Revlon Facial Roller

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Revlon Facial Roller is a jade facial roller that delivers a natural cooling effect and can be used to de-puff-tired skin and encourage lymphatic drainage. The roller can be used to massage in skin care products or to prep the skin for makeup.


Revlon Facial Roller


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Great Value

I purchased my Jade Roller from Revlon when they first released them and absolutely love it. I keep mine stored in the fridge and love to use it in the morning after I’ve applied my oil or serum. It has a lovely cooling effect on my skin and I feel good knowing that it is also helping with lymphatic drainage. The roller is not too heavy and is very easy to operate. I use the larger roller on my face, forehead and neck and the smaller roller under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. I also like to use the Jade Roller over a sheet mask as I fell that it helps with the absorption and effectiveness. of the mask. At $14.95 the Jade Roller from Revlon certainly is great value and comes thoroughly recommended by me so do yourself a favour and next time you are out and about purchase one as you won’t regret it.

Great tool for your skincare routine

I have tried a few more expensive jade facial rollers in the past, and this one is just as effective as the more expensive brands. It is dual-sided with the larger roller being ideal for the cheeks and neck area, and the smaller roller is great for under the eye area and around the lip contours. This roller is easy to hold and I have used mine almost daily for several weeks and so far it seems to be quite durable. It provides in instant cooling and refreshing sensation, particularly around the eye area when you have puffiness or congestion. It also helps my serums, facial oils and masks get absorbed better and creates a relaxing mini DIY facial experience at home. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants an effective, yet inexpensive jade facial roller.
I'm a fan of the jade roller. I keep mine in the freezer inside a small baggie. It is really refreshing. It's especially nice for facemasks and eye gel I don't know about some of the claims but it's something new, different and affordable and it definitely helps to wake me up of a morning when I need an extra pep. 
I really love Jade rollers as they can be used in so many ways. I like to keep mine in the fridge so it's cool on my skin. I also use them over a sheet mask to help not only push in the product from the mask, but to also help push the sheet mask onto my skin to it stays on. Jade rollers are a great way to masssage your face and make it glow. I normally use it at night, but it's a nice pick me up in the morning if you're sleepy. The double side is fantastic, as the smaller side is much more gentler on your eyes and is easier to roll over and around your nose. I love that Revlon has released one as it's a great price, is easily available and it's great to see a "drugstore" brand release something different. Pick one up if you want to pamper your skin.
I only purchased this snazzy little Revlon Facial Roller because it looked cute and I was a curious to find out if it was a gimmick or not? To be honest I didn't really expect it to be anything special but sometimes you have to think outside the box and explore different avenues to achieve your goals. The holistic approach is so popular and I have always had a fascination with crystals so why not?  The skincare tool is dual ended and features a large stone for the forehead, cheeks, jawline and chin and a smaller one for the under the eyes, nose and mouth. The jade is rounded and polished to perfection making it glide seamlessly over your skin and it feels heavenly! I can see what all of the hype was about and why it has been buzzing in the beauty community everywhere I looked.  Jade is known for being a "Dream Stone" “manifesting good luck and prosperity” “powerful healing powers” “wealth, success, wisdom” and the list goes on……So yes please to all of the above ☺ I apply my favourite oil or serum and roll in an upward motion to improve circulation, smooth out wrinkles and puffiness. If you want a salon like experience refrigerate before use. It sounds odd but you can still feel the cooling/rolling sensation even after you have finished rolling and it is magical! It’s my new favourite toy and it is so easy to use! My skin looks refreshed, I feel more alert and relaxed after each use.     I would recommend a Jade Revlon Facial Roller to believers and non-believers. I think you will agree with me that it is amazing and not a gimmick. ☺