Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

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Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick is a matte yet creamy lipstick that delivers long-lasting colour to lips. The formula is enriched with vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera to instantly moisturise lips. 

Available in 20 shades.


Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick


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No, not moisturizing. But very long lasting. Does not transfer either. It is one of those long lasting matte/suede lippies that can dry your lips out and accentuate lip lines. A lot. I exfoliate my lips regularly. Have shades in Supermodel and  Muse. Supermodel is more daily mauve on my lips (perfect "nude" for my colouring of lips that are pink/purple and pale. No brown pigment , so brown nudes look awful on me), my lips but better shade. Muse is purply red, cool toned on my lips. Beautiful tone. And seems to be creamier and not as drying as Supermodel.  Really lasts for hours on end. But learned to do this: apply lipstick on my exfoliated lips and leave it to set (quite quickly at that). Without smacking the lips and smearing the lipstick or moving it in any way. Found that rubbing lips together to keep spreading the lipstick would create lines and flakes quite quickly. So no touching lips together or smearing after applying the product from the bullet directly. This makes the product stay smooth.  When I have coffee and do not drink water, my lips would shrivel and this shows with this lipstick. So making sure that lips are smooth exfoliated and hydrated (fruits and water, no caffeine)  makes these lippies look way better on. 
This is one of my all time must have essentials for my make up routine for work. It’s so easy to apply and lasts the entire day. It doesn’t clump or dry out your lips like lots of others tend to do that have the same lasting power. I like the different colour ranges that come in this range.
If you want a truly long lasting lipstick with amazing staying power then this is the lipstick for you! This lipstick is packaged in a fairly slim case which easily fits in your handbag or makeup bag. It  applies quite sheer and has a soft, gel texture however once it sets it really becomes matte and smudge proof. It can easily be layered on if you want more pigmented colour, however it can be drying if you do use too much. I am amazed at how well and long this lipstick actually lasts! I often look in the mirror after several hours of wear and it still looks like I just applied the lipstick, so I am super impressed! There is a huge selection of shades and I am very pleased with the selection of red shimmery and matte shades. Overall there are quite a few shimmery and matte shades available in various colours, so I have purchased a few of these lipsticks for my makeup bag. My one criticism is that it can be a bit drying if you over apply this lipstick, and I find I can’t use it everyday because it does make my lips a bit flaky. It can also feel a bit sticky when you first apply it and it takes a while for this to disappear while the lipstick sets and dries on your lips. The main positive things about this product are definitely the amazing staying power, and there is really no need to touch up during the day. The price is reasonable’s not super affordable but considering it does what claims to do I think it’s a very good purchase. This product has a mild, non-irritating fragrance and some conditioning ingredients, however I would suggest you apply a good lip balm after you remove this lipstick to prevent dryness and chapped lips. Finally, it can be a bit difficult to remove at the end of the day, and a more heavy duty makeup remover is ideal to get the job done.  I recommend this Revlon lipstick to anyone looking for a super long wearing lipstick that does provide a very matte finish. I think this is a good buy and considering there are many shades available, this product would be suitable for all age groups. Repurchase: Yes Overall rating: 5 stars!