Redken Extreme Length Primer

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Redken Extreme Length Primer is a rinse-off hair treatment. The formula contains biotin to provide weightless conditioning and build strength from root to tip. Hair is stronger and grows faster. Use daily or weekly as an intensive treatment. For best results follow with Extreme Length Sealer.


Redken Extreme Length Primer


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I brought this product as my ends are frayed beyond belief. I was hoping that this would help seal them up, or at the least stop them from frizzing up. I have used this product a number of times since I brought it and I can honestly say that for me this product along with The sealer has definitely improved my hair in leaps and bounds. I have applied it both directly after shampooing followed by conditioner and also after conditioning as a final step before rinsing and following with The Redken Sealer, once I get out of the shower. It worked well both times but I think I prefer using it after conditioner as a last step before rinsing, because then The Sealer is the next product you put on your hair. When I applied it in the shower my hair instantly felt better, stronger and not out of control. It makes the hair feel healthier than a  conditioner does. What I love about this product, is that it strengthened my hair and made my ends look so much healthier without making it feel oily. It felt and looked super clean and healthy, with ends that you could see unlike the transparent ones I had before. I would recommend this product for anyone that wants better looking ends and will be happy to use The Sealer too. The cons are that it’s quite expensive and that you need to buy a second product for the optimum results.