volume. Gone all the days I need to use --volume mousse- then oil- then heat protection- then extra care- this completely eliminates the need for all the endless and lots of products for fine flat damaged care. Tips ? Use on wet hair post washing. Mix two serums together in hand and run through. Only use small amounts to start with. Can be used for blow dying for extra volume but also can be used when letting hair air dry for smoothness. Recommended for-   Damaged flat hair that needs volume and protection. Dyed hair. Blonde flat hair. Overly processed hair that needs gentle care.