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Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain is an ultra-light, creamy lip stain that delivers a highly-pigmented colour with a glossy finish. The stain is enriched with vitamin E and aloe to hydrate lips without feeling sticky. 

Available in 12 shades.


Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain


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I purchased this product in the shade 045 (New York Scene) which is a gorgeous, cool, vibrant pinky-red colour that is perfect if you want a pout that pops!  The best thing about this is that it's truly a stain - it's like dyeing your lips a different colour without the hassle of having a product layer on top like a regular lipstick.   I apply just a tiny amount and blend it in with either my finger or a cotton bud for a mild, hint of colour on my natural lips then use a regular lip balm during the day as I normally would to keep my lips hydrated.  it's also easy to build up the stain colour for a bold look or if you are going from day to night but make sure you take your time and use only what you need because it really is a stain!   It's incredibly pigmented and long lasting and comes in a square, plastic mini-bottle with a doe-foot applicator that picks up just the right amount of product.   Excellent, different lip product that treats your lips as you wear it.  A great price-point as well which is always a plus!  
Another product I adore from Revlon, this stain is amazing! I apply this in the morning and it lasts all day - if my lips get a little dry, I simply add a swipe of another lipstick - I love to mix and match.  Glides on, stays on, I couldn't ask for more.
I really like Revlon products, and particularly like the Revlon lipsticks I have, so when I saw some Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain™ lipsticks for $2 in a store that was closing down I grabbed a couple.  Now that I’ve used them I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy more.  I purchased the shades LA Exclusive which is a soft pink, and London Posh which I would describe as a pale apricot.  I usually wear much brighter or deeper shades of lipstick, however the softer Moisture Stain shades also work really well for me.  The Moisture Stain is packaged in a transparent, plastic oblong shaped tube with a black screw on top which holds the doe-foot brush applicator.  I love this paint on style of lipstick and have a few in different brands. The Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain™ lipstick is indeed a very moist lipstick as the name suggests, and the stain is quite glossy looking.  The colours are quite pigmented and only a small amount is needed to give a long lasting stain to the lips.  My lips feel quite hydrated when I’m wearing the stain.  The colour remains even and doesn’t bleed into the fine lines around my mouth.  I don’t find the Moisture Stain at all sticky and it dries fairly quickly to a lovely finish as long as you don’t apply too much to start with.  I think this is a lovely lip product from Revlon and I highly recommend it. 
If you hate having to reapply your lipstick after meals or touching up during the night then Revlon has the product for you! The ColorStay Moisture Stain is a creamy lip stain that is INCREDIBLY pigmented! The packaging is simple and sleek - a simple black rectangular tube that features the shade of the Moisture Stain. The applicator is kind of doe-foot like, but much wider and flatter, and I've found that this is great at picking up the right amount of product, and makes applying the product on the lips a total dream - especially around the cupid's bow area of the top lip. I absolutely adore this applicator and it's possibly my favourite applicator on the market right now.    The product has a slight scent but nothing too overpowering, and the formula is quite thick though still very creamy - kind of like a cross between a melted down lipstick and a balm. It (surprisingly) doesn't feel very heavy on the lips though there is a slightly sticky feel for a couple of seconds. There is a shiny/glossy appearance when first applied though this wears away after a couple of hours.  I cannot begin to stress how amazing the pigmentation of this product is though - it is so super pigmented. I can't even tell you whether this product layers well because I've never had to use more than one layer! I'm also so impressed at how long-lasting these Moisture Stains are. I've applied this at the start of the day and the colour is still very noticeable at the end of the night! Even as the gloss starts to wear away throughout the day the stain effect is definitely there, no bleeding or anything.  On a slightly unrelated note, I actually really adore the names Revlon has given all their Moisture Stains - they're all named after cities, so you get things like Parisian Passion, Barcelona Nights, Miami Fever, (and my personal fav) Shanghai Sizzle. One tip though - I would suggest applying this to bare lips - I once tried applying it over lip balm and it was an absolute disaster.  I should also note that this isn't something that can be applied in a dash. You really need to take your time when applying the product, as I've found that its a huge pain to take off once it's gone outside the lip line (it definitely does its job as a stain!)  Overall, I do love the product and it definitely lasts - I've never had to reapply this during the day, or throughout the night. However, my one qualm (and the reason why this doesn't get five stars) is that the product can be quite drying, especially after a couple of hours once the gloss starts to wear off. If you're particularly prone to dry, cracked, lips, I wouldn't recommend. Otherwise, this is a fantastic long-lasting lip product from Revlon!
I have the Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in the shade "035 Miami Fever". It's a gorgeous bright slightly neon deep orange red, its not for the faint of heart.  It is a very pigmented lip product, not completely opaque but still provides an intense colour to the lips. It also has an incredible shine, without having any shimmer or glitter. The packaging looks really lovely, it feels weighty and I appreciate that it has transparent areas so you can see the colour of the product and if you are running low. The product is applied with a doe foot applicator that picks up just the right amount to cover the lips without re-dipping. It glides on smoothly and evenly, but you have to be careful to not to apply too much. Because it never sets if you apply too much product it can spread to around the lips, and being a stain can look really messy. However if you apply the right amount it just looks gorgeous. It feels quite balmy and waxy on the lips, it feels quite moisturising and  is really comfortable to wear. The product lasts a really long time on my lips. I appreciate that there is no obvious smell to the product. The price is really reasonable and often goes on sale. I definitely recommend picking one up, I plan on getting it in some other colours.
This was a good product but found that there is still plenty of room for improvement. The product does feel moisturising on the lips initially, but does eventually dry out. The dried out feeling isn't uncomfortable but it does excentuate cracked or dry lips, which isn't the most pleasant look. The colour itself while fresh is nice, but does need regular reapplication to remain this way, I found that the colour wore off much quicker then I expected for a stain. Overall I like the colour and feeling on initial application but just wish it would last longer.
To me the most important makeup product in my beauty case and my handbag is lippy I can't leave home without 2-3 in my bag I loved this product because my lips felt moisturised and nourished and at such a fantastic price it's a great buy it is also long staying