Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Longwear Makeup Combination/Oily

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Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Longwear Makeup is a foundation with two unique formulas which include skincare ingredients catered to your skin type, to deliver medium-to-full buildable coverage, which lasts all day. The Combination/Oily variant protects and nourishes with Vitamin E and controls oil all day thanks to the earth-sourced multi-mineral powders. Available in 11 shades: Ivory, Buff, Sand Beige, Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Fresh Beige, True Beige, Natural Tan, Toast and Caramel.

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Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Longwear Makeup Combination/Oily


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my new fave foundation

I absolutely love this foundation! The colour matches my skin perfectly! It photographs beautifully and does not give you that white/ghost face in flash photography which is great as it contains SPF 15 (which is what causes this). It is very long lasting and perfect for oily skin types. Provides a beautiful medium to full coverage and has a semi-matte finish. I got compliments on how good my skin looked when I wore this foundation. Packaging is glass with a pump which is very convenient and easy to use. There are no overly noticeable fragrances.
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Great for short term use

What a wonderful foundation. It's lightweight and offers a good amount of coverage. Usually I do use Estee lauder double wear foundation so my standards for staying power are quite high. I wouldn't say this lasts as well but it will be perfect for a lighter look on my good skin days as this foundation was perfect to last for a lunch or dinner. I did found for my work day in Cairns I needed touch ups to have this one last the full day. In saying that I loved the way this sat on my skin. It felt lovely and didn't transfer onto clothing. It did however fade a little over the day with sweat and the humidity. But for short use it is amazing. It didn't settle in my pores or fine lines and was easy to apply and blend. The colour matching online is also wonderful as the shade I received is the one for me. I will repurchase and keep using this product for short term use for holidays and lunches as it is still a great product. I think if you were in air conditioning it would last a whole work day. Thanks again for my trial I really enjoyed this experience.
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Thank you!!!!

omg... i literally cannot express how much love i have for this foundation. some backstory: i've never been the type of person to wear foundation/intense makeup. maybe its cause i've always found it hard to find a match for my skin tone - i'm pale, but with an olive undertone (my dad is from cyprus and my mums from germany/ireland) so most foundations look super orangey and bad on my face. but WOW. i picked up the shade 150 buff (normal/dry) and i was AMAZED!!! it's so perfectly neutral that it works, not pink, but not overly yellow either. so there's that. the foundation itself is also very versatile. i prefer to use maybe a half a pump on my whole face and apply it like moisturizer with my hands, and it's basically like a natural skin tint. it covers imperfections, evens out the skin, and looks natural! i'm in love. THANK U REVLON<3
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A good backup

This foundation was smooth and easy to apply. No sticking, streaking or caking which was great! I also probably should have asked for a sample prior to receiving the product as the colour was 100% right for my skin. Overall, I liked this foundation. However it wouldn't be my go to. I found that it did stay put which was great, but did not have as much coverage as I would like, but this could have also been due to the incorrect colour choice. If you have troubled skin, i would say that it probably wouldn't conceal much. In addition, it contains SPF15 which just saves time of applying additional sunscreen to your face. I liked how the product is Infused with Vitamin E and Multimineral Powders.
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loved it

This product is absolutely amazing. Feels really nice and hydrated throughout the day. It works really well on the Oily/Combination skin, doesn't feel greasy and stays put for a long time. It gives a matte finish without looking too cakey or drying. It sets really well on the skin and don't set in smile lines. I used it in the day as well as night and it works really well in both environment. I've used other Revlon foundations as well but this one will be my new fave. I got this product as a trial and used it for three weeks and very satisfied with the results.
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I wish I could’ve selected the color

I received this as part of reviewcrew. Unfortunately I can’t give an honest review on this product as it was not matched to my skin tone. This means that I did not use it enough. It is definitely a matte finish and lasts quiet a while. Drawback is that it does not go on smoothly. It is a bit streaky. It is also not full coverage. It is somewhat buildable but not as much as I am used to. Overall it’s an alright product. There’s definitely better options on the market. As for the claims of improving skin and the presence of vitamin E, I can’t really comment on it greatly as I was not able to use it for long enough.
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Super Suprised!

Super surprised by this foundation, i usually wear a mineral powder foundation as I don’t like the heavy feeling of the liquid foundation however this liquid foundation is made for combination oily skin type and felt quite light after the application with a flawless coverage and helped to control the oily shine I get through the day. It’s great for everyday use with one application or can be applied heavier at night for longer lasting wear. I love that it has an SPF in it which is a bonus! I love this product and will definitely be purchasing and recommend to anyone that has oily or combination skin looking for a great foundation. 5star from me!
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Affordable great coverage

The Revlon Colourstay 24 hour longwear makeup foundation for combination/ oily skin is the latest foundation which I have tried using as part of my daily routine. My personal review after using this foundation as part of my daily routing for the last week is definitely a good one. To start with the product includes a glass container which stores the foundation and should be able to be recycled. The foundation is dispensed through a pump making use of product easier compared to other alternatives. From my use of this foundation during Autumn/Fall I am very happy to report that it contains SPF15 and Vitamin E, both which are great for the skin in these cooler months of the year. The shade which I have been using is 110 Ivory, the foundation consistency is good and there is a slight scent from the included SPF which is not a bother to me. It is indeed preferable when compared to some other foundations with more floral or chemical scents. On a daily basis wear of 10 to 15 hours the Revlon Colourstay foundation worked really well for my combination oily skin. This foundation has a matte finish which helped with the perpetual combo skin shininess. It is a buildable foundation which I found to be extremely helpful for my work makeup look. Throughout moderate daily exercise during both work and home life this foundation didn't move from the face after application was completed, which really impressed me. One of my personal favourite features of this foundation is that it feels very lightweight upon the skin and is easy to wear. You won’t need to use too much of the foundation as it provides decent coverage while being long lasting. Which bottom line means overall savings at a time when we can all appreciate some frugality. Removal of this Revlon foundation was uncomplicated using both micellar water with cotton rounds or makeup wipes. I didn't require the use of heavier makeup removal products which is an excellent feature of this foundation. The only thing I would recommend changing about this product is adding more shades into the range and maybe making the container 50ml instead of 30ml. Final overall grade from me would be an 8.5/10.
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Silly dreams come true

I recently was sent Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Longwear Makeup to trial. Over the pandemic I stopped wearing foundation & the few recent occasions I’ve had foundation has just felt really heavy on my face. I have to say, this ColourStay foundation is perfect. Firstly the dispenser pumps out a perfect amount, allows for control & minimal wastage. I have worn this a few times while trialing & tested two different application techniques using a brush & a beauty blender, both worked very well. The foundation blends really easily, doesn’t dry or cake on the skin. It also has an spf 15. It continues to feel lightweight & soft & silky throughout the day. I’m very impressed that it doesn’t go cakey or oxidize after a long period and that it still looks fresh. I love the fresh, slightly dewy finish & coverage. Will be purchasing again, and the natural beige colour was a great match for me.
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I was very underwhelmed using this product after seeing all its good reviews (even for its procepoint). It's okay, but definitely nothing to write home about. I work in an office for eight hours a day and it doesn't stay for a whole shift, let alone 24 hours. The coverage is good and it feels soft on my skin, however I didn't really like the way it looked on my skin. I also found that I look oily by the end of my day. A little side note that does not affect the quality of the product: it was dissapointing to find this product is not cruelty free (or vegan)!
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Lovely Matt finish

This is a fantastic foundation. I was surprised at the great coverage, the foundation smoothed into my skin so well, very silky and lightweight to the touch, however gave great medium coverage. After wearing the foundation all day, my oily skin would usually show patchy areas, however this foundation was great at its staying ability. I also found that it controlled the shine I usually see towards the middle of the day, I was still left with quite a Matt finish, which is exactly what my skin needs. The colour match was slightly lighter than I needed for my skin tone so next time i might try slightly darker.
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Rabid for Revlon

I'm really grateful to have sampled Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Longwear Makeup as a member of REVIEWcrew! I love that this product was formulated with SPF, and skincare ingredients that specifically cater my skin type. I received the Combination/Oily variant (infused with Vitamin E) to protect and nourish, whilst controlling oil production via earth-sourced multi-mineral powders. I can confirm that I, (skin and sebum included,) am thoroughly pleased with this the effects of this foundation! Revlon's formula included another bonus; they incorporated adequate sun protection, in the form of SPF 15. On days where the UV Index is higher, I was able to wear my SPF 50 sunscreen/moisturiser as a base, providing me with extra peace of mind (and protection) ;-) As promised, this foundation provided ample coverage with long lasting results. Lightweight, and "cake-free". Medium-to-full coverage. Easily buildable, blends well. Not only looks seamless, but feels smooth and silky! I would be curious to purchase the Normal/Dry variant, (which contains Hyaluronic Acid) claiming to hydrate the individual's skin for 24 hours, and boosts skin’s moisture by +122%.
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Great product

I was lucky enough to trial this product, I don’t often wear a lot of make up day to day because I don’t like the feeling on my face so my use of it is more for occasions. I have combination skin and this foundation felt really nice on, it wasn’t cakey or heavy on my face which was great and ticks a big box. It removed easily too which I enjoyed. It applied beautifully very silky and just sat really nicely for the day. The colour was good. This is a product I would definitely look at purchasing again and will definitely continue to use this.
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Great Foundation

I have started using the Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Longwear Foundation for Combination/Oily skin over the last few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised with how this foundation didn't let the oils from my skin shine through and stayed in place all day! It's a lightweight, full coverage foundation, which doesn't leave you looking cakey at the end of the day. The only downside was the shade I received. It was a little to light for my skin. But in saying that, if I can test in store to find the perfect shade, this foundation is a winner!
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Great go-to foundation and my new favourite

BEAUTYcrew Staff Review: BC’s Issy R I cannot recommend this foundation enough. This has to be one of the best pharmacy brand foundations I have used in a very long time. Having oily/combination skin this has been the perfect match that has stayed put all day whilst in the office. It's a light formula and can be built up if you want a heavier coverage. Being lightweight it wears on the natural side which I prefer in a foundation. It's very easy to blend and when applied with your blush and bronzer, it leaves my skin looking radiant and smooth. The formula is oil free which means it absorbs any oil and leaves your skin shine free. I know brands often make that claim but this product does just that. If you're looking for an affordable foundation that come in a range of shades, I highly recommend you give them one a go. You will not be disappointed and especially given how affordable the price point is.
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Revlon ain’t playing

Fantastic - my new drug store fave. I was a little hesitant because I’m not a fan of drug store foundations with my combination skin. The colour is flattering even with my pale skin, and it blends so beautifully. I used a brush first and then patted the foundation in with a sponge. The Revlon Colour Stay is just a game changer ! Glides on beautifully, does not crease and looks amazing on. It’s lightweight but coverage is next level. The best thing about this foundation is that is looks like skin. Not once did it look like I had such full coverage foundation and it’s just so breathable. I got so many compliments while wearing this. I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future.
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Good but not great

Revlon ColourStay 24 Hour Longwear Makeup Combination/Oily Foundation is light weight, buildable coverage that leaves your skin silky and smooth. I did notice a slight oxidisation of the colour of the foundation throughout the day. Listed as a long wear foundation, it lasts longer than equivalent standard drug store makeup brands, but not quite as long wear as my estee lauder double wear foundation- however this is not a bad option for a fraction of the price. The scent is soft and inoffensive and I love the pump bottle that is easy to use and distributes a good amount of product.

As good as the original!

I tried the combination/dry skin variant of this. I really enjoyed this foundation. I was a fan of the original colorstay formula and I was excited to try this new formula with added hyaluronic acid. The packaging is well made and the pump is great for dispensing the right amount of product. I loved the coverage, it’s medium coverage so it covers alot but it’s not too much. I found it to be hydrating and not matte. It was comfortable to wear and I powdered the t zone to prevent it getting shiny throughout the day and it seemed to work well. I had it on for more than half the day and it held up pretty well. Overall quite happy with it. I was just as impressed with this as I was with the original.
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Love love love

Love this foundation. I have been telling every one to go out and purchase. I love that it doesn’t cake and my oils don’t come through. I work in a restaurant and I usually just wear a light coverage foundation due to the heat and I usually sweat all of my makeup off, but I have found with this foundation that it last all day and when I get home it is still fresh and in place. The colour match was perfect and it blended like a dream into my skin. I found all of my other face products blended seamlessly on top and the foundation didn’t budge whilst blending. I would definitely will be re purchasing.
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Last forever

I found this foundation very good. It has staying power, lasting all day. It is SPF 15 which is a must for me. I loved the way it sat on my T-Zone, my T-Zone can be oily and I have issues with foundation staying on my there for the day. The foundation was not drying, which I found amazing as that is one of the biggest draw backs for me when it comes to matte foundations. The only issue I had with the foundation is a warm tone and I found it to be a little yellow on my skin. To be fair I have a neutral tone to my skin and am very fair. I will definitely recommend it my friends with Oily issues or love matte finish.