Revlon ColorStay™ Browmaker

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Revlon ColorStay™ Browmaker is a brow palette for defining eyebrows. The compact contains three tonal powders to help shape, fill and highlight brows for a full and natural effect. Comes with a built-in mirror for touch-ups on the go.

Available in two shades.


Revlon ColorStay™ Browmaker


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This brow set is a fantastic mix of tones that allows you to effectively customise the colour you need to fill in your brows. The consistency allows you to make your brows look as natural or defined as you want, with the ability to build up the coverage without it becoming caked. A great brow set & would definitely recommend.
I picked this little palette up from Priceline with the idea of using it for both eye shadow and brows. I wanted to create a small makeup kit for my desk drawer at work. Unfortunately this product was not suitable for eyeshadow as the colours aren't true shadows, they are quite waxy, which is perfect for brows. I ended up getting a different palette for my mini-kit, and keeping this palette at home for morning use. What sets this brow palette apart is that the shades are not too warm. I have medium brown brows and any hint of red shows up and makes it obvious that I have filled in my brows. The shades in this palette are cool toned, and suit my hair colour perfectly. The waxy nature of the product keeps my brows in place is waterproof enough that it stays put all day.  I like the choice of two brow shades for some definition, and I use the lighter one toward the centre of the brow and the darker shade at the tail end, and the lightest shade to highlight underneath to make my brows really defined.  I have a few different brow pencils, pomades and gels at home, but I do like this kit as it has all you need to create natural (or very sharp, if that's your thing) brows quickly, All you need is a good, stiff brow brush and this kit and you're brows will be on fleek. 
I have a very sad brow situation, years of over plucking have resulted in me hiding them under my fringe. I am sad that I cant have spectacular look at me brows that enter the room before I do but this little set has helped me feel a lot more confident about the brow trend. I grabbed this set on a whim and at the price was a great little treat. The palette is a great size, perfect for travel or for in your handbag. Revlon has great middle of the road products and help you sty on trend without breaking the bank.  I love the effect and the ease with applying the powder, it is rich, smooth and easy to remove if it all goes wrong.  The colours as advertised are tonal and are also just fabulous to use as eyeshadow and give an amazing smokey eye. Its very easy to layer and build depth of colour This palette is a multi use purchase so in summary, a quality product that is perfect for travel and easy to use.